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Trade Targets Heading into Week 2 (2021 Season)

Heading into Week 2 of the 2021 NFL season you are either 1-0 or 0-1 in your fantasy matchup (as well as your favorite NFL team). This week players like EWith this being the longest season of the NFL season, rest assured there is no reason to tilt off of your draft picks. Below I will list players along with honorable mentions for each position. As a friendly reminder, sending a trade offer for one of your later round picks for another teams first round pick has a 99% chance it won’t be accepted so don’t waste your time or other managers trying to ride the coattails of your late round success aka don’t send Jamaal Williams for Aaron Jones. With that being said, onward to the targets!


Aaron Rodgers Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

Aaron Rodgers: From MVP to LVP (Least valuable player) Mr. State Farm himself found a way to lower his value. Finishing with a solid 1.32 fantasy points the Green Bay offense looked terrible in itself. Rodgers finished the day with 15/28 with just 133 yards. The question is now, how good is the Saints defense or is it Aaron Rodgers is turning into Mr. Dodger. I am taking that Mr Rodgers will bounce back. Few things that caused the dud for the Green Bay Packers: the location of the game, the lack of preseason snaps, the lack of opportunities. Rodgers only threw for under 30 attempts three times last year. Next week he has a juicy matchup and will look to hush the haters. Can you move Stafford for Rodgers? I’d say so and would take Rodgers in a heartbeat. 

Honorable mentions: Trevor Lawrence–  you probably won’t have to trade for him but if you can get him. The Jaguars defense just got demolished by Tyrod Taylor making him look like Lamar Jackson. Lawrence  threw for 51 times, and has wonderful matchups going forward:  Denver, Arizona, Cincinnati and Tennessee. Sign me up for getting T-Law.

Running Back:

Antonio Gibson Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

Antonio Gibson: Ryan Fitzpatrick goes down, Curtis Samuel on IR, 20 attempts in week 1 averaging over 4 yards per carry, 5 targets. Just a few reasons on why I am targeting Gibson going forward. He had 2 fumbles and was held to no touchdowns in week 1, he was averaged as best for week 1. Looking at the production behind him, McKissic, 1 target, 1 rushing attempt, Jaret Patterson 2 rushes for 9 yards. That’s it. Next week he is the lucky duck that faces the New York Giants who Melvin Gordon and Javonte Williams just went for 146 yards on 25 attempts. GibSzn could be on tap next week.

Honorable mentions: Ezekiel Elliot, Aaron Jones, Derrick Henry, Najee Harris These guys all had a rough first week. See if you can flip Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Miles Sanders, Damien Harris or Chris Carson for anyone who thinks they are getting the better play going forward. Most fantasy players aren’t tilting after week 1 but a fair fantasy offer is something I will be doing to test the waters, we don’t know if this is a fluke or the real deal. Chances are, these guys aren’t getting moved.

Wide Receiver:

Allen Robinson II Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

Allen Robinson: 11 targets. Robinson saw 11 targets of Andy Dalton’s 38 attempts in week 1. The 28 year old had to deal with the lockdown treatment from Jalen Ramsey (sorry Micahel Pittman fans, he has that treatment next week). Robinson is likely your WR-2 on your team and didn’t give you the big game (Robert Woods scored more points on less targets because of his touchdown). Robinson’s route running, volume and the prayer that they change QB sooner rather than later to Justin Fields gives me hope that Robinson’s value will be higher next week. Good news, the Bears will play Cincinnati next week and have a chance to make it up to your fantasy roster. Could you move Chase Claypool, or Kenny Golladay for Robinson? Could have a manager who isn’t happy with the production and wants to move on. 

Honorable mentions: Justin Jefferson, Calvin Ridley, Davante Adams-  What if I told you those 3 week 1 combined together wouldn’t be enough to crack the top 3 for WR fantasy points finish against 1 player alone? What if I told you you can combine any two of those player’s targets together and it wouldn’t be higher than Amari Cooper? Each week alpha WR’s don’t’ score in the top fantasy realm however I’d say it’s safe to say they will be back in no time. One touchdown it changes the value for the fantasy manager not wanting to consider trade offers. Capitalize on Tyler Lockett/Cooper Kupp/Ceedee Lamb’s big game to get one of these top tier guys to pair with your stud RB you drafted.

Sub honorable mention: Brandon Aiyuk– I didn’t want to mention him above as he completely burned every fantasy manager who was caught off guard with his goose egg of a performance and deserves his own section. 74 total points in a football game and not a single reception can leave a fantasy manager with a bad taste/vibe. Aiyuk was still nursing a hamstring injury and the news was not brought to any fantasy managers forefront prior to kickoff. The rumor has it Trent Sherfield “outperformed” Aiyuk in a training camp/preseason and won the starting spot but that’s hard to argue with Aiyuk’s play last season. Check on his value and get him before it’s too late

Tight End:

Kyle Pitts Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

Kyle Pitts- The Falcons performance was horrible in week 1 against the Philadelphia Eagles. The former Florida Gator saw 8 targets in his regular season debut and didn’t live up to his hype. Did you know he matched Calvin Ridley with 8 targets? Ridley & Pitts accounted for 45% of the targets share with any other WR option finishing with ZERO catches. What does that mean going forward? Production, opportunity and touchdowns. I’d give up Logan Thomas or Tyler Higbee to get Pitts in a heartbeat, but the fantasy manager who owns Pitts could be reading this saying not going to happen. Take a shot, but don’t be crazy. Gronk for Pitts isn’t a terrible offer for those who will be offering that this week.

Honorable mention Jared Cook-  He still has some gas left in the tank folks. Finishing with over 11 yards per catch and 8 targets Cook is a viable fantasy option after week 1. The question was if Donald Parham would get work ahead of him? Nope, 1 target for Parham so send him to the waivers to swim with the fishes. The 34 year old will be involved as the WR 3 for the Chargers after Keenan, Mike Williams get their share. I wouldn’t trade much for him as he isn’t on anyone’s radar but I’d count on Cook being in your fantasy lineup sooner rather than later.

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NFL Deep Dive: Watson (and watsoff) the table with Deshaun

By Tim Monk (@Tim_MonkF10Y)

It’s a news story that won’t go away. But is this another case of the media exacerbating the situation? Or is there no smoke without fire?

How did we get here?

Deshaun Watson sent social media into meltdown with a (kind of) cryptic tweet, indicating in a passive-aggressive way that he is upset with what is going down in Houston.

The tweets refer to owner Cal McNair’s decision to hire new General Manager Nick Caserio without Watson even having an inkling or being given a heads-up, and was clearly the bite on the hook that started this whole circus.

Even with the above, I am surprised at how loud the the Deshaun Watson trade rumours are at this point, considering that we are in January and at the time they surfaced, we were heading into the Divisional Round of the play-offs. That being said, Watson, who led the Texans to a 4-12 finish in 2020, wasn’t the only one who was dissatisfied with the team; JJ Watt also addressed the media to vent at the current atmosphere within the squad.

To date, the former Clemson QB, selected 12th overall, has a 28-25 record and has just posted career highs in TDs, passing yards and QB rating (Pro Football Reference) in 2020. Recently selected to his third straight Pro Bowl, he has won just the one postseason game: last year’s comeback victory against the self-destructing Bills.

He has a knack for making plays when he has no right too and already has a jam-packed highlight reel accumulated through the years of his rookie deal.

