Top 5 Uniforms in College Football

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re in the unfortunate position of missing out on a lot of college football this year, it’s all a bit depressing. So I figured I’d lift your spirits with a fun little article looking at the coldest uniforms in college football.

Maybe a part two, if you all behave and wear your masks.

5. LSU vs. Mississippi State 2018, World War I remembrance uniforms

Photo Credit: LSU Football

The beautiful white with chrome purple helmets and purple facemask that the LSU tigers wore to remember the fallen of World War I against Mississippi State in the 2018 season are one of my favourite uniforms of all time in college football. These uniforms really looked great on the field and to this day remain one of the coldest looking chrome helmets outside of Oregon.

4. Oregon Ducks, Rose Bowl 2019 Uniforms

Photo Credit: Oregon Football

The dark green and chrome lids from Oregon’s 2019 Rose Bowl game are iconic from a school known for it’s beautiful uniform combos. You may remember the beautiful red sunset reflecting off these helmets being on of the most memorable moments of the 2019 college season.

3. 2019 Boise State Black Out vs. Air Force

Photo Credit: KTVB-7

As if the blue field was enough Boise State decided they wanted to bring the drip for their 2019 season game against Air Force. While Boise State normally stay on top of the Mountain West in football and uniform quality these black out uniforms really raised the bar for a fun game against Air Force.

2. Arizona State vs. Notre Dame, 2015, Desert Ice Uniforms

Photo Credit:

While not always the strongest on the field, their uniform game is nothing to be scoffed at!

When ASU revealed their “Desert Ice” alternate uniform before the 2015 season it has college football fans foaming at the mouth. The white with bronze facemasks and accents looked amazing when ASU took the field against Notre Dame during the 2015 season.

1.  Army West Point “Big Red One” Uniform vs. Navy, 2018

Photo Credit:

One of the fiercest rivalries in college football is the one between Army and Navy, these two service schools duke it out every year for the bragging rights within the US military. When Army rolled out their “Big Red One” uniforms honouring the 1st infantry division (Nicknamed The Big Red One, after the big red 1 which is their unit patch) you knew it was going to be a great game. Service schools always tend to have cool and exciting uniforms and this might be one of the coolest I’ve ever seen! Well deserving of the top spot!

Do you agree? Did I miss any? Do you want a part 2? Hit me up on twitter @DCCYTFootball and let me know who I missed and who I should add for part 2!

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