Week 8 Trade Targets

We’ve reached the halfway point of the fantasy regular season and it’s at this point you’ve got a decision to make. Are you a pretender? Or are you a contender? If you’re just a couple of pieces away from the perfect lineup, it’s time to act before your trade deadline comes in. Equally, if this season is a write off, it could be time to shift some of your bigger assets in exchange for picks as you look to rebuild. Either way, time is of the essence!

Trading, along with waiver wire pickups and weekly line-up selections, is a key element to winning your fantasy championship. Trading requires a target, strong negotiation skills and an instinctive nouse for a bargain. In this age of fantasy resources, prying targets away from your league mates becomes increasingly difficult but, with this article, we look for those under the radar players and the price that you should be playing for them.

Remember, trading is a fine art and it can seriously hamper your fantasy performance, or even long-term success in dynasty, if you end up paying too much for a target. By all means target the below players, but ensure you pay what you can afford when doing so.

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Top Buy

Mike Evans – Wide Receiver

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

One of the most talented wide outs in football, Evans has very quickly been touted as the FOURTH best receiving option in Tampa Bay. There’s no doubting Godwin’s talent, but he should be forming a 1a/1b relationship with Evans. Instead, the hysteria around Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski has left Evans as the fourth preferred option for fantasy managers. I mean, seriously? Come on folks, it’s not 2015.

Admittedly, Evans has been struggling for targets of late with just 2 a piece in Tampa Bay’s last 2 outings. And, with AB on the way to Tampa, his share will be diluted further. The upside? He is still only 27 and super TALENTED! He’s hit 1000 receiving yards in each of his 6 seasons in the league so far and, although not on pace for 1000 this year, he is on pace for his largest ever touchdown haul.

We could well see Evans traded out of Tampa Bay before the NFL deadline (imagine him opposite Adams in Green Bay!!) which would undoubtedly skyrocket his value. Even without a trade, I’m confident that we see a second half of the season resurgence from number 13.

Try and take advantage of the OBJ news to shift Landry in place of Evans. Alternatively, I’d still send a mid-1st and a mid-2nd across for him.

Next Best

Nick Chubb – Running Back

Cleveland Browns

Have you seen Nick Chubb’s playoff fixtures?? Back-to-back games at Metlife Stadium to take on the Giants and the Jets. Gimme, gimme, gimme. And, for the first time in years, the Browns won’t have switched off in weeks 15 & 16 and will be doing everything that they can to bring two wins back to Ohio en route to the playoffs.

Slated to come back from injury in week 10, after the team’s bye, Chubb will command a large portion of the team’s carries. Cleveland is built to run and although Hunt did a serviceable job in his absence, they are two completely different backs and Cleveland need Chubb in order to fully execute their gameplan. All you have to do is look back at Chubb’s week 2 and 3 performances to see what he brings to the table. Don’t expect PPR upside, but do expect 15-20 carries every game.

Honourable Mention

Tee Higgins/Tyler Boyd – Wide Receiver

Cincinnati Bengals

Without taking anything away from Joe Burrow (I LOVE the kid), everybody is talking about how good he has been and seemingly forgotten the benefit of who is receiving the ball from him. Even with A.J. Green back from the dead, there’s plenty of love to go around (Burrow throws the ball 39.2 times a game) and Higgins and Boyd have been major beneficiaries.

Boyd has always been a reliable WR options in fantasy, especially considering that A.J. Green has spent such large portions of the last 3 years injured. Higgins, like so many other wide receivers in this year’s class, has hit the ground running and already looks like a seasoned pro. There’s plenty to love about this duo and I’m going out to buy both of them.

Top Sell

Kareem Hunt – Running Back

Cleveland Browns

I cast your mind back to my week 4 trade article. Kareem Hunt: a buy FOR candidate. How times change. My main reason for trading for Hunt was the upside that he had if Chubb got hurt. I’m not claiming to have predicted the future but, in week 4, Chubb got hurt. Since then, Hunt has been the RB5 in standard scoring leagues and, interestingly, the RB9 in PPR leagues.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and, as mentioned above, Chubb is due back from his injury in week 10. With Cleveland’s top receiving option done for the year, the ground and pound game will become ever more prevalent for the Browns, and this can only bode well for Chubb.

Please don’t get me wrong, Hunt will not disappear and put up goose eggs every week. He’ll still be a top-20 back – particularly in PPR leagues. However, his trade value won’t ever be as high as it is today and you’ll be able to get a nice stash in return for him headed into your playoffs.

Playoff Stash

Finally, we take a look at the player who will win you your championship – the ultimate aim of the fantasy football player. He may not necessarily play every week for you between now and then, but their week 15 & 16 matchups can’t be ignored. It may be early days for looking at fantasy points allowed, but there certainly are some good indicators around.

Nick Foles – QB – Chicago Bears

My second player called Nick from Ohio in this article and the second consecutive week that I’ve featured a Chicago Bear in my playoff stash section. Last week, it was the tight end, Cole Kmet. Guess who’ll be throwing him the ball? Yep, you guessed it, Super Bowl MVP, Nick Foles.

Minnesota and Jacksonville are currently averaging to be the 7th best fantasy matchups for quarterbacks and bar Mahomes’ tilts against the Saints and the Falcons (YIKES), this is the most favourable quarterback fantasy postseason matchup pairing. It’s not sexy, but will help you contribute to the most important thing in the world: winning a Fantasy Championship.

For the latest on each player’s trade value and for “Trade of the Day”, make sure you checkout @F10YFantasy on Twitter. Remember, keep those #EyesPeeled.

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