The Hype Train Station – Week 16 Waivers

By James Fotheringham (@NFLHypeTrain) Bye Weeks: None I’ll be honest, when the bye weeks ended I thought we were on easy street. I knew the wire would be thin but I wasn’t quite ready for Omicron to make a mockery of predicting the week ahead in terms of player availability. In short, because of the […]

The Hype Train Station – Week 14 Waivers

By James Fotheringham (@NFLHypeTrain) Bye Weeks: IND, MIA, NE, PHI We’ve made it. The final bye week of the season and for most fantasy leagues this is the last regular season week before the playoffs begin in week 15. It’s good that no teams are on bye during the playoffs but if you are in […]

The Hype Train Station – Week 13 Waivers

By James Fotheringham (@NFLHypeTrain) Bye Weeks: CAR, CLE, GB, TEN Apologies for the lack of a week 12 article. It was written, it was scheduled and for whatever reason the train did not depart, it didn’t post, it failed. Who’d have thought timetabling would be a problem for a train themed series? Anyway, 2 more […]

The Hype Train Station – Week 5 Waivers

By James Fotheringham (@NFLHypeTrain) Week 5 is upon us and next week the dreaded bye weeks begin. To some it might be a relief as it’s harder for star players to get injured when their team is on a bye week. This week we had injuries to Joe Mixon, David Montgomery, Logan Thomas, Teddy Bridgewater, […]

The Hype Train Station – Week 3 Waivers

By James Fotheringham (@NFLHypeTrain) The week 2 games did their best to derail a lot of teams with so many injuries and near injuries to scare fantasy owners. Jarvis Landry will certainly miss time. QB’s Tua Tagovailoa, Andy Dalton, Tyrod Taylor and Carson Wentz all left their games and did not return while Baker Mayfield […]

The Hype Train Station – Week 2 Waivers

By James Fotheringham (@NFLHypeTrain) Well that was a fun opening week of action wasn’t it? Plenty of action, high scores but unfortunately also injuries. There had been a fair few big name losses in pre-season but week 1 claimed Jerry Jeudy, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Raheem Mostert with the status of OBJ still not fully known […]

The Hype Train Station – Week 1 Waivers

By James Fotheringham (@NFLHypeTrain) It’s been a while, but finally we can unlock the padlock on the gates, dust off the cobwebs, make sure all the safety notices are in place and that the hand sanitisers are fully stocked! Yes, the Hype Train Station has now re-opened and the ticket office is open for all […]