For any further information and details on how to apply for any of the below vacancies, please contact or @Tim_MonkF10Y/@Full10Yards on Twitter for more information.

The roles are unpaid but as the brand grows and opportunities arise further down the line, hopefully they can become paid roles.

Here are the current vacancies here at Full10Yards HQ:

Fantasy Team Lead

We are looking for a dedicated NFL Fantasy Football enthusiast looking for their chance to be in control of our Fantasy team branch.

Along with the Full10Yards Lead, you will be responsible for creating and co-ordinating content both written (article) and spoken (podcast) and create supporting Social Media content including Start/Sits, Waivers, DFS content.

This role is suitable for someone looking to make the role and content their own and grow the Fantasy branch of the brand. No previous experience in writing or podcasting is required, but preferred. It is expected that you will help produce 1 podcast a week as well as ensuring the written content is delivered on time and to a high standard. The role allows for flexibility to create content and concepts to help grow the brand. This includes all facets of the brand including Social Media.

Dedication and passion are the two main characteristics we are looking for here. Someone who wants to take the time to promote and create original content to help grow the brand.

Please email or contact Tim on Twitter @Tim_MonkF10Y


An opportunity is available for a newsdesk analyst.

The position will involve posting short articles in a news format for predominantly NFL stories but some College football stories too as and when they occur.

This is a great opportunity for someone looking to get involved with NFL/College writing and a great starting opportunity to learn the ropes.

Experience in Social Media is crucial to help grow the content and expand on the reach of the posts.

For more information please contact us via email. To apply, please send an email to with an example short newsdesk story on a topic of your choice so that we can assess writing style.

Britball content leader

We are looking for someone well versed in the Britball scene to provide weekly content on all things NFLUK.

Content will include articles and/or podcasts including interviews/results roundups/fixture previews along with any other connected content.

The role is suitable for someone looking to help grow the UK American Football scene and have a passion for most facets of the British game.

An experience in podcasting is preferred, but not essential. What is essential is the passion for the British game and a desire to help promote it.

It goes without saying, experience in social media and graphics production is preferred but not essential.

The position is flexible to suit the needs of the applicant but it is expected that content be produced to suit the timetables of the British game.

For further information contact Tim @Tim_MonkF10Y on Twitter or via email

CFB writer

We are looking for a College football enthusiast to help produce some written content for the team.

Producing regular content about the teams/players and stories from any of the conferences will be the core of your writing content alongside player prospects and covering some draft aspects.

An experience in podcasting would be great but not essential.

For further information, please contact Lee Wakefield on Twitter @wakefield90 or DM us over @full10yards

Visual content creator

We are looking for someone to help support our operations by producing visual content.

Graphic content is essential, video content is desired. You’ll create images for social media and our website.

For video content, a previous experience in video editing including podcasting and social media snippets would be a huge advantage.

This would ideally suit someone looking to build a portfolio of content either to help with their studies or to gain experience. An interest in American Football would also be advantageous.

For more information, please contact us via email or DM Tim on Twitter @Tim_MonkF10Y