Deshaun Watson saga will test Dolphins' commitment to process
Troy Taormina – USA TODAY Sports

Watson signed a 4-year, $156 million contract with the Houston Texans and will start next season on a $35m base salary.

Houston fans would have thought that further demise was avoided after the firing of GM and Head Coach Bill O’Brien, but it seems the storm may have not past yet on the south coast of America, an area accustomed to experiencing hurricanes and the like.

If the few next steps taken by the Texans are the wrong ones, the team most recently added to the NFL could be in poverty for long enough to call it a depression.

BUT don’t expect an answers until a few things happen.

The timeline

Don’t expect this to be resolved any time soon: think of it more like a writer’s strike in the middle of a TV boxset season.

Come March, when free agency re-opens for business, I would expect something, if anything, to happen. In the meantime, there are still plenty of dominoes to fall.

The next Head Coach

Newly appointed General Manager Nick Caserio, who spent almost two decades working his way up the New England Patriots organisation, has a huge call to make straight off the bat: Who to hire as a Head Coach? This decision alone could almost single-handedly confirm Deshaun Watson’s fate.

Houston Texans: Rating the Nick Caserio hire as new GM
Mark J. Rebilas – USA TODAY Sports

If Caserio is smart, and let’s assume he is, he needs to get on to the phone to Watson and his agent pronto and talk about potential candidates that they would like to see at least interviewed for the vacant Head Coach role. At the very least, I would expect Caserio to at least give Watson a heads-up on who they have identified as their next HC.

The top runners for the position at this moment, a select number of whom have already flown in to be interviewed, are the Bills DC Leslie Frazier, Panthers OC Joe Brady, former Lions HC Jim Caldwell, Colts DC Matt Eberflus and former Bengals HC Marvin Lewis. Other names usually flung out into the open are Baltimore Ravens OC Greg Roman and Chiefs OC Eric Bienemy, who is currently handcuffed as the Chiefs are still in the play-offs.

The one thing working in the Texans favour (take the small victories) is that their vacant position and the Eagles HC position are the only two left to fill, having seen a plethora of HC positions confirmed over the past week.

It’s possibly far-fetched to say that a hire that Deshaun Watson frowns upon will be the final nail in the coffin, but if you can appease Watson by bringing in someone he is keen to work with or at least familiar with, it will go a long way to pouring water over the burning embers currently fuelling his dissatisfaction.

Free agency

Houston are already behind the 8-ball with free agency, currently standing at $20m in the negative with regards to the 2021 salary cap. Shifting Watson’s baggage would obviously go a long way to resolving that, but you still have to replace him… and for those of you that didn’t know, BREAKING NEWS: Quarterbacks are expensive. Don’t expect the Texans to be too adventurous in free agency.

The NFL Draft

Thanks to Bill O’Brien, the Texans are also asset poor in this regard. After shipping out DeAndre Hopkins and trading for Laremy Tunsil among other deals, the Texans are not picking until the 3rd round (#67) in the 2021 draft. They could have been picking 3rd overall this year and could have entertained a decent number of trade partners to help be the catalyst to reloading this team.

The perfect way to replace Deshaun Watson would have been to use the number 3 pick to select one of the QBs in this year’s draft. Unfortunately, no bueno. One straw to clutch at is that Caseiro has worked most of his career as a personnel/scouting talent guy, so you could have worse people helping to select these players.

What will it take for Watson to be traded?

It’s worth prefacing that Deshaun Watson has a “no trade” clause, and Watson would be required to waive his right to that clause for any potential trade to be processed. If the right team came knocking, however, I don’t see this as an issue.

While there would be queues longer than those you find on Wimbldeon each morning prior to the day’s play at the tennis major, there aren’t many teams that have the potential draft capital or the ability to get creative in their trades.

I would be shocked if this was an “only draft picks” deal as you are looking at somewhere between three and five 1st rounders. Therefore, a makeweight will have to be players. Houston are devoid of talent at a few positions, especially on defence, but there aren’t many available players that are going to command the equivalent of 1st round picks unless they are deemed busts by their current employers. That, and also the fact that Bill O’Brien is no longer there to pull the wool over their eyes.

Players like Deshaun Watson do not come around very often like this for trade and would take quite the haul for something to manifest and facilitate this trade, but let’s have some fun…

Who are the potential candidates?

Miami Dolphins

Everyone has been quick to jump to the Dolphins but they do tick quite a lot of boxes. First off, they could give back the Texans their 3rd overall pick as well as the #18 they currently hold. Add to that a future first and we are starting to get close to a potential tipping point.

Perhaps add in a cornerback that is heavily invested in, such as last year’s 1st round pick Noah Igbinoghene or perhaps free agency signing Byron Jones or, at a bit more of a stretch, Xavien Howard. Corners can be found in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of drafts and can be nurtured into becoming premier players on teams. Losing one of these guys may leave them slightly short-handed but the two that are left are more than sufficient while they coach along the others on the squad/any more they bring in to the building.

Getting a top QB in return is possibly something they would be interested in and could even send back Tua Tagovailoa. Three 1st round picks, a CB and Tua should be more than enough to secure the services of Watson.

However, I just don’t think the Dolphins will pull that trigger. Despite Tua’s struggles, I get the feeling they have to roll with him and see what he can do in a second year, with an offseason and with a training camp under his belt. He is barely a year removed from his career-threatening hip injury and the game may have just been a bit too fast for him straight off the bat, especially if he felt he wouldn’t have seen the field at all this year.

New York Jets

Nick Caserio knows the AFC East well enough after spending the last 20 years in it with the Patriots, but could another AFC East team come calling?

The New York Jets and GM Joe Douglas have just welcomed former San Francisco DC Robert Saleh into the building. We all know that HCs like to get their guys in and do not have any attachments to most of the players on the roster when they walk through the door and wipe their feet on the mat.

Sam Darnold has already had his fair share of ups and downs since being picked at #3 overall back in the 2018 draft. At 23, many will still feel he has had a fair crack at the whip and while he has shown glimpses, there are a few kinks to work out with him and he is still labelled as a project at this time. The Jets will have to make a decision on him soon either way as he enters the 4th year of his potentially five- year rookie deal.

They have a bucket-load of cap space, certainly more than enough change to get frisky in free agency if they so desired, and Deshaun Watson would be behind an improving offensive line that has seen the recent additions of Mekhi Becton, Connor McGovern and George Fant from the various avenues available.

What can they offer to the Texans? Erm, just the 1.02 in the 2021 draft!

It’s highly unlikely and they wouldn’t have spent the whole season sucking eggs to give up Zach Wilson or Justin Fields… or would they? The Jets would not have planned for Watson being available, but add in #23 overall, which they have from the Seahawks in the Jamal Adams trade, and perhaps next year’s 1st/this year’s second, along with Sam Darnold and a friend (maybe Quinnen Williams with the outgoing JJ Watt), you start to reach the watermark required to get to the table.

San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers are no strangers to huge trades and making statements.

Jimmy Garroppolo costs the 49ers $3m against the cap in 2021 and from what I have seen so far with him and Kyle Shanahan is a reluctance of trust in an offence that doesn’t need a good QB to run it. But imagine that there was!

