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Heading into Week 3 of the 2021 NFL season it’s been a wild ride. Here is your motivational speech going forward. You want to quit after 2 weeks? You think champions are made in 2 weeks?! You have to fight every day to win, in life, in your job and in fantasy football. So what you lost last week, get over it and move on to week 3 is calling your name. Don’t look back, look forward and understand the mission. Find a weakness in another team, capitalize on this by offering help to them and get yourself back on track. 

Anywho, hopefully you are in a better headspace now and ready to rock and roll into Week 3 of the NFL season 

Justin Herbert Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

QB: Justin Herbert

88 passing attempts, 675 passing yards and sprinkle in a few rushes each game, that is Herbert’s stat line going through week 2. What qualifies him as a true trade target? Outside of the top 20 in total fantasy points in week 2 (for the QB position), two monster WR performances (Mike Williams quietly having a top 10 WR start of the year), and an all around RB in Ekeler = playmakers around the ball. He is continuing to throw 40 yard passes, while struggling with some interceptions. Keep this in the back of your mind going forward should you need to trade for a QB on the lower end with top tier value. Chances are, this is someone’s starting QB so they will need you to impress them with an actual offer for a QB/WR combo to get their attention. 

Honorable mention: Matthew Stafford  Top 10 QB with the top WR in fantasy football in two weeks (Cooper Kupp). Stafford is off to a terrific start in the 2021 season in his new home LA Rams. Stafford isn’t in the true gunslinging mode yet in the McVay offense but that is going to change next week against Tampa Bay. Tampa will stop the rush and can be beat in the air, Staffords 5 TD’s on the season could be 10 TD’s with just one game. 

James Robinson Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

RB: James Robinson

The RB 7 from last season is a potential bust candidate after week 2, so why would you be targeting him? 1) He is a starting RB in the NFL on a team that is quite possibly the worst offense Urban Meyers has coached in the past 15 years. 2) You didn’t draft Robinson in the 5th round therefore trading for him for your team you aren’t absorbing the 5th round missing piece from your roster, you are gaining it. Robinson hasn’t hit 100 yards on the season but is averaging over 4 yards per carry when he gets the chance and has passing work (at least 3 targets each game so far). Going down the road, RB’s are going to be helpful in making the playoff push with bye weeks approaching quickly. 

Honorable mention: Myles Gaskin  Before the season started, what if I told you, Myles Gaskin would have more receptions than Dalvin Cook by week 2? Would you believe me? What if that team lost it’s starting QB in week 2, has an entire week to focus on Gaskin being the lead back and the potential for more dump off passes? At least of those is true, and the 2nd reason is why I am looking to target him. (p.s. If you can trade Mike Davis for Gaskin. Davis is RB 26 on the year through week 2, but isn’t even the leading rusher or fantasy RB you want for the team *This is a pro Coradarelle Patterson article* 

Ja'Marr Chase Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

WR: Ja’Marr Chase

Do you have your coffee in your hand? Okay, put it down. Chase’s average yard per catch is over 20 yards so far. Okay, continue drinking your coffee. Let’s put it to you this way, if Chase gets the ball, you get 3 points in PPR scoring format? What if he does that, on average 5 times a game? Would you be happy with that? Oh let me add you can also get a touchdown if at least one of those receptions goes into the endzone. Yeah Chase is pretty good. The Burrow/Chase combo might be a Mahomes/Hill stack you can get for half of the price. What about Tee Higgins?! Oh yeah he is good too. Go after him and let your opponent Chase after you. 

Honorable mention Marvin Jones: Two Jaguar’s in a Trade Target article? Ew. But here we are. It’s redraft baby, things get weird. 20 targets on the season, two TD’s on the year (he has had 9 in the past two seasons). He is a PPR monster right now and only rostered in 66% of sleeper leagues (that will change this week). Top 20 WR on the year so far, with Shenault going down last week, Jones will be the WR to target. 

George Kittle Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

TE: George Kittle

I didn’t think I’d ever get to target a big TE on here but ITS REDRAFT BABY! Thing’s change so fast, just like the 49’ers need to do at QB, but this is a TE spot. The reason Kittle makes the list, he hasn’t lived up to the hype. He hasn’t scored a TD since week 6 of the 2020 NFL season (yup). If you want to have a chance to face off against Kelce, I think now is the time to buy Kittle. You might have a few more weeks to let the fantasy manager become more frustrated with the lackluster of targets and receptions for their team, however take advantage of them struggling and offer some help by trading Kyle Pitts for Kittle if they will. 

Honorable mention Jonnu Smith- The TE landscape is tough every year, especially when the top TE on the season already has 100 more receiving yards than Jonnu. Smith is the TE to own if you are in that middle to bottom range TE spot. He could be clogging up someone else’s bench while in your starting lineup. New England has specific plays to get Smith the ball, no bye week until week 14, you might be 0-2 and need some help moving forward.

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