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Tim Monk, Founder

How did you get into football?

I first got into American football just watching a random game at Uni and for the first years didn’t have a team.

On the playing side of things, I managed to get a year of playing experience at the Dunfermline Kings and enjoyed every second of it mentally, if physically it was the complete opposite.

I got into the fantasy football addiction shortly after choosing Dallas and whilst I have had years of double digits leagues and going all gung ho, I’ve somewhat found a happy medium of dynasty and redraft leagues.

What teams do you support?

I selected (for my sins) the Dallas Cowboys as I managed to get one of my mates into the sport and he chose them so jumped on the rickety bandwagon.

Immediately fell in love with Tony Romo and I won’t hear one bad word said about him! That ball in Seattle had a tub of Vaseline on it! Ever since being a Cowboys fan, I would not change one minute of the up and down and then even further down rollercoaster ride.

What do you do at Full10Yards?

The inspiration behind creating this has organically evolved since the days of me just recording my own voice in to the mic and has been an absolute honour and privilege to meet and grow the team into what it is today, mainly all through just having that conversation with another UK NFL fan.

My first ever game was the 2nd International Series game when Drew Brees decided to force a safety to cost me a bet. Been to the majority of games since and cannot wait to pop my cherry at AT&T stadium one day.


I’m totally infatuated with the sport, which is why we’ve evolved into dedicating the content we create here at the Full10Yards into helping raise the levels of talent but more importantly, participation and involvement in it both on and off the field.

I hope you can help me in achieving that and thank you in advance for any word you’ve read, any sentence you’ve listened and any laugh you’ve watched throughout the course of our journey.

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