They could send Jimmy G and his good looks along with #12 and #43 overall in 2021, along with a future 1st rounder and perhaps a piece that may have been discarded anyway from their long list of free agents in 2021 such as Tevin Coleman, Jerick McKinnon or Jeff Wilson. Chuck in Richard Sherman/Emmanuel Moseley at CB and Soloman Thomas/Ronald Blair at DE, or one of their recently acquired draftees such as WR Deebo Samuel or Brandon Aiyuk, as those players are easier to find in the later rounds. At this moment, there are just 25 players signed through 2021 on this roster, which is simply mindblowing. I wouldn’t even take Nick Bosa off the table, however unlikely.

Carolina Panthers

We’ll finish off in Charlotte, where Teddy Bridgewater was brought in and seen by many as the bridge to their next big QB. Is that QB Deshaun? I expect HC Matt Rhule and OC Joe Brady to continue their promising start together in the NFL and let’s face it, the offence got no love in the draft, with every selection going on the defensive side. They did give the offence some extra meat on the bone in free agency though, with the additions of Teddy B at signal caller and Robby Anderson among others.

The team will continue to be in transition over the next year or two as they ride off further in the distance from the Cam Newton and Ron Rivera era. Carolina does have a pick at #8 this year, which could solve their QB conundrum with possibilities such as Trey Lance and Mac Jones. However, if those are not suitable, you could send #8, #39, the 2022 1st round pick, DJ Moore and either a cornerback (Troy Pride/Donte Jackson) or pass rusher (Brian Burns).

I could go on and list other potential suitors such as Atlanta, Chicago and maybe even Washington, but when it all comes down to it, this all seems to me like a pipedream. I fully expect Watson to play for the Texans in Week 1. Would he be wasted there? Of course. The team seem a long way away from being a challenger and there are a lot of holes on the Texans’ roster, but creating a hole in the most important part of it to try and plug some others is a dangerous game and I just can’t see Nick Caserio and their future GM pulling the trigger on it.

If the Texans do decide to part ways from Watson, they do have the ability to pump up the value for him, with many potential suitors waiting in tow.

At least Bill O’Brien wont be the one with the gavel.

Let me know your thoughts, by intereacting with us @Full10Yards on Twitter, Facebook, etc. We’ll be sure to have a discussion on this once the season is over so keep your #eyespeeled.

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Fantasy: Dynasty Sells

By Andy Goddard (@Godsy1985)

NFL Fantasy – Dynasty Sells

Image credit: Jim Brown – USA Today Sports

Derrick Henry RB – Tennesse Titans

First on my list of dynasty sells is Derrick Henry. Henry drove the Titans to the 2019 playoffs with his powerful running and it appeared that defenders were scared to try and tackle him. In fact, during one run, Henry used Baltimore Ravens safety Earl Thomas as his lead blocker when a devastating stiff arm spun Thomas around! Henry rushed for 1540 yards  and 16 touchdowns in the 2019 regular season, eclipsing his best ever season by nearly 500 yards! He then backed this up with another 446 yards and two touchdowns during the 2019 playoffs. So why does he make the ‘sell’ list?

In my opinion, Henry has reached the ceiling and with that, his maximum value. I would certainly be putting the feelers out there to see exactly what you can get for him. Henry has been in the league for 4 seasons and whilst he has been improving year on year, he will not eclipse last seasons performances. Before 2019, Henry had a best season of 1059 yards and 12 touchdowns and in the previous 2 seasons hadn’t reached 1000 yards and only managed 5 touchdowns each year.

There is no doubting that Henry is one of the better running backs in the league at this moment in time but when playing dynasty, you need to capitalise on players at their maximum value. I think Henry’s first three seasons are a better representation of what you can expect if you hold onto him. Don’t expect him to clock up over 1500 yards each year. Get the value now as someone is always desperate for a running back and will no doubt overpay for someone like Henry!

(Image credit: Katharine Lotze – Getty Images)

James Conner RB – Pittsburgh Steelers

At the beginning of last season, James Conner started as the 8th running back taken in the draft (on average) and has now fallen to an average draft position (ADP) of running back 22! The main issue here is health. In 2019 Conner played just 10 games and rushed for a measly 464 yards with a longest run of just 25 yards. There was a lot of hype and expectation on Conner when he took over from Le’Veon Bell and he produced a good year in 2018, rushing for 973 yards and adding 497 receiving yards.

James Conner is still rumoured to be the starting running back for the Steelers franchise (according to Steelers GM Kevin Colbert) which means that he will still have value now. If you are of the belief that he won’t regain the form of 2018, then his value will only drop. If you aren’t sold on him I would consider using him as trade bait. If you want to keep him, he is a third running back at best right now.

(Image credit: Matthew Stockman – Getty Images)

Phillip Lindsay RB – Denver Broncos

Phillip Lindsay is one of the most frustrating players in fantasy football. You can watch the highlights and think he is lighting it up every week but if you delve into the stats he just wasn’t consistent enough. Lindsay will get 20+ points one week and 3 the next! He has value though. If you look at the seasonal stats he has amassed over 1000 yards in each of his first two seasons with 1037 and 1011 yards respectively.

In my opinion, he won’t make it to 1000 yards again in 2020 and his value will drop. Going into 2020, Lindsay will now be splitting time with Melvin Gordon and/or Royce Freeman which will limit his opportunities and he needs to make bigger improvements in the receiving game where he did not have 1 single touchdown in 2019. There just aren’t enough upsides to keep Lindsay right now. Whilst you may have lost the value with the Gordon move, still try and move him on to someone that is a bit more bullish about Lindsay.

(Image credit: Aaron Doster – USA Today Sports)

AJ Green WR – Cincinnati Bengals

AJ Green is a stellar wide receiver, there is no doubting his ability. However, he missed the entirety of the 2019 season due to injury and only played 10 games the year before. He is also 31 years old. Whichever way you look at it, the value that you can potentially get for Green is only going to go down. He may still be of value to a team that is looking for a short-term guy to help win a championship in 2020 or 2021. He certainly won’t be an option for a team that is currently in rebuild mode.

This is where you need to know your league and the teams that make it up. If you know that there is another team that may be one receiver short of having a real chance at winning the championship, you may be able to get some value for Green. AJ Green will likely be staying in Cincinnati and he will probably have rookie QB Joe Burrow throwing him the ball. If he can stay healthy, he is still one of the best receivers in the league. Its a risk to trade him but also a risk to trade for him!

(Image credit: Scott Varley – Staff Photographer)

Keenan Allen WR – LA Chargers

In 2017, Keenan Allen finally proved that he could stay healthy and since then he has amassed three seasons where he has averaged over 100 receptions and over 1200 yards. As good as these numbers appear, he hasn’t been able to score more than six touchdowns each year. He is also losing Philip Rivers at QB. No matter who is under centre for the Chargers next year, it won’t be a big upgrade on Rivers. The uncertainty that Allen now faces leaves a little bit of a problem for dynasty owners. He has been producing good numbers but we have no idea who will be throwing to him in 2020.

You can get good value for Allen and replace him with a young receiver from the draft as his name will still carry a lot of weight. If you can manage to get a mid first round pick for him, you can let the new owner deal with the wide range of possible outcomes for Allen in 2020.

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Tim’s NFL 2020 Mock Draft 1.0

By Tim Monk (@Tim_MonkF10Y)

Time to jump on the bandwagon and start to put a few feelers out there in terms of the 1st round of the NFL draft. Don’t forget to check out the Full 10 Yards College Football podcast that will cover a whole host of topics and no doubt mock drafts from now until April rolls around. Without any further a delay, here is my first mock draft for 2020 (going straight in with trades!).

