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How did you get into football?

My first exposure to American Football was from a few friends at my local pub. They’d always have games on and constantly tried to explain the sport or get me to watch, I wasn’t interested at first. It seemed boring to me at the time. Well one day I saw Madden on sale and figured I’d give it a go. Might be fun. Well I was hooked instantly. The way every player had a role, how every game was like a chess match, it was beautiful.

After that I started watching highlights, Montana, Rice, Moss and Ochocinco. I fell in love with the sport and completely immersed myself. 5 years later I moved to america to pursue coaching and I couldn’t be happier.

What teams do you support?

Well as many of the NFL listeners will know I’m a Patriots fan. I’m from Old England, I figured New England was a good team to cheer for. I had the luck of accidentally choosing to roll with one of the most successful teams to ever play. 

My one true love though is LSU. A team that through good and bad I’d never give up on. A team that saved my life in 2019. LSU matters more to me than anything else on the planet. They hold an insanely special place in my heart and the team I’d watch every down of every game of even if we didn’t win a game for the next 10 years. LSU is my religion.

I also enjoy watching the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL. A very fun team who always show up and put on great games.

What do you do at Full10Yards?

I’m a part of the college team along with Lee, Liam, Ed, Raj and Andy. We chop it up on the weekly bringing you some of the best college football perspectives on earth with our podcast and articles. 

I also host Kierans Korner where I interview athletes, coaches and football fans making up a fun and diverse range of podcasts for listeners as you can hear from CFL hall of farmers, JuCo and D1 coaches and even NFL superfans.

I also write about LSU and quarterbacks whenever I see something exciting.


Because I love this sport. Like I said, this sport saved my life and given me some of the best opportunities anyone could ask for. Almost everything in my life today I owe to football, I’m eternally grateful and will always look to push the sport forward in anyway possible to express my gratitude. 

Hopefully my bold and slightly abrasive personality is enjoyable for you as you explore the game with me!

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