Why Walker Howard is the Future of LSU Football

The 5th of November 2021, St Thomas More of Louisiana just managed to topple East St John by 2 points. It was a tough but fun game. Moments after the game, Jamie Walker, father of 5 star LSU commit, is asked about Ed Ogeron agreeing to leave the tigers and explains that “not knowing who the head coach is going to be next year” is scary for his son Walker. Despite offers from other top schools though, Walker is steadfast in his commitment to LSU. Thank god, because he’s going to be the future of the program. 

The 6’1” signal caller from Lafayette has already thrown for 37 touchdowns and over 3,200 yards on the season and is one of the top rated recruits in LSU history. With LSU having talent like Nussmier and Johnson already in the building their pursuit of Walker really speaks to his skill level and as long as the next coach isn’t running the option, I’m confident Walker stays committed and lights up Death Valley every single game he appears in. 

Now paired with incoming recruits like D’Coldest Crawford and established pass catches like Jack Bech (a former high school teammate of Walker’s), Kayshon Boutte and Corey Kiner out of the backfield…this offence looks scary. Now if Mel Tucker, Bill Napier or Mario Cristobal end up coming to LSU then the SEC is going to have a lot of problems stopping such an explosive group of men come season time. 

(Walker Howard and Jack Bech)

While I understand Garrett Nussmier and Max Johnson are both immensely talented passers and football players in their own right Walker is different mustard. A class above almost.

But what actually separates Walker Howard from not only other recruits but the other quarterbacks already in Baton Rouge? Let’s get technical.

Walker Howard in 2021

From a mechanical standpoint Walker is your classic pocket passer. He makes quick reads, has a speedy release and can push the ball up field at any point during a game. While sometimes putting the team on his back he isn’t constantly trying to make “hero throws” and is more than happy with making short throws to get a first down rather than put a 50/50 ball in the air when it’s not needed. I’m not saying he’s risk averse but he’s not sloppy with the ball and takes ball security very seriously. Now while I mentioned that he’s a typical pocket passer he is athletic enough to not only navigate a pocket but take off when needs be. In his Sophomore season at St. Thomas More he managed to snap off a huge 80 yard run out running everyone on the field as he went and more recently had a 25 yard run sending a couple of linebackers crashing into the turf. So Walker has wheels. An invaluable skill when matched up against defensive fronts in the SEC. 

So where am I going with all this? Honestly I’m just a little dejected over the past 2 years of LSU football and I’m trying to focus on the future of the program because at present it’s about as cheerful as christmas at an orphanage. I’m sure Walker Howard will be the shot in the arm this team needs to reclaim its place as a top team in not only the SEC but college football as a whole. Bring on the Walker Howard era in Death Valley. I’m Ready.

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