#1 – Joe Burrow – QB

Let’s not get too crazy right out of the gate, Joe Burrow is a 1/100 shot currently with bookmakers to go 1st overall. I don’t buy all the current smokescreen that Burrow will “pull an Eli”. Not saying I won’t do a mock draft where this happens, but let’s keep things simple, stupid.

#2 – Chase Young – DE

Again, not getting too creative here at 2 and the Redskins get a monster who’ll make his presence felt as soon as he walks through the door as the edge rusher from Ohio State lands in the Nation’s capital. Whilst I think the Redskins will be open to trading back with teams such as Miami, we’ll save the trades until pick number 3,

#3 – Tua Tagoviola – QB

*MIA TRADE #5, #26 and #70 to DET for #3*

Miami trade up to take Tua, who’ll sit behind Ryan Fitzpatrick for at the most part of the 2020 season. The price they pay is their 5th overall, number 26th (from the Texans) and a 3rd round pick. The price could easily be a lot steeper should the Panthers and Chargers sniff around and if Tua’s medical issues are not too much of an issue.

#4 – Jeffrey Okudah – CB

Another year, another top 5 pick for the blue side of New York. This time it’s Okudah that gets the call. The Cornerback out of Ohio State helps plug one of many needs for the Giants. I would suggest that the Giants are candidates to move back, but Gettleman isn’t know for his creativity or intricacy in April (or any month of the year for that matter). As they have a new HC, they’ll keep things simple and go with a best player available approach.

#5 – Isiah Simmons – OLB

*MIA TRADE #5, #26 and #70 to DET for #3*

I wouldn’t put it past Detroit to fall further back and accumulate even more picks from here. Matt Patricia of course would have learned from the best in Bill Belichick in terms of acquiring more dart throws. For now, we have the Lions selecting Simmons, Linebacker out of Clemson. A team that have plenty of gaps to fill on the defensive side of the ball start here.

#6 – Justin Herbert – QB

The Chargers take their shot at QB in Oregon QB Justin Herbert. He’s raw, and a project and the Chargers certainly wont want to be starting him until the latter parts of the 2020 season at the earliest! There are scenarios where I see them trade out of this spot as they acquire their QB in free agency (maybe Cam Newton? Maybe Tom Brady) but we’ll leave that until we have a bit more clarity. For now, Herbert is their guy.

#7 – Derrick Brown – DT

Brown somehow falls to the Panthers here at #7. Whilst they’ll be strong candidates to go QB in the 1st round too as all signs point to Carolina wanting to strip this whole thing back with a whole new coaching staff (which is why I can see Cam going to LA), in this scenario, they take Brown as the QBs left on the board are not worth the #7 overall.

#8 – Jedrick Wills – OT

Arizona have just re-signed DJ Humphries to a long term extension and they double down here and select the first offensive lineman on the board in 2020. The Alabama tackle will come in straight away and help fix the patches on the line and give Kyler Murray the protection they’ve been wanting to provide for years. If Wills isn’t here or they aren’t enamoured with the OT in the class until later on, Arizona are another trade back candidate.

#9 – Javon Kinlaw – DT

The Jaguars were one of the worst against the run in 2019. How to fix that? Stick in a 6 foot 6, 301 anchor from South Carolina. There’s a lot of questions and holes to fill in east Florida, and Kinlaw can be the first guy to plug up the leak in the trench from day 1 and he’ll only improve with the more experience he gets.

#10 – Mekhi Becton – OT

I will be stunned if the Browns look this gift horse in the mouth. Plenty of tackle options for the Browns in this prime spot, Becton is an absolute monster of a man. He’s a freak of nature who moves unbelievably well for a man that is 6 foot 7 and 350+ lbs. Whilst he wont be as effective as some of the other tackles from day 1, a few years down the line, he could be one of the best around. A key piece for Baker’s resurgence as he enters his 3rd year.

#11 – Tristan Wirfs – OL

The most sensible option here for the Jets would be to take a offensive lineman to help protect Sam Darnold. Tristan Wirfs is the guy here who can play either side of the line. Sam Darnold was pressured a lot last season and he needs to be able to feel comfortable with his line to eradicate poor decisions and ultimately interceptions. They could go WR here too, filling the void that Robby Anderson will likely leave.

#12 – Jerry Jeudy – WR

The Alabama WR heads to Sin City to be their star attraction. Jeudy is great at separation and garnering yards after the catch, something Derek Carr will love and it will give a helping hand to Hunter Renfrow and Darren Waller after the Antonio Brown experiment failed catastrophically last year. Feel free to interchange this name with CeeDee Lamb as i undoubtedly will do as I get through more iterations of mock drafts.

#13 – Andrew Thomas – OT

Whilst the Colts could have made it three WR in a row, the Colts’ offensive line could see Anthony Castanzo vacate his spot on the line so the Colts could plug that hole back up with the All-American Tackle from Georgia. Who knows who he’ll be protecting at Lucas Oil Stadium.

#14 – Grant Delpit – S

Whilst it’s not the sexiest of picks, the Buccaneers struggled against the pass mightily and have done so for a while. A Shaq Barrett replacement could also be used with this pick but let’s assume he returns to Raymond James here. The LSU Safety has the ability to be one of the best on the field, despite his knock of missing tackles and is most people’s top Safety on the board in this class. McKinney truthers will have to wait a few more picks.

#15 – CeeDee Lamb – WR

Difficult to pinpoint exactly what Denver want to do here. It must be refreshing that the QB talk (for now) has dissipated and in this mock, they give current QB Drew lock and his main guy Courtland Sutton a huge helping hand. CeeDee will help take safety coverage away from Sutton and both could prosper. There are a few holes for Denver to fill including O-Line and CB/LB but hey, WR are more sexy to mock aren’t they!?

#16 – K’Lavon Chaisson – EDGE

The Falcons have made it clear they will not entertain Vic Beasley in one of their new uniforms next season. Enter the man with a name perfect for an edge rusher almost so perfect, it’s a shame Chase Young is in this draft class. The LSU pass rusher is an explosive guy off the edge and should slip in quite nicely here in Atlanta.

#17 – Xavier McKinney – S

Safety is a position Jason Garrett avoided like the plague. Under a new era sparks a new way of thinking. McKinney is very versatile and can play both up top on the line and back deep too. With Byron Jones questions lingering, he could also help fill in at CB. He’ll primarily be their Safety and the odd Nickel/Dime slot Corner, but McKinney ticks a lot of boxes for a team that isn’t known for its brilliance on defence in terms of takeaways.

#18 – A.J Epenesa – EDGE

The Miami Dolphins take another player here to fill a big need. The Iowa pass rusher will come and fill in for a depleted pass rush room where Taco Charlton, a Cowboys castaway is currently “the guy”…yikes. Teams do like to pick a like for like replacement on pick trades; with this being the Minkah Fitzpatrick pick from the Steelers, don’t be surprised to see the Dolphins pick a safety if Delpit/McKinney fell here.

#19 – Jordan Love – QB

If the Raiders, more specifically Jon Gruden, want to transition from Derek Carr, they will be taking a Quarterback in this draft. Love is a more mobile Quarterback than Jacob Eason and seems more like a “Gruden guy”. If they aren’t interested in a QB in this draft, either because they “like” Carr or they bring in a vet from FA, they will likely go defensive side of the ball here with a guy like LB Kenneth Murray. That’s for later.

