By Tim Monk – @Tim_MonkF10Y

Just the Division 2 fixtures this week as the Division 1 teams gear up for the post season.

This being the final regular season week, we’ll also give you the playoffs for both divisions at the bottom.

So even with a reduced fixture list, a lot went on so let’s take a look at what went down….

NFC 2 North

Clyde Valley Blackhawks 12 – 14 Inverclyde Goliaths

Let’s start with a bit of an upset in the South East of Scotland.

Clyde Valley Blackhawks lose their undefeated season after going down 14-12 to the Inverclyde Goliaths. The result sees the Goliaths their playoff seeding improve to #5 with Dumfries falling to seed #7. Clyde Valley keep their #3 seed due to their draw against Dumfries last week.

NFC 2 Central

Furness Phantoms 19 – 8 Knottingley Raiders

Halton Spartans 41 – 13 Morecambe Bay Storm

Halton Spartans complete their quest for an undefeated season after riding out the storm convincingly.

Furness Phantoms ensured they couldn’t finish bottom with a win over the Knottingley raiders, where both teams can now put their feet up and watch the playoffs and come back again next year.

NFC 2 South

Birmingham Bulls 21 – 0 Staffordshire Surge

Lincolnshire Bombers 54 – 14 Crewe Railroaders

Talking of undefeated season, Birmingham Bulls have one of their own after shutting out the Surge at home. With the victory, the Birmingham Bulls take the #1 seed into the playoffs.

Joining them as the #4 seed, the Lincolnshire Bombers signed off the regular season with a 50 burger against the Railroaders who finish the season winless.

SFC 2 West

South Wales Warriors 51 – 0 Cornish Sharks

South Wales Warriors sign off with a 50 Burger shutout of the Cornish Sharks. The warriors have a perfect regular season record and points differential of +244 and take the #2 seed heading into the playoffs.

SFC 2 South

Hastings Conquerors 0 – 60 Bournemouth Bobcats

Jurassic Coast Raptors 14 – 36 Swindon Storm

After tasting pay dirt for the first time last week, the Hasting Conquerors were not able to repeat the feat against the #5 seed Bournemouth Bobcats, going down 60-0.

The fight for pride but effective dead rubber against the Raptors and Storm went to the visitors and both will square off again next season.

SFC 2 East

East Essex Sabres 7 – 31 East Kent Mavericks

Essex Spartans 27 – 14 Ipswich Cardinals

Norwich Devils  53 – 19 Maidstone Pumas

Full fixture list on the final weekend of the regular season saw pride and seedings on the line with all positions sewn up prior to kick off.

Essex Spartans’ win over the Ipswich Cardinals give them the reward of the #1 seed in the post season. After the defeat, Ipswich take the #8 seed which means we will see the repeat fixture next week! Can the Cardinals get their revenge?

Norwich take the #4 seed after their convincing victory over the Maidstone Pumas and will host the Bournemouth Bobcats next week.

The other fixture sees the “East Bowl” go the way of East Kent as they best the Sabres 31-7.

In the game between 50 burgers and shutouts, 50 burgers win 4-3.

There are the results and now it’s time to give you how the playoff shakes out:

NFC 2 Playoffs – 11th August

(#8) Staffordshire Surge @ Birmingham Bulls (#1)

(#7) Dumfries Hunters @ Halton Spartans (#2)

(#6) Leeds Bobcats @ Clyde Valley Blackhawks (#3)

(#5) Inverclyde Goliaths @ Lincolnshire Bombers (#4)

The above games will be played on 11 August 2019, the winners advance to the semi-finals, which will be played on 18 August.

The winners of the semi-finals will secure promotion to Division 1 North with the Division 1 North final to be played on Saturday 7 September 2019 at Druid Park, in Woolsington, Newcastle upon Tyne.

SFC 2 Playoffs – 11th August

(#8) Ipswich Cardinals @ Essex Spartans (#1)

(#7) Bristol Apache @ South Wales Warriors (#2)

(#6) Torbay Trojans @ London Blitz B (#3)

(#5) Bournemouth Bobcats @ Norwich Devils (#4)

The above games will be played on 11 August 2019, the winners advance to the semi- finals, which are being played the following week on 18 August 2019.

The winners of the semi-finals will play in the Division 2 South final, to take place during Britbowl weekend in London on Saturday 31 August 2019. They will also win promotion, playing in Division 1 South for the 2020 season.

NOTE: In 2019 three teams were relegated from Division 1 South, due to the additional relegation of Ouse Valley Eagles who were issued with their second yellow card in two years. This means that there will be an additional promotion spot in 2019 which will be awarded to the highest-ranked losing semi-finalist.

Coming up later this week, the Playoff weekend preview!


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