Trade Targets Week 8 2021 Season

Heading into Week 8 of the 2021 NFL season. If last week you got a win with your entire bench being on Bye’s, Congrats. And if you didn’t guess what, you will bounce back. We are 1 week away from the NFL trade deadline, which means things will be picking up around the league. If you are in a rut, find a way to make your team different. If you need to do a player for player swap just to get the momentum on your side, do it. Let’s take a look at the week 8 trade targets. 

Sharing some insight into my league of getting different. I traded away Kelce for TJ Hockenson and Saquon Barkley. Kelce is elite, but getting the upside of Saquon each week with Hock’s production could be a league winner in this trade. As many have said, if you feel like you get value for your trade don’t worry about what everyone else says. 

QB: Derek Carr:. He might be on your waiver wire in most leagues as he has a bye week this week but I think Carr has found his new identity without Jon Gruden. Carr was super efficient in week 7 against PHI completing 31/34 passes. Carr has thrown for 2 TDs in each week excluding against Chicago. Carr is currently a top 12 QB on the year and his upcoming schedule gives you reason to believe things won’t slow down. Pairing him with Ruggs in redraft can give you week winning upside each week. 

Honorable mention:  Kirk Cousins is past his bye week, Dalvin Cook is healthy and has Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielin ready to roll. This week has a big game against the Dallas Cowboys. 

RB: Saquon Barkley– As I mentioned above, I am buying the injury dip on Barkley. In his two healthy games, week 3 and 4, he was targeted 13 times. His league winning upside each week gives me reason to believe to get him before he is healthy. More than likely the manager who has him is tired of him being on the bench for their roster. The fact he was back at practice early in the week gives me reason to believe he will be available this week. There isn’t much to say about him other than if you have the opportunity to obtain him, trade for him. 

Honorable mention: Devin Singletary/Zach Moss- If you have a way to obtain these guys as a depth piece RB, they are on a high powered offense that each week can get a TD. With the easy schedule coming up for the Bills, look for Allen to take less runs and hand off the ball to either of these guys. 

WR: Michael Pittman:  The breakout is happening! A 10th round pick in redraft is currently a middle tier WR 2 for your fantasy team and we aren’t even halfway through the year. With Wentz getting his mojo back, I think he will be trusting Pittman going forward. Another season ending injury to Parris Campbell, the Colts have established the run making play action passes to the 6’4 WR a huge redzone threat. 

Honorable mention Amari Cooper: Completely being overshadowed by Lamb’s performance, Cooper is as safe of a floor you get. Last 3 weeks nothing under 10 points with some games getting only 3 targets. Obtaining guys after the bye week gives you an upper advantage going forward not having to hold roster spots. 

TE: Dalton Schultz-  Still the TE 5 on the year after having a bye week. WOW! With an outstanding 11.58 YPC and 3 TDs on the year, I think this production is staying. He has caught at least 5 passes in the past 5 of 6 games and is clearly ahead of Blake Jarwin. Could this be another Jason Witten in the making? 

Honorable mention Hunter Henry-  Are we surprised the TE’s are doing well in NE with the success Gronk had? We shouldn’t be! The lack of wideouts and 2 TE sets being used gives me hope that Henry can keep scoring a TD each week. 

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