#20 – Henry Ruggs – WR

*BUF trades #22, #86 #150 for JAX #20, #187*

Buffalo need to give Josh Allen a few more weapons. They have a decent defensive roster and their RB from 2019 Devin Singletary acquitted himself well. With John Brown reaching the age where father time gives him a visit, the WR core needs improvement and rather than getting sloppy seconds after Philadelphia, they trade 2 picks up to get their guy.

#21 – Tee Higgins – WR

Whilst Buffalo traded up to get their guy, Philadelphia’s guy wasn’t the one they selected and Tee Higgins makes it 2 WR in a row. Alshon Jeffrey’s status is unclear but considered Greg Ward and Mack Hollins were rolled out last year, their need at WR is a lot bigger than that at CB.

#22 – Kristian Fulton – CB

Offensive line is another possibility here, but it’s strange how poetic the franchises makes these picks. This being the Rams’ pick for Ramsey, they draft his replacement with one of the picks they receive and use it on the Cornerback from LSU.

#23 – Josh Jones -OT

Isiah Wynn’s injury history seems to be a bit of concern. We know the Patriots like to draft trench players early. If Tom Brady returns, he’ll want the same treatment as he has gotten over the past 2 decades. Kenneth Murray dropping here was the other plausible option here. If either McKinney or Delpit fell, they would be snapped up by Belichick and co. too.

#24 – CJ Henderson – CB

Who knows what the Saints will go with here. Cornerback, Wide Receiver help or dare I say QB (Yes Brees is back, but for how long. Teddy Bridgewater is not a guarantee to stick around and no, Taysom Hill is not the answer)? Considering the WR that are off the board, the Saints would probbaly go with CB here and CJ Henderson is the pick. A CB from Florida joins up with fellow Gator Gardner-Johnson from 2019 draft.

#25 – Kenneth Murray – LB

Murray drops to #25 in this mock and that’s only because the Vikings will rue the Cornerback run from Jacksonville and New Orleans. The athletic LB from Oklahoma is a sideline to sideline guy and would add a lot of speed to this defence. If Minnesota still go CB hunting Trevon Diggs could fit the bill.

#26 – Terrell Lewis – EDGE

The Lions make their second pick in the first round after the trade back with Miami. They fill another hole, this time at pass rush. This Alabama edge rusher is explosive and should help improve this defence along with their other 1st rd pick.

#27 – Yetur Gross-Matos – EDGE

The Seahawks may trade back here to someone who wants to come up and get their guy or a QB. That being said, Ziggy Ansah and Jadeveon Clowney are headed to Free Agency this offseason, will either be back? Who knows. Let’s say they aren’t or 1 is, taking this Penn State Edge rusher helps ease the pain of losing the other (or both).

#28 – Patrick Queen – LB

The offence is pretty much there for the immediate future with no glaring holes. So they decide to bolster the defensive side to stop instances like the Derrick Henry train running through them like they did in the postseason. A replacement for Josh Bynes, who could head for Free Agency. A quick-footed, speedy linebacker who can play all 3 downs is the call here.

#29 – Ross Blacklock – DL

I am not going to explore the idea that Derrick Henry isn’t a Titan next season, purely because i think the coaching staff think he is too ingrained into their offensive identity. They have 1 or 2 holes to fill in the trenches, especially if trying to retain Conklin goes south. However, Blacklock is a good pickup for a Titans team as he’ll require a lot of effort to nullify from opposing O-lines due to his explosiveness and how disruptive he could be.

#30 – Laviska Shenault Jr. – WR

Aaron Rodgers’ window is not going to open for much longer. The Packers focused their efforts on the defence last offseason so this time, they give Aaron Rodgers a bit more help to try and win a 2nd ring. Do it all WR Shenault Jr will be a fun toy to play with and can stick around with Adams years after Rodgers retires.

#31 – Jeff Gladney – CB

Richard Sherman getting toasted by Sammy Watkins will send alarm bells ringing and he is now 31 years old. They also need help opposite him with Witherspoon not pulling up trees, Verrett still always on the treatment table. Moseley filled in capably but the back end of the defence needs a bit of youth injected in to it. Gladney, the corner out of TCU is quite a versatile guy to have on the team, the type of guy that Saleh will do a lot with and will be able to get a lot out of.

#32 – Jacob Eason – QB

*TB Sends #45, #107, 2021 2nd rnd for #32, #128*

Sorry Kansas fans, you wait all night for your pick and they trade out with someone who wants to go up and get Eason. The Buccaneers offence is a decent fit if they wish to move on from Winston or even just keep him for another season or 2, like is currently being reported. Even if Winston leaves, the fun might not stop in Tampa Bay.

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Trade Targets – Week 12/Dynasty

By Dave Moore (@davieremixed)

We’re at crunch time in Fantasyland.

Did Kyle Allen torch your playoff hopes? Did that San Francisco defensive TD steal a win for you to keep your dreams alive for another week?

This week we’re leaning towards those of you in Dynasty Leagues as you look to build for next season, particularly any of you unlucky enough to have gone all-in on a Goff/Barkley QB/RB tandem this year.

Bring on Board

Courtland Sutton – WR – Denver Broncos

After watching Sutton manhandle Xavier Rhodes and Denzel Ward in his previous two games I think it’s safe to say that Sutton is rapidly approaching a WR1 berth. The matchup against the Bills might be off-putting but if the ball is going anywhere wide, it’s going to Sutton.

However, if Allen doesn’t stay functional and Drew Lock disappears off to the Land of 2016-2019 Broncos QBs then John Elway will likely dip into the open QB market this off-season. Cam Newton? Phillip Rivers? Heck, even Kaep under center would probably be an improvement and with a good QB I can see Sutton having a big year in 2020. He’s crept up to 13th overall for WRs in non-PPR leagues, his upside for the home stretch is decent, his upside for the rest of the year is big.

Finally, the Broncos slate next year features the NFC South, which is arguably about as appetising as it gets for wide-outs.

Austin Ekeler – RB – Los Angeles Chargers

With and without Melvin Gordon, Austin Ekeler is proving himself a worthy RB1 for Fantasy, currently in the top five of Fantasy RBs he is proving a dual-threat in the same way Alvin Kamara was so effective for the previous two seasons as a pass-catching back.

His price will be high but if Gordon moves on in the off-season then this gives Ekeler a clear run as the main back in Los Angeles.

If you’re really desperate for the end of this season, Ekeler is due to face just one top-five rushing D in the form of the Vikings in Week 15.

D/ST – Los Angeles Rams

This is a play for next year and I’ll keep this short and sweet as we all know how good the Rams D can be.

Their schedule next year includes: Trips to Washington, Miami and possibly Tampa. Home games against both New York teams and possibly a Brady-less Patriots (but that’s another rumour for another day) as well as a visit from The Mitchell Trubisky/Chase Daniels Experience.

You can probably get them quite cheap as their remaining 2019 schedule isn’t too pretty with the Ravens, Seahawks, Cowboys and San Francisco on the card as well as two games against those pesky Cardinals.

Put on the Block

David Johnson – RB – Arizona Cardinals

Things just haven’t worked out for DJ this year and I think his time in Arizona is up come the offseason.

