By Michael Lavery (@michaellavery98)

The XFL is suspended for the 2020 season bringing an abrupt, premature end to its inaugural season.

On Thursday news broke from Konnor Fulk of XFL News Hub that the league had “…suspended their season.” The news comes after the coronavirus (COVID-19) was labelled a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation. The XFL followed suit of the NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS and NCAA who have all suspended operations at the present time. So as we enter into unchartered waters, what does that mean for the league?

Firstly, the XFL will have a duty of care to protect its current players and employees who will now be jobless for the coming months. We should expect to see team wide announcements based on how they, and the league, plan on caring for player welfare in the times ahead.

Team facilities will more than likely be forced into cleaning routines but will need to be well maintained if there is a chance football will return this year. The news comes just after the XFL had played half of its regular season games.

Over the previous two years the league has worked so hard to promote and advertise their new product in a positive light compared to its predecessor and now they are back to square one. As is the nature with trends these days the XFL will very quickly fall out of relevancy and will have to work harder than ever to become relevant again.

Will the TV companies still want to cover it? What about brand deals and advertising (BudLight etc.) will they stick around until the league is reinstated? Who knows? And perhaps the saddest of all news, no more beer snakes at Audi Field! The people have been robbed of Week 6’s all timer – dammit!

No official time frame has been put on the suspension but with only about eight weeks of game time left and the virus only getting worse, it’s hard to imagine we will be seeing any more XFL football this year. Truly disappointing news for all.

And so, sooner than we thought the season has ended. What was your favourite thing about XFL 2020? Your favourite team? Player? Or particular game?

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