Trade Targets – Week 8

By Jake Linley-Brown (@JakeLB12)

A quick recap on Week 7: Sam Darnold can see ghosts (his words, not mine), ‘Sky Cam’ should be how we watch all football games, and it rains a lot in Washington around mid-October. Now that’s out the way, let’s talk trades!

With the fantasy playoffs sort of but not quite on the horizon, decisions you make regarding your roster are becoming more and more difficult. Injuries are creeping in, bye weeks are in full swing, and your league rivals are jostling you for a prime spot heading into the business end of the season.

‘Buying’ and ‘Selling’ on players is all subjective, of course, but because we’re good people here at Full 10 Yards, we like to give our two cents on such issues – just remember, we’re only human. Let’s roll.


Devin Singletary – RB Buffalo Bills

At the end of (so called) British summertime, just before draft season, Devin Singletary was being quietly tipped as a sleeper for the upcoming year. He was a hipster pick, if you will, and opened the season with a reasonable points haul against the two other New York teams. He then injured his hamstring, missed 3 games and returned to Benjamin Button Frank Gore still chugging away with double digit carries.

Although Gore may seem to possess super-human powers, Father Time will surely catch up with him at some point. The carries over the next few weeks will surely start to even out, or that’s what my spicy senses are telling me. With matchups against Washington and Miami on the schedule over the next month, and the good chance Singletary owners are feeling deflated, the RB-needy teams could do a lot worse.

Kenny Golladay – WR Detroit Lions

Remember those number pattern sequences you’d see from time to time in Year 7 Maths? Look at Kenny’s PPR points totals from Week 1 to Week 7: 14.2, 25.7, 3.7, 23.7, 17.1, 3.1. This pattern to me indicates two things: 1) He’s due a double digit total this week against a crummy Giants defence, and 2) He’s pretty inconsistent for a guy who was seeing 9 targets on average per game until last week. The key thing here though, is inconsistency.

Hear me out. The same inconsistency that is probably weighing on his or her owners’ mind right now is what you can use to your advantage when proposing a trade. Marvin Jones scored 4 TD’s last week, deservedly stole the show and made people think he’s going to be the man going forward. Thing is, Golladay had 28.6 more points than Jones going into last weeks matchup, and it wouldn’t be unfair to call the Jones final stat line an aberration.

Kenny G has some favourable games to come too (NYG, OAK, WAS) so pinching him now could prove to be very fruitful down the road.

Terry McLaurin – WR Washington Redskins

‘Scary’ Terry has been winning over a lot of fans this season. The rookie from Ohio State has been the Galaxy Caramel in a box of Bounty’s, notching for 5 TD’s on the season already for a team which is only going one way, and that’s down.

As mentioned earlier, this past weekend’s game at FedEx Field was like a scene from ‘Waterworld’, and just like the Kevin Costner flop, McLaurin failed to make any impact at all. The good thing is that he’s been a relatively consistent performer this year, and we can’t blame him for last week. 

The Redskins are so bad that game scripts for the rest of the year will mean throwing the ball a ton. Thankfully, this works for Terry.


Julio Jones – WR Atlanta Falcons

This week’s edition of ‘Put On The Block’ is particularly spicy featuring some seriously hot takes. Without further ado, here’s my first.

Julio Jones is a bonafide baller, make no mistake about it, but the situation he finds himself in currently is not good. Matt Ryan went down last week with an ankle sprain which looks like it’s going to rule him out of this Sunday’s tussle with the Seahawks – a bottom half defence in both receptions and receiving yards allowed to opposing wideouts. His replacement? Matt Schaub. Yikes.

After Seattle, the schedule isn’t great for a team at 1-6: New Orleans twice, Carolina twice, and a road trip to San Francisco. There’s also a bye week after this upcoming game, so that’s no good to you either. Finally, they let Mohamed Sanu go to that team who is quite good in New England this week, and there’s no guarantee the Falcons are done with blowing up the team for the year. The inevitable murmurings of team unrest and coach Dan Quinn seeing the door are trending, too. 

Some owners in your league might live by the ‘go hard or go home rule’ when it comes to trade offers. If they come calling to you and Julio, at least listen. He may very well go on to do ‘Julio’ like things for the rest of the season, or he may get fed up with the whole thing and disappear into the bushes, a la Homer Simpson. Just listen, that’s all I’m saying.

DEF/ST – New England Patriots

I told you this week was spicy. But again, before you accuse me of being drunk as I type this, hear my reasoning.

This all-time unit has been pulling up trees for weeks, winning fantasy matchups up and down the land thanks to the performances of the McCourty brothers and friends. Basically, it would take some serious cojones to part ways with this unit.

The caveat is the schedule. Although by no means a murderer’s row of opponents, the next few weeks reads: vs Browns, @ Ravens, @ Eagles, vs Cowboys, @ Texans, vs Chiefs. Regression is a possibility for this defence, no? History, and to a lesser extent human science, would say so.

It’s all about needs and balance of your roster. If you feel like your team has enough to see you through to the end, then good on you, and I apologise for wasting your last 40 seconds. IF your team is lacking some firepower, and you hope to make a run in the playoffs, then it’s a consideration to make. Godfather offers only here, please.

Melvin Gordon – RB Los Angeles Chargers

You know what? I don’t even feel bad about this one – just annoyance instead. Since returning from his holdout that achieved…erm…yeah, since returning, Gordon has fumbled the ball at the goal line, gone on hiatus from the endzone, and averaged just 2.25 yards a carry. In a nutshell, Gordon has been flat out bad.

With particularly tough outings ahead (Green Bay, @ Chicago) as well as a Week 12 bye, Gordon could potentially be traded to that owner in your league who still yearns for last year’s version of Melvin. Not to mention, Austin Ekeler is still looking like the better hand out of the backfield. So, if there is a footballing god, justice would prevail, and Austin would get the job he had back in Week 1. And you can’t hate on justice.

If you have any trade questions, any start/sit dilemmas, get in contact with us here at Full10Yards on Social Media and we’ll help you out!

Until then, good luck with your trades and your matchups!

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