Written by Scott Mackay (@scottfmackay) – Friday 16th Nov 2018

As we all know, American Football is a game where anything can happen and in the fantasy world it’s no different (prime example, Titans turning over the Patriots this past week). As a team manager you must sift through all sorts of stats on a weekly basis to build the best team possible. Your journey starts in the draft and then you navigate your way through the entire season by trading and dipping into the waiver wire.

I’ve run through some stats categories below in order of importance to give you an idea of what to look out for when building your team which can ultimately give you the upper hand over your opponents.

First and foremost you have got to look at opportunity. You could have the greatest ever player on your team, but it means nothing if he is watching from the side-lines or not being given the touches. I 100% would keep an eye on this statline. Look at how many times is he being targeted and what he doing with the football when he gets it. If these are positive numbers, then you have to seriously consider a player. This statline also opens the possibility of the lesser known players being more consistent scorers for your team, enabling you to sneak on players before they turn in the big returns.

If you are looking at a player, a good indicator on the impact he can have for your team is the stats and tendencies of his franchise. Do they have a winning record? Is their system tailored to a passing game? What is the ratio of Run to Throw? These are all important factors to take into consideration. Andrew Luck and whoever Tampa have in at QB have been throwing demons this year and none of their RBs are currently in the top 25, Marlon Mack (#29) and Peyton Barber (#41), this should be a red flag and you should look to the receiving corps and indeed the QB. If the numbers and opportunity aren’t there, don’t go there.

Fantasy Points. Well, we are playing Fantasy, right?! These can be a great indicator of the way in which a player is trending and what you can kind of expect in the next game. A consistent baseline is favourable over a player that booms one week and busts for the next two. You need to strike a balance and get into that position where you can feel comfortable starting that player in a regular spot. Is a player a regular Flex or RB1? You should be able to label all your players and feel confident in them returning points.

It is important to consider the format of your league, is it PPR, is it Dynasty, SuperFlex or something we’ve never heard of? This will of course dictate how you go about building that championship winning team.

Team building in Fantasy is very much like building a real life team and a well thought out ‘way of doing things’ can do wonders. Is your fantasy team going to be relying on strong runners or dynamic wide receivers? If you go into the season with your team with and a specific strategy and you stick to it when recruiting new members and trading, the consistent approach will help you make more informed decisions and make the whole navigation of Fantasy Football that whole lot easier.

What do you look for when picking and building your team? What are the most important factors to consider? Let us know on Twitter @full10yards!

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