Whilst doing a podcast with Derek Morrison (which you can find on our blog page or podcast page by the way…), he mentioned to me about an idea he had about a fantasy football league…and it blew my mind.

You have people that like Bestball leagues, you have people that like PPR over standard scoring and some people are crazy for Superflex or dynasty leagues.

But why not have them all as part of one big network of a fantasy league?

Better yet, why not use this to raise funds for good causes?!?!

12 managers, 6 Leagues, all the permutations, all of the different drafting options used. This my friends, could be a thing of beauty.

It would bring together all the different flavours of fantasy football and would no doubt leave the winner, the undisputed fantasy football king.

“How would it work?” I hear you cry…

The 6 leagues would be as follows:

-IDP (Individual Defensive Players)
-Superflex League (2 Quarterbacks in starting lineup)
-Bestball (I have done a recent blog post on Bestball which is also available on my blog page)
-Full PPR
-Standard scoring
-Dynasty League

There would be the 3 drafting options shared out equally amongst those leagues.

Bestball and Dynasty leagues can have the slow/email type of draft, the IDP and PPR can be auction drafts which leaves the Superflex league and Standard scoring leagues with the regular live draft room type of draft (or have it however you want it)

Points are awarded on top 6 finishes in each of the leagues, with slightly more weighting on the more intense leagues. Finishing 6th would give you one point, 5th giving 2 points, 4th place rewarding 3 points, 3rd receiving 4 points and 2nd receiving 5 points. The IDP and Dynasty leagues would have a higher weighting of points for first place than the other leagues. Dynasty League getting 8 points for the winner, IDP receiving 7 points for winning and all other leagues receiving 6 points for 1st.

The manager with the most points from all 6 leagues wins. Simple.

To go one step further and get a full flavour of all the different paltforms, you could even use the whole host of providers to accommodate the different leagues. Fleaflicker would obviously get the dynasty league and a Bestball league can be hosted by draft or MFL. Then it can be dealers choice for the other 4. Using ESPN, Yahoo, NFL and some other providers would also give you a full flavour of the ultimate fantasy experience.

It sounds, on the face of it, absolutely ridiculous and would require even the utmost attention from all fantasy gurus and engrossed fantasy managers but surely it could be one way in determining amongst your friends, who is the ultimate fantasy football GM.

The burden of being the commisioner can also be shared out amongst the GMs because let’s face it, people wanting to do this are likely to be GMs already. A GM can take a league each and administer to help share out that side of fantasy football which would also ensure buy in from the GMs.

The real great thing about this idea is that you can customise any of this to your hearts content. Maybe there is a company out there willing to harness all of the variations fantasy football brings to bring this all together and modernise the fantasy football game even more…

Who’s interested? We currently have 3 out of 12 signed up.

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