“Whoa, we’re halfway there!”

Which team is “Livin on a prayer”? And which team is threatening to “runaway”? That’s enough Bon Jovi let talk XFL.

It Only Takes a Second

The XFL were keen to promote that the enhanced scoring opportunities meant that a comeback in the 4th quarter is always on. Why then with clearly 2 seconds left on the game clock following a PJ Walker kneel down on 4th down did everyone enter the field for post game handshakes? It should have been 1st and 10 for Seattle on the plus 22 with a chance to find the endzone and then potentially go for 3 to tie it up. Highly unlikely yes but it was a poor look for the league, so much so that they even published an official announcement about the screw up.


Maybe Take a 2nd Look

The above call wasn’t the only dodgy decision from the zebras this weekend. A seemingly perfectly good touchdown in the New York Guardians game wasn’t reviewed despite replay evidence suggesting the officials had blew the call. They also ejected a player for his “role” in a fracas following an interception in the same game. The first week or 2 saw plenty of praise for the transparency of the league officiating and access to the replay booth, maybe the league need to stop worrying so much about speed of play and getting the decisions right instead.

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2 New Potential Seattle Backup QB’s

Move over Brandon Silvers, its now definitely the BJ Daniels show in Seattle. The Seattle offence flashed some life and Daniels himself carried a threat on the ground as the Dragons gave the Roughnecks all that they could handle. The bigger “news” of the weekend however may well be the fact that the Seattle Seahawks sent scouts to check out PJ Walker behind centre for Houston. Walker has a similar playing style to Russell Wilson so would seemingly be a good fit and certainly an upgrade on current incumbent Geno Smith.

Home Not Sweet Home

The Dallas Renegades continue to remain without a win at home from 3 attempts. Its a bizarre statline in a sport and league where home field advantage is seemingly so important. This ended up being a true beatdown against a New York Guardians side who have seemingly found a reliable general in Luis Perez. Dallas have now switched offensive coordinators as Hal Mumme is unable to continue following his broken leg incident last weekend. It will be interesting to see if Phillip Nelson continues at QB with a fresh set of eyes overseeing the offence.

Game of the Season

LA Wildcats 41 – 34 Tampa Bay Vipers. You know its a good game when the over/under is settled before the halftime whistle. 3 turnovers for each side, 2 quarterbacks putting up superb numbers and a brilliant advert for the league. If you haven’t watched this one then go and check it out on youtube, you will not be disappointed.

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Pardon Your Language

Disappointing news this week that BT sports have not committed to broadcasting all games due to the swearing being picked up during some sideline interviews. It is a delicate balance as yes you do not want that broadcast to watching kids and to be fair to the sideline reporters they are trying to moderate the language but one of the problems of a heat of the moment interview is you are going to get it with both barrells. Hopefully sense prevails and BT either broadcast with a slight delay to mute bad language or they display a disclaimer and let the viewer choose.

Power Rankings Update

1 – Roughnecks, 2 – Battlehawks, 3 – Defenders, 4 – Guardians, 5 – Wildcats, 6 – Vipers, 7 – Renegades, 8 – Dragons

Until next week……..#fortheloveoffootball

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