By Michael Lavery (@michaellavery98) The XFL is suspended for the 2020 season bringing an abrupt, premature end to its inaugural season. On Thursday news broke from Konnor Fulk of XFL News Hub that the league had “…suspended their season.” The news comes after the coronavirus (COVID-19) was labelled a global pandemic by the World Health […]

XFL Week Five Preview

By Michael Lavery (@MichaelLavery98) We have reached the half way point folks. Week five this weekend and we can slowly start to see the playoff picture taking place. Teams who looked like high flying certs at the start of the year have now fallen, and those who got off to slow starts look to be […]

XFL Week Three Preview

The train has well and truly left the station now and the week one starting line disappears into the distance more and more each week. The true feel of the XFL is taking shape. We know our winners – we know our losers. As football fans though, we know all about making early assumptions. The […]

XFL Week 2 – Takeaways

We like to bring you a takeaway Tuesday during the NFL season, so why not extend it for a bit of XFL action? Week 2 is in the books and there are plenty of talking points to get our teeth into. Lets start in Tampa……. 2 Out Of 3 Are Bad Aaron Murray may have […]


Following an exciting opening weekend of football, the XFL train rolls into week two and it’s time to break down each of the games one by one. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out or brand new XFL Podcast with myself and Shaun from the Full10 Yards family where we talk all things […]

XFL – Week 1 Review

By Michael Lavery (@michaellavery98) The first weekend of XFL football is in the books and after an exciting start it’s time to breakdown each of the games one by one and crown our winners and losers. One immediate winner is the XFL themselves, who not long before kick-off announced that they had sold more tickets […]

Initial Impressions of XFL 2020

By Shaun Blundell (@Shaun_F10Y) I saw plenty of comments of the caliber, “It’s not as good as the NFL”. Really? Is that the standard we are expecting on opening weekend, or ever for that matter? The NFL has just celebrated its 100th season, has established fan bases, a global audience and obviously the best players […]


By Michael Lavery (@MichaelLavery98) Football is BACK! That’s a sentence you’re not used to hearing in February, right? This time of year is usually the beginning of a seven month drought which sees us clutching on to any form of relevant and somewhat interesting football news. Hypothetical trades, mock drafts, and record predictions for teams […]

XFL 2020 – Season Preview

The sight of a coach drenched in Gatorade and a field covered in ticker tape usually signals no football for 7 whole months. Yes we have the combine, free agency and draft to get excited about but nothing beats the excitement of an actual game. The AAF had a brief cameo last year but hopefully […]

The XFL – Past, Present…Future?

By Shaun Blundell – @Shaun_F10Y The full 10 yards continues to get you ready for the next batch of football on the menu as XFL is set for a 2020 return. Our focus now shifts towards the new incarnation of the league following on from its initially concept that we covered previously in this mini […]

The XFL – Past, Present…Future?

By Shaun Blundell – @Shaun_F10Y As we get ready to welcome back the XFL in 2020, we are back with your second installment of your XFL history lesson as we look back at why the project failed the first time around. Why Did The XFL Fail? Walk Before You Can Run –  Talk about jumping […]

The XFL – Past, Present…future?

By Shaun Blundell – @Shaun_F10Y Maybe next year the full 10 yards will need to add another branch to its portfolio? The XFL is set to return, 19 years after its initial introduction as “competition” to the NFL, the Vince McMahon backed venture will once again attempt to establish itself in the world of football. […]