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Andy Moore, College Writer

How did you get into football?

Several of my friends at Kent University used to chuck a football around occasionally (including fellow F10Y contributor, Steve), I’d casually watch Redzone on Sunday with them and slowly just became engrossed with the whole tradition and media circus that surrounds the sport.

Once I left university, Sunday nights became a tradition, the London games suddenly became accessible financially and when my future wife and I went to America for the first time we were blown away by the full game day experience. I have lived and breathed every aspect of the sport ever since!

What teams do you support?

Both of my teams are Florida based, but at opposite ends of the state. We often go to Orlando on holiday and so the Dolphins just happened to be the first team that I got to watch in person, once I’d done that I was sold.

It took me a long while to pick a College team, but I got the opportunity to watch FSU just after Jameis Winston was drafted. The atmosphere was electric, topped off by Osceola planting the spear on the half way line. Sadly the team has got progressively worse since that moment, but I’m hoping that things are on the up now!

What do you do at Full10Yards?

Mainly listen to Kieran with my head in my hands. Other than that I write for the College team, and really enjoy looking at the wide receiver position specifically. I contributed to the 2021 CFB Draft Guide as the receiver and quarterback specialist and am looking forward to working on the 2022 edition already!


I really just enjoy talking about football with other like minded people. The way the sport has gone from a niche thing tucked away on obscure blogs to incredibly popular with it’s own Sky Sports channel is a testament to what a great game it is. Playing a small part in that for the F10Y is really enjoyable as we look to increase the following of the College game in the UK.

Do you do anything else around football?

I run the DolFanUK Podcast and love talking about all things Miami Dolphins with people from all over the world, and can also be found tweeting from @DolFanUK_Pod.

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