By Paul Maughan (@Morny7)

What a brilliant round of action Week 6 turned out to be, in my humble opinion. Incredibly fun game at New White Hart Lane (thanks to ‘Bad’ Jameis showing up to the party), some excellent early slate games then topped off by the return of Spleeny Sam to lead the Jets to a win. It doesn’t half make everything more enjoyable when your team wins (or at the very least, aren’t down by 21 points at the beginning of the second quarter).

Week 7 means we’re basically halfway to the playoffs, so you need to start thinking long-term strategy. Who has a more forgiving run in? Who is likely to be rested weeks 15-16 during those vital playoff games? Who do you fancy to hit a hot-streak out of nowhere (like the 2018 Colts) or go completely to pot (like the 2018 Panthers)?

If you start thinking now you might just get the jump on your league opponents by a week or two. Chess, not checkers, and all that. So without further ado, here’s your Trade Targets for the week.

Bring on Board

Odell Beckham Jr – WR Cleveland Browns

Yeah, yeah – OBJ is a superstar, and it’s hardly groundbreaking to suggest bringing him in. But don’t roll your eyes just yet…..

His stock is (relatively) low; He’s not on form and is averaging only 13 points in PPR leagues. There’s also the rumours he’s asking for a trade; for all they seem unsubstantiated for now, it would still be a worry.

However….just have a peek at the Browns schedule towards the end of the season. Get the game against the Patriots out the way, and they have two games against the Bengals, two against the stuttering Steelers, and games against the ropey defences of Miami, Denver and Arizona. He has potential to go off, big-time, towards the end of the year.

With the iffy start, and considering he’s on a bye week, this is the perfect chance to get a true, generational talent at a potentially knock-off price.

Chris Herndon – TE New York Jets

He’s not played a game yet this year (suspension then injury) but chances are he’s stashed on a roster somewhere in your league. Now might be the time to steal him – he seems unlikely to play against the Pats on Monday night, but he should be back the week after in Jacksonville.

The Jets (like the Browns above) have a very generous schedule coming up (Dolphinsx2, Bengals, Redskins, Raiders, Jags) . Now, the Jets aren’t a good team by any stretch, but Darnold has come back on fire and he loved using Herndon last year.  The former Miami Hurricane should prosper big time, and has potential to be one of the top 5-6  Tight Ends in the league over the last 10 weeks of the season. Go grab him.

Michael Gallup – WR Dallas Cowboys

Enough of looking ahead to the future –  you want a quick fix, go and get Michael Gallup and watch him feast on the Eagles appalling secondary this weekend. Amari Cooper is struggling with injury (possibly play but won’t be 100%), the Eagles are brilliant at stopping the run which should stutter Zeke and Gallup should be the big beneficiary.

Aside from a poor game against the Jets last week, he’s having a good season and the Cowboys will likely switch back to the play-action passing which worked so well weeks 1-3; the second half against the Jets they spread the field well and looked a lot closer to that early season. Against such a leaky defence, it should be points galore for both the Cowboys, and Gallup.

Put on the Block

Chris Carson – RB Seattle Seahawks

He’s a brilliant running back, and will likely have a good weekend this week against an awful Ravens defence. But his stock is high at the moment, and after the Ravens game the Seahawks plays the Bucs, 49ers, Eagles, Vikings and Panthers in their next 6 games; 5 elite run defences.

For all that Seattle seem desperate to run the ball, they shouldn’t get much joy in these matchups. Considering you might be able to pick up a new piece of elite talent in return, now might be a good time to offload Carson.

Mark Ingram – RB Baltimore Ravens

Ingram is having a good season, but he’s far from an elite running back and you’re basically playing him in the hope he has a huge game – his average of 17.3 fantasy points is bulked up hugely by massive games against Miami (which barely counts) and the Chiefs (who have a risible run defence).

The Ravens have a relatively tough run-in, and it wouldn’t surprise if they leaned more heavily on Jackson over the coming weeks (in terms of both passing and rushing). A regression to the mean for Ingram is to be expected, but considering how high his stock is right now you could get yourself a nice, relatively risk-free bounty.

Keenan Allen – WR LA Chargers

Will the Chargers coaching staff get their act together and stop force-feeding Melvin Gordon the ball? Will they start feeding Allen the same volume of targets he had weeks 1-4?

The answer to both should obviously be yes….but I wouldn’t wait to find out. He’s a top receiver with a stellar reputation, but he’s been ridiculously underused by his coaching staff. Take a gamble Anthony Lynn continues to defy logic, and try and get yourself something decent for him. Same goes for Austin Ekeler (even more infuriating, because he’s about 3 times as talented as Gordon).

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