Tylan Wallace: The Fastest Rising Wide Receiver in College Football – By Maxwell Petitjean

Tylan Wallace, the Junior Wide Receiver (WR) for Oklahoma State, is one of the most underrated prospects in College Football. With 7 touchdown, 703 yards and 39 receptions, Wallace is averaging 18 yards per catch.

Many people will correctly point out, that the Big 12 is blessed with an amazing prospect at the WR position. Ceedee Lamb at Oklahoma has started 2019 with a bang, off the back of a remarkable 2018 where he amassed 1,158 yards and 11 Touchdowns. However, there is another superstar WR in the Big 12. And he plays in the orange of the Cowboys.

At 6′ 0″, 185 lbs, Wallace may not be the biggest WR, but he has everything you need to succeed at the next level. He has speed, hands, route running ability & he’s even a very capable blocker. Below I’ve documented some examples where he displays these traits.

Route Running

As you can see by the video below, Wallace has a remarkable ability to go from full speed to almost a complete stop, in an extremely short amount of time. He is a master at manoeuvring his body weight to change direction.

Wallace may not be the best at this, other guys in this class, such as Jerry Jeudy, have movements that are seemingly impossible. But as a comparison, his route running reminds me of Calvin Ridley, who is thriving in the NFL early in his career.


As mentioned, Wallace isn’t the biggest or strongest of receivers. However, his blocking technique is textbook and his effort reminds me of a young Hines Ward. With a young QB like Spencer Sanders, the Oklahoma State offense could find it hard to pull through in difficult situations. However, Wallace is clearly the leader of that Offense, and this block (see below) show how valuable he is, even in the run game.


Oklahoma State are a fine team, but every year they are outmatched by opponents like Oklahoma & Texas. In these games, the QB faces more pressure, and receivers are less likely to find themselves wide open. Therefore, at a school like this, ability to catch in traffic is vital.

Time and time again, Wallace has proven his ability to snatch the ball away from a defensive back in a 50/50 situation. See below his impressive catching ability.

After Catch

One of Wallace’s biggest strengths is his big play ability. In the clip below you can see the multiple instances where he has turned a short throw, into a big touchdown. Every time he touches the ball, he is a threat to take it for 6 points. 

Most impressively, as you can see in the video, he even aligns at running back at times. Oklahoma State are doing whatever they can to get him the ball.


Tylan Wallace is a fantastic college football Wide Receiver. Just by assessing his statistics and his highlight reel, you can tell he’s a great player. But that doesn’t mean he will be able to translate his skills to the next level of football. There have been plenty of excellent receivers who have had record breaking seasons, but they haven’t even been drafted. Wallace will almost certainly get drafted, but few expect him to be in the top 50 players.

As you can see in the clips above, he has all of the necessary skills. However, what these clips don’t show, is his leadership and clear desire to win every snap. He’s a driven and enthusiastic player who will be an asset to any locker room. I cannot wait to see where he gets drafted.

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