He was healthy and dressed for Sunday and how many snaps did he take the field for? Nine. How many touches? A big fat zero. That’s five straight weeks where’s he had no impact whatsoever and after the Cardinals traded for Kenyan Drake the writing appears to be on the wall for Johnson.

The question is, where does he go? I’m not sure I see any team where he walks in as the undisputed starter. Maybe, maybe he ends up in Los Angeles backing up Austin Ekeler and gets some plays when Ekeler is out wide?

Get what draft picks you can for him and get him out of there.

Le’Veon Bell – RB – New York Jets

Listen, as long as the Jets have such a porous O-Line I am going to be against having any players from them on my team. Bell has been beaten up all year with the word coming out that Adam Gase will be staying on next season that just leaves me to believe that it’ll be further issues for Bell and his overall health.

He’s hit double figures in the last three weeks, yes. Those teams, however, were the Dolphins, the Giants and the Redskins so all come with huge asterisks.

Of course, this could all change next year if a team makes a trade for him but I’d be surprised if that happened unless Bell really forced the issue.

 Julian Edelman – WR – New England Patriots

As I alluded to earlier, I have a feeling that Brady may not take the field next year which throws up a ton of questions. Does Belichick stay? Do the Patriots look to strip it all down and rebuild? It’s a total crapshoot what might happen but one thing is sure shooting, whether Brady stays or not he isn’t offering up enough opportunities to his WRs this season.

Edelman has been the mainstay, as always, but has only broken into double figures on a handful of occasions with the Jets/Giants/Redskins asterisks being in play here too.

He’s ranked 15th in non-PPR leagues for WRs and I’m not too sure if he can be seen as a WR1 anymore.

The Patriots face the Rams, Seahawks, Broncos, 49ers and almost certainly the Ravens next year as well as two traditionally Buffalo games which doesn’t seem appealing for anyone looking at a Patriots WR so now is probably the time to sell.

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Week 10 – Trade Targets

By Andy Goddard (@godsy1985)

As we approach week 10, most leagues will be heading towards their trade deadlines.

These coming weeks could be the difference between a competitive run in the playoffs or a quick ‘one and done’ end to your fantasy season. When making trades, it is always important to look at a variety of factors; who is coming back from IR, the upcoming schedules, and players that you shouldn’t keep just for their name!

Here are some people who (in my humble opinion) could help you in your push towards fantasy domination and some you can trade away before they cost you!

Bring On Board

Le’Veon Bell – RB (NY Jets)

The Jets managed to do the seamlessly impossible last week, lose to the tanking Dolphins.

Things are really bad when you lose to a team that celebrate a regular season victory like they just won the Super Bowl! I mean the win must be nice but you are costing yourself draft position! However, Bell is looking at a very easy schedule in the coming weeks with games against the Giants (2-7), the Redskins (1-8), the Raiders (4-4), the Bengals (0-8), and the Dolphins (1-7). Surely Adam Gase must get something right against these teams?!

There should always be a concern when looking at trading for a player on a team like the Jets. A team that won’t really care about winning at this stage of the season as all they can hope for is a top draft pick.

On the other hand, if Gase has any hope of keeping his job, the Jets must get results in the coming weeks and Bell could be a big factor!

Drew Brees – QB (New Orleans Saints)

Brees may be a strange addition to this list but he could be the final piece you need. If the current owner has had Brees since the beginning of the season and hasn’t traded him away whilst he was injured, chances are they have another capable quarterback.

If you started the year under the impression that Mayfield would make progress or Darnold wouldn’t start seeing ghosts, you may be in need of some reinforcements. Brees should be your first look but he will probably cost you.

In week 8 he had 373 passing yards with 3 touchdowns and 1 interception. It will be worth an offer to see if you can coax Brees away from the current owner.

David Montgomery – RB (Chicago Bears)

A few weeks ago, Montgomery would have been an easy option on my sell list!

However, he has picked it up in the past few weeks with 27 carries for 135 yards and one touchdown in week 8, and a further 14 carries for 40 yards and two touchdowns in week 9. Montgomery is proving he can cover the red zone duties so he will get opportunities to score points.

Even with Tarik Cohen being on the same team, Montgomery has shown better output these past two weeks so is worth trying to trade for.

Mohamed Sanu – WR (New England Patriots)

The Patriots lost a game and the world has gone mad again! Regardless of that loss, one thing stood out above everything else; Brady and Sanu are on the same page already!

There has been a long list of high profile receivers who have gone to New England and struggled but Sanu seems to have fitted in perfectly. Sanu caught 10 passes for 81 yards and 1 touchdown and with the Patriots now on their bye week, Sanu will have plenty of time with Brady to build on a solid start. He could be in line for a lot of action as the Patriots make their push towards the playoffs.

There is a downside to Sanu. The Patriots change their schemes and systems weekly so you cannot guarantee who the number 1 wide receiver will be each week.

However, just like with Edelman, if Brady has trust in the receiver, they will see the ball often. Sanu could be the Pats biggest receiving threat in the red zone. It has more positives than negatives.

Put On The Block

David Johnson – RB (Arizona Cardinals)

This one may raise a few eyebrows but I have my justifications. The Cardinals traded for Kenyon Drake for a reason and Chase Edmonds was performing well before his injury.

This means that Johnson is entering a period where he will be job sharing and that is not the type of player that you want during a post season fantasy run. Johnson cannot guarantee you decent fantasy numbers.

Trade him away.

D.J. Chark Jr. – WR (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Before you pull the trigger on a trade that includes Chark, confirm that Dede Westbrook is returning from his injury. If Westbrook is returning then Chark could be great trade bait. Nick Foles is taking over at QB after Minshew lost all of his magic at Wembley stadium! Foles favourite target earlier this season was Westbrook.

There is too much uncertainty with a new QB taking over to risk Chark.

Keenan Allen – WR (LA Chargers)

Another surprising choice to most people? There is no doubting the talent that Allen has but his production has been terrible.

He still has the same quarterback throwing him the ball but something isn’t right. He finished with 3 catches for 40 yards on just four targets last week and he has failed to reach double digits in four of the past 6 games. In fact, he hasn’t scored more than 12.3 fantasy points in any of the past 6 games!

Through the first three weeks of the season he was averaging 29.2 fantasy points per game but his targets have dropped massively.

With an unfavourable schedule coming up, it may be time to move Allen.

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Full10Lookahead – Week 8

By Tim Monk and Lawrence Vos

Week 8 sees the 3rd of the London games take place between the Bengals and the Rams, the Bears, Chargers and Eagles fighting to save their seasons and lot’s of revenge on Thursday Night. Let’s get our binoculars out and look ahead to week 8!


The last time the Redskins and Vikings squared off in Week 10 of 2017, Kirk Cousins was Washington’s QB and Case Keenum was Minnesota’s.

The last time a starting QB faced each other for both teams in same match-up was Norm Snead and Sonny Jurgensen for Eagles and Redskins in 1963-64.

Add into the melting pot that Washington’s Adrian Peterson is a Minnesota Vikings legend.

He’ll look to somehow overcome a high and low ankle sprain to try and stick it to his former team but will have his work cut out to get anything against a Kirk Cousins led team that has found their groove in the last few weeks through the air.

Lot’s of revenge for Thursday Night Football which is apt for the time of year and it remains to be seen which players are in scary movies and which players escape unscathed. You have to feel the Kirk Cousins and the Vikings will be the killers, with Peterson and the Redskins the victims.


