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Lee Wakefield, College Content Lead

How did you get into football?

My football journey started around 15 years ago – I was a bored teenager looking for something to watch on a Sunday evening… Yes, it really was as uninspiring as that. 

I was channel hopping and came across an NFL game on Sky Sports. I watched it initially just to see some big hits and probably had the intention of turning it off after 5 minutes or so once I got bored.

Only I haven’t yet done that. I was, and still am, hooked on the game.

I say that, but it probably took me a year or so to fully understand what was going on, so if you’re new to the sport and are feeling similar to that, hang in there! I promise you it’ll be worthwhile.

What teams do you support?

I am a Los Angeles Chargers fan – LaDainian Tomlinson was my first favourite player back in the days when I didn’t know what was going on and I stuck with the Bolts ever since. Being a Leeds United fan, the fact that they play in white, blue and yellow also kind of helped too.

When it comes to college football I am a neutral – My passion is scouting and the NFL Draft so I’ve always followed players, rather than teams at that level and it helps me to remain impartial when grinding through the film on college prospects.

What do you do at Full10Yards?

I am Lee Wakefield, I head up the college football arm of the Full 10 Yards, so you can hear my voice on our college football podcast, you can read my words on this very site and due to my editing skills, you won’t hear all of the nonsense that we talk about on the podcast.

Or at least, you’ll hear just about the right amount of nonsense.


My football journey with the Full 10 Yards began around 4 years ago – I just dropped Tim a message over Facebook, completely unannounced, telling him that I could write him a few mock drafts (yes, we all love a mock draft, don’t we?) as the draft was rapidly approaching and I felt that I could improve what was on the website and also get my opinions out there… Later I began appearing on the podcasts alongside Tim, and I’ve been hanging around ever since.

I love being a part of the Full 10 Yards because I feel like Tim has assembled a fantastic group of writers and podcasters who are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to the game of American Football and spending time with these guys makes my experience of the NFL and college football so much fuller. I really hope our content does the same for you and we can share this experience together.

I also absolutely adore the mission that we have here as a group and I am so, so proud to be #FlyingTheFlag and supporting Britball and the sport in this country, as I want as many people as possible to enjoy this game too.

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