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Rajveer Garcha, College Writer

How did you get into football?

During my 21st birthday trip to Miami, I managed to obtain tickets to watch the Miami Dolphins vs Oakland Raiders in Ryan Tannehill’s first season as an NFL QB. From that live experience, I was hooked, and ever since, football has become that healthy obsession that I cannot live without.

What teams do you support?

I am a huge Miami Dolphins fan. Luckily I have seen them a few times both in Miami and in the UK and would love to seem them play in other stadiums around the US…and obviously in a Superbowl.

In the college game, Alabama Crimson Tide are my team despite the fact Nick Saban set back my NFL franchise for the last fifteen years by not signing Drew Brees. Hopefully, he has repaid us by providing the Dolphins with Tua and Waddle for the years to come.

What do you do at Full10Yards?

I podcast and write for the Full10Yards College team where I thoroughly enjoy providing great content and discussions, with draft time being my favourite time of the year as it’s the equivalent of Xmas Day as far I’m concerned.


As a young teenager, my dream was to be a sports journalist, and my friends and family have always said this where they have seen me, as I never stop talking about sports. Life has however taken me down a different path as an Accountant; however, with the platform that is F10Y, I have been able to reignite the passion of providing content in the sport that I love.

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