Sanu and Sanders slip away from the slop

Image result for sanu falcons
Image Credit: Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

What a difference a day makes for two veteran wide receivers Mohammed Sanu and Emmanuel Sanders. Both are swapping conferences, and far more importantly they are moving from cellar dwellers to a 30th floor VIP champagne bar.

For Sanu, who was a genuinely nice guy when he came to Birmingham recently as part of an NFL tour party, he moves from a septic Falcons team to the only undefeated AFC team the Patriots. For Sanders he escapes the Flacco floundering Broncos for the only team in the NFC that has not lost a game, the 49ers.

Sanu will look to be the recipient of the targets that were going to Josh Gordon, who sadly went onto I/R on Wednesday. Sanu has excellent hands and will be able to support Brady by running routes that would have been made by the likes of Rob Gronkowski in the past.

Sanders has been signed to immediately move into the number one spot, to improve a rather eclectic bunch of WRs, none of whom were anywhere near as good as their top catcher – TE George Kittle.

The Patriots wanted Sanu before the start of the season, so they will be happy the Falcons form has been that bad that Atlanta has started jettisoning players before the half-way point in the season.

Both the Patriots and the 49ers play in the second game window this weekend, so expect to see Sanu and Sanders in some RedZone highlights on Sunday. 

Ty goes to the runner 

Image result for ty johnson
Image Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

If you are a Detroit Lions fan and you bought a replica shirt with second-year RB Kerryon Johnson’s surname on the back then you can arguably save a few quid after yet another high-profile injury claimed an NFL star.

Kerryon Johnson went down in the first half of his Week 7 contest against Minnesota and was yesterday put on I/R. Johnson was leading the Lions in rushing with over 300 on the ground. Next man up in the Motor City is rookie Ty Johnson who has shown some burst in his limited appearances so far this season.

Former Maryland Terrapin Ty had a stellar college career, racking up 4,196 all purpose yards, third highest in team history. Ty is a dual threat, as he impressed as a kick return specialist too, going to the house against Ohio State and Michigan. The Lions had high hopes for Kerryon Johnson before his injury, but apart from a 125 yard outing against Kansas City he has been underwhelming.

Ty was drafted in the sixth round by the Lions after a trade with the Falcons, with little expectation as a rookie. That has all changed now and Ty will be under the spotlight at home to the dreadful Giants defensive unit.

This is another situation to watch out for on Sunday if you tune into RedZone, as Ty makes his first start. Expect 70-80 yards rushing and 3-5 catches in a winning effort. 

Is it now Gumbo and cheese instead of Texas BBQ and California Rolls? 

At the start of the 2019 season the NFC ‘on-paper’ favourites looked to be the Rams and the Cowboys, just as Zeke signed his new contract.

Almost at the half-way point and one surprise package, the Green Bay Packers, are now heading the NFC power rankings with the New Orleans Saints just a smidge behind.

Teddy Bridgewater has performed admirably whilst future Hall of Fame enshrinee Drew Brees recovers from his injury, guiding New Orleans to five wins on the bounce and an overall 6-1 record. The age old adage of ‘offense wins games but defense wins championships’ has never rung truer than this season as the Packer and Saints would not both be 6-1 if their defense wasn’t performing at such a high level.

After being robbed of a potential trip to the Super Bowl thanks to a horrendous non-call the Saints have rallied around the injustice and come back fighting even harder. The Packers have got the ‘real’ Aaron Rodgers back, after a few seasons filled with injury and underperformance.

The 49ers may be the conference’s only undefeated team heading into Week 8 but anyone sensible knows the true class of the NFC at this point in time is the Saints and the Packers.

Both teams have very winnable games, the Saints play a rather hot Cardinals team, and the Packers travel to KC, to face Matt Moore and not Patrick Mahomes. 

Bungling back to Wembley

Image result for nfl wembley
Image Credit: Getty Images

The last time the Cincinnati Bengals travelled to London to play a regular season NFL contest they came away undefeated, but because they are the Bungles they didn’t come away with a win, they in fact tied a contest against the Washington Redskins.

The Bengals (0-7)  travel over this week to face the Los Angeles Rams (4-3) in the third English game of the season.

Andy Dalton is looking frustrated, the Cincy running game is looking non-existant and their defense is looking raggedy with nine games left to play. You only have to look at their ‘star’ running back Joe Mixon’s stat line last week – 10 rushes for 2 yards and 2 catches for 1 yard (ok yes one did go for a touchdown). That’s 3 yards of offence in a game. Mixon’s stats have been historically awful – in four out of seven games his ground output has been 35 carries for 39 yards. That can’t be all his fault, this ineptitude has to be shared with the offensive line and the play calling.

The Rams are fresh of a monster win over the equally poor Falcons, and will take this game as another walkover. For Bengals fans this season of woes brings back memories of Akili Smith the Bengals biggest bust at QB ever. Head Coach Zac Taylor could be out the door at the end of the season if he can’t show some sort of backbone.

Maybe Wembley is time to unleash rookie passer Ryan Finley. If this does happen remember you read it here first.

Eagles got Bills to pay?

Interesting matchup this weekend up in Buffalo as the Eagles travel over to New Era Stadium.

The Bills are an impressive 5-1 after victory over the lowly Dolphins last week whilst the Eagles are in all sorts of trouble after being embarrassed by Dallas on primetime. Philadelphia can’t lick their wounds for too long considering this is the start of a fairly difficult schedule and if they aren’t careful, could slip in to the “No football in January” quicksand.

The Bills matchup pretty well on both sides of the ball, with Josh Allen and John Brown having that exposed Eagles Secondary and the Bills pass defence being one of the best in the league.

On paper, not the most eagerly anticipated matchup of the year, but there is actually quite a lot on the line.

brees-y does it

Image result for drew brees
Image Credit: David Banks / Getty Images

Drew Brees is practising this week and hoping to play in the week 8 clash at home to the Cardinals. I, for one hope that he sits this one out and uses this and the bye week to get back to 100%.

The future hall of famer obviously knows his time is up soon and wants to savour every possible second on the pitch, but it is surprisingly short sighted in my opinion from #9 if he want’s to continue playing in to next season. A thumb injury is hardly the most likely to end a career but even putting yourself in a position to reinjure a less than 100% body part is not something that should be recommended. His backup and potentially next Saints starting QB Teddy Bridgewater has done more than enough in his absence, leading them to 5 straight wins against some decent opponents. OK, maybe the defence can take more than the fair share of credit for that run, but why risk Brees against Arizona on Sunday? I’m sure Teddy B can take care of business once more and hand the reins back to Brees in Week 10.

Cleveland and Carolina try and take the 0

San Francisco and New England remain undefeated as we head into week 8 so undoubtedly everyone now looks at the teams trying to be the first to score a victory over those teams.

Out of the two teams this week, you have to feel that Carolina (+5.5 currently on the handicap) are the more likely to kill the streak as they travel to Levi’s Stadium to face the 49ers after a bye with the hapless Baker Mayfield and his Browns (+13) tackling the red hot Patriots in Foxborough.

Whilst both New England and San Francisco will start to see their schedule get that little bit tougher, the bullseye on their backs will also get that little bit bigger.

if at first you don’t succeed, trade, trade again

If you don’t know by now, the trade deadline shuts next week. Don’t worry, the USA doesn’t have an equivalent of Jim White in a yellow tie, but there’ll certainly be more deals going through on deadline day.

Look for veterans (AJ Green) or guys on rookie deals (Kenyan Drake) to keep the rumour-mill busy over the next few days as teams try and jostle around their rosters to help give them the best chance at not only January football and the Super Bowl but also more picks as those planning rebuilds can start to get a handle on the picks they have for the next NFL Draft. Like Free Agency, some may overpay, whilst some may get players at bargain basement prices. With Sanders, Sanu and Quandre Diggs already heading to their new teams, there’ll be plenty of movement to come before the trade deadline slams shut.

Dan Quinn bye bye?

Image result for dan quinn
Image Credit: Kevin C. Cox /Getty Images

We’ve mentioned it a few times already, but keep an eye out on how the Falcons get on this weekend. Once again embarrassed at home against the Rams, they face a Seahawks team smarting from a defeat at home against the Ravens. If the Falcons lose considerably once more in their own back yard, you can fully expect Arthur Blank to fire HC Dan Quinn during their bye week and look to rebuild.

It’s somewhat telling that they allowed Mohammed Sanu to go to New England for a 2nd round draft pick (which is pretty much a 3rd, let’s face it) and the other usual life saving technique of firing their co-ordinators already happened last offseason. So the are not many lives left at all for Dan Quinn and it’ll be interesting to see the fight the players show on the field this Sunday.

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Trade Targets – Week 8

By Jake Linley-Brown (@JakeLB12)

A quick recap on Week 7: Sam Darnold can see ghosts (his words, not mine), ‘Sky Cam’ should be how we watch all football games, and it rains a lot in Washington around mid-October. Now that’s out the way, let’s talk trades!

With the fantasy playoffs sort of but not quite on the horizon, decisions you make regarding your roster are becoming more and more difficult. Injuries are creeping in, bye weeks are in full swing, and your league rivals are jostling you for a prime spot heading into the business end of the season.

‘Buying’ and ‘Selling’ on players is all subjective, of course, but because we’re good people here at Full 10 Yards, we like to give our two cents on such issues – just remember, we’re only human. Let’s roll.


Devin Singletary – RB Buffalo Bills

At the end of (so called) British summertime, just before draft season, Devin Singletary was being quietly tipped as a sleeper for the upcoming year. He was a hipster pick, if you will, and opened the season with a reasonable points haul against the two other New York teams. He then injured his hamstring, missed 3 games and returned to Benjamin Button Frank Gore still chugging away with double digit carries.

Although Gore may seem to possess super-human powers, Father Time will surely catch up with him at some point. The carries over the next few weeks will surely start to even out, or that’s what my spicy senses are telling me. With matchups against Washington and Miami on the schedule over the next month, and the good chance Singletary owners are feeling deflated, the RB-needy teams could do a lot worse.

Kenny Golladay – WR Detroit Lions

Remember those number pattern sequences you’d see from time to time in Year 7 Maths? Look at Kenny’s PPR points totals from Week 1 to Week 7: 14.2, 25.7, 3.7, 23.7, 17.1, 3.1. This pattern to me indicates two things: 1) He’s due a double digit total this week against a crummy Giants defence, and 2) He’s pretty inconsistent for a guy who was seeing 9 targets on average per game until last week. The key thing here though, is inconsistency.

Hear me out. The same inconsistency that is probably weighing on his or her owners’ mind right now is what you can use to your advantage when proposing a trade. Marvin Jones scored 4 TD’s last week, deservedly stole the show and made people think he’s going to be the man going forward. Thing is, Golladay had 28.6 more points than Jones going into last weeks matchup, and it wouldn’t be unfair to call the Jones final stat line an aberration.

Kenny G has some favourable games to come too (NYG, OAK, WAS) so pinching him now could prove to be very fruitful down the road.

Terry McLaurin – WR Washington Redskins

‘Scary’ Terry has been winning over a lot of fans this season. The rookie from Ohio State has been the Galaxy Caramel in a box of Bounty’s, notching for 5 TD’s on the season already for a team which is only going one way, and that’s down.

As mentioned earlier, this past weekend’s game at FedEx Field was like a scene from ‘Waterworld’, and just like the Kevin Costner flop, McLaurin failed to make any impact at all. The good thing is that he’s been a relatively consistent performer this year, and we can’t blame him for last week. 

The Redskins are so bad that game scripts for the rest of the year will mean throwing the ball a ton. Thankfully, this works for Terry.


Julio Jones – WR Atlanta Falcons

This week’s edition of ‘Put On The Block’ is particularly spicy featuring some seriously hot takes. Without further ado, here’s my first.

Julio Jones is a bonafide baller, make no mistake about it, but the situation he finds himself in currently is not good. Matt Ryan went down last week with an ankle sprain which looks like it’s going to rule him out of this Sunday’s tussle with the Seahawks – a bottom half defence in both receptions and receiving yards allowed to opposing wideouts. His replacement? Matt Schaub. Yikes.

After Seattle, the schedule isn’t great for a team at 1-6: New Orleans twice, Carolina twice, and a road trip to San Francisco. There’s also a bye week after this upcoming game, so that’s no good to you either. Finally, they let Mohamed Sanu go to that team who is quite good in New England this week, and there’s no guarantee the Falcons are done with blowing up the team for the year. The inevitable murmurings of team unrest and coach Dan Quinn seeing the door are trending, too. 

Some owners in your league might live by the ‘go hard or go home rule’ when it comes to trade offers. If they come calling to you and Julio, at least listen. He may very well go on to do ‘Julio’ like things for the rest of the season, or he may get fed up with the whole thing and disappear into the bushes, a la Homer Simpson. Just listen, that’s all I’m saying.

DEF/ST – New England Patriots

I told you this week was spicy. But again, before you accuse me of being drunk as I type this, hear my reasoning.

This all-time unit has been pulling up trees for weeks, winning fantasy matchups up and down the land thanks to the performances of the McCourty brothers and friends. Basically, it would take some serious cojones to part ways with this unit.

The caveat is the schedule. Although by no means a murderer’s row of opponents, the next few weeks reads: vs Browns, @ Ravens, @ Eagles, vs Cowboys, @ Texans, vs Chiefs. Regression is a possibility for this defence, no? History, and to a lesser extent human science, would say so.

It’s all about needs and balance of your roster. If you feel like your team has enough to see you through to the end, then good on you, and I apologise for wasting your last 40 seconds. IF your team is lacking some firepower, and you hope to make a run in the playoffs, then it’s a consideration to make. Godfather offers only here, please.

Melvin Gordon – RB Los Angeles Chargers

You know what? I don’t even feel bad about this one – just annoyance instead. Since returning from his holdout that achieved…erm…yeah, since returning, Gordon has fumbled the ball at the goal line, gone on hiatus from the endzone, and averaged just 2.25 yards a carry. In a nutshell, Gordon has been flat out bad.

With particularly tough outings ahead (Green Bay, @ Chicago) as well as a Week 12 bye, Gordon could potentially be traded to that owner in your league who still yearns for last year’s version of Melvin. Not to mention, Austin Ekeler is still looking like the better hand out of the backfield. So, if there is a footballing god, justice would prevail, and Austin would get the job he had back in Week 1. And you can’t hate on justice.

If you have any trade questions, any start/sit