Week 10 – Trade Targets

By Andy Goddard (@godsy1985)

As we approach week 10, most leagues will be heading towards their trade deadlines.

These coming weeks could be the difference between a competitive run in the playoffs or a quick ‘one and done’ end to your fantasy season. When making trades, it is always important to look at a variety of factors; who is coming back from IR, the upcoming schedules, and players that you shouldn’t keep just for their name!

Here are some people who (in my humble opinion) could help you in your push towards fantasy domination and some you can trade away before they cost you!

Bring On Board

Le’Veon Bell – RB (NY Jets)

The Jets managed to do the seamlessly impossible last week, lose to the tanking Dolphins.

Things are really bad when you lose to a team that celebrate a regular season victory like they just won the Super Bowl! I mean the win must be nice but you are costing yourself draft position! However, Bell is looking at a very easy schedule in the coming weeks with games against the Giants (2-7), the Redskins (1-8), the Raiders (4-4), the Bengals (0-8), and the Dolphins (1-7). Surely Adam Gase must get something right against these teams?!

There should always be a concern when looking at trading for a player on a team like the Jets. A team that won’t really care about winning at this stage of the season as all they can hope for is a top draft pick.

On the other hand, if Gase has any hope of keeping his job, the Jets must get results in the coming weeks and Bell could be a big factor!

Drew Brees – QB (New Orleans Saints)

Brees may be a strange addition to this list but he could be the final piece you need. If the current owner has had Brees since the beginning of the season and hasn’t traded him away whilst he was injured, chances are they have another capable quarterback.

If you started the year under the impression that Mayfield would make progress or Darnold wouldn’t start seeing ghosts, you may be in need of some reinforcements. Brees should be your first look but he will probably cost you.

In week 8 he had 373 passing yards with 3 touchdowns and 1 interception. It will be worth an offer to see if you can coax Brees away from the current owner.

David Montgomery – RB (Chicago Bears)

A few weeks ago, Montgomery would have been an easy option on my sell list!

However, he has picked it up in the past few weeks with 27 carries for 135 yards and one touchdown in week 8, and a further 14 carries for 40 yards and two touchdowns in week 9. Montgomery is proving he can cover the red zone duties so he will get opportunities to score points.

Even with Tarik Cohen being on the same team, Montgomery has shown better output these past two weeks so is worth trying to trade for.

Mohamed Sanu – WR (New England Patriots)

The Patriots lost a game and the world has gone mad again! Regardless of that loss, one thing stood out above everything else; Brady and Sanu are on the same page already!

There has been a long list of high profile receivers who have gone to New England and struggled but Sanu seems to have fitted in perfectly. Sanu caught 10 passes for 81 yards and 1 touchdown and with the Patriots now on their bye week, Sanu will have plenty of time with Brady to build on a solid start. He could be in line for a lot of action as the Patriots make their push towards the playoffs.

There is a downside to Sanu. The Patriots change their schemes and systems weekly so you cannot guarantee who the number 1 wide receiver will be each week.

However, just like with Edelman, if Brady has trust in the receiver, they will see the ball often. Sanu could be the Pats biggest receiving threat in the red zone. It has more positives than negatives.

Put On The Block

David Johnson – RB (Arizona Cardinals)

This one may raise a few eyebrows but I have my justifications. The Cardinals traded for Kenyon Drake for a reason and Chase Edmonds was performing well before his injury.

This means that Johnson is entering a period where he will be job sharing and that is not the type of player that you want during a post season fantasy run. Johnson cannot guarantee you decent fantasy numbers.

Trade him away.

D.J. Chark Jr. – WR (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Before you pull the trigger on a trade that includes Chark, confirm that Dede Westbrook is returning from his injury. If Westbrook is returning then Chark could be great trade bait. Nick Foles is taking over at QB after Minshew lost all of his magic at Wembley stadium! Foles favourite target earlier this season was Westbrook.

There is too much uncertainty with a new QB taking over to risk Chark.

Keenan Allen – WR (LA Chargers)

Another surprising choice to most people? There is no doubting the talent that Allen has but his production has been terrible.

He still has the same quarterback throwing him the ball but something isn’t right. He finished with 3 catches for 40 yards on just four targets last week and he has failed to reach double digits in four of the past 6 games. In fact, he hasn’t scored more than 12.3 fantasy points in any of the past 6 games!

Through the first three weeks of the season he was averaging 29.2 fantasy points per game but his targets have dropped massively.

With an unfavourable schedule coming up, it may be time to move Allen.

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