We’re just about halfway through our respective fantasy seasons, and now might be the time to pounce and push your team over the top in time for the business end. Alternatively, if you’re me and my team at 2-4, you’re desperately trying to keep your head above water and are filling your league mates inboxes with trade offers like a shunned Tinder date.

Let’s highlight some guys who might just be able to help.

QB: Justin Herbert

The old adage ‘what have you done for me lately?’ applies here. Herbert is still a top 6 QB despite his dud performance against the Ravens for a paltry 11 points. It was only a week prior where he lit the Browns up for almost 400 yards, 4 TD’s and our currency, 42 fantasy points. Do you really think a QB as talented as Herbert with weapons such as Mike Williams and Ekeler is going to go backwards?

The bye week has come at a good time for the buyer in this trade, with the seller potentially fearing the regression is coming. Get him now and reap the rewards of the next 3 on the slate: Patriots, Eagles and Vikings. Barring injury or alien abduction, Herbert is a rock-solid play for the rest of the way.

Honourable mention: Josh Allen – I’m not even sure what the trade could be nor would his or her owner want to sell, but Allen is simply teflon. He’s more likely to get you 30 points a game than he is 15. If you want that security, go for it.

RB: Miles Sanders

Miles Sanders to me is a bit like Squid Games; people tell you it’s good, and you feel in the minority for not watching it or agreeing with them. But when you do watch it, you think to yourself…huh? Sanders hasn’t set the world alight this season, or even in previous years for that matter, but you can’t deny the volume. A running back who averages ten carries and 4 receptions a game is not to be sniffed it. He’s also on the field 83% of the time.

The Eagles still have to play the Lions, the Giants, the Jets which bodes well for the fantasy schedule. If you’re gambler or even Kenny Rogers (hello if you’re reading this), bet on the breakout coming for what’s sure to be a reasonable price.

Honourable mention: Darrel Williams – The Chiefs RB just scored the highest points total by any Chiefs RB since Damien Williams back in 2019. Poor old Clyde Edwards-Helaire is the Squidward looking through the blind meme right now (google it), and it’s very likely he doesn’t get his job back.  

WR: D.J. Moore

Moore started the season exceptionally well leading us all to believe the Sam Darnold trade was a masterstroke. The past 2 weeks, however, has taken us back to the ‘I’m seeing ghosts’ version of Sam Darnold. A measly 19 points combined in games you would’ve fancied the Panthers is discouraging, but the opportunities in this offense will keep on coming.

Averaging 12 targets a game, or 30% of his team’s target share if you’re into that sort of thing, Moore is still a permanent fixture. I made up this equation which is bad but kinda makes sense: CMC out for two more weeks + Robby Anderson becoming anonymous + appetising games against the Giants and the Falcons = points.

Honourable mention – Devonta Smith – he’s landed in the boom-or-bust category which is not unusual for a rookie receiver. But he’s clearly the man in this offense, seeing the most targets and air yards for a team that will have to throw a lot every week.  

TE: Darren Waller

Form is temporary, class is permanent. That’s a statement I would pin on Waller who is not exactly giving his owners a fair return on their draft bucks.  The black and silver lining though (geddit?) is that there are still not many better in his position, regardless of the relatively low scoring so far. Just look at these stats and tell me you don’t want a piece:

1st in league for TE targets, 3rd for TE receptions, 3rd for TE receiving yards

The owner of Waller will be frustrated, bemoaning the fact he isn’t Kelce. Truth of the matter is, he isn’t, but he sure as heck isn’t Ricky Seals-Jones or Tyler Conklin either. Darren will be just fine, and so will you if you can get him.

Honourable mention Zach Ertz – No real analysis to be had here. This is one of those ‘well, they just traded for him, so they must like him’ sorta deals. He’s probably on the waivers anyway, but it’s worth a punt for the needy.

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