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Liam Lodge, Writer / Podcaster

How did you get into football?

I have been a huge fan of the NFL ever since I was introduced to the sport at a young age.  Early on it was just the odd highlights show and reading sports books that I would enjoy.  Then the UK began to increase its coverage and the more I watched and learnt, my fascination and passion grew.  Everything from the athleticism of the players to the intricacies involved in each position.  There are so many ways in which the game can be played.

My enjoyment of the NFL and watching the rookie players enter the league via the NFL draft steered me in the direction of college football.  The sheer number of teams and conferences all over the USA makes for constant excitement and the traditions and rivalries at the college level are greater than those in the NFL.

What teams do you support?

The mighty Seattle Seahawks!

I was fairly neutral for a time until one night in the late 90s, when the game I settled in to watch was the Seahawks taking on Brett Favre’s Green Bay Packers.  All the pre-game discussions focused on the players that the Packers had and nothing on the Seahawks.  So much so, that it made me cheer on the Seahawks for the night.  Sure enough, they held Favre’s offense to one score and got a big win.  I decided this was the team for me!

There was a time when it was a struggle – wondering what a good defense looked like and swearing at Jon Kitna!  But now we have grown into one of the most successful franchises throughout the last 20 years and it’s been a great time to be a Seahawks fan.

What do you do at Full10Yards?

I’m part of our excellent college football team.  You can hear me on the Full10Yards college football podcast and read my articles on all thing’s college football throughout the year.  I have never picked a college team to support and always remained impartial, but I strive to throw as much knowledge and passion into all that I do.  As a long time NFL draft analyst, I also really enjoyed contributing to the inaugural Full10Yards Draft Guide.  We are already working on future editions, which will be bigger and better!


I work as a writer and have always enjoyed writing about the sport of American football.  Having spent time with BBC Sport and NFL UK, I felt it was time for me to find a place that shared my vision for what coverage of the sport in the UK should look like.  After a few conversations with Tim and Lee and learning that Full10Yards is also #ForTheGame and gives back to the sport in this country, I knew this was a brand I would be happy working with.  At time of writing I am over a year in and yet to be proved wrong!  Now I work towards making our college football coverage some of the best in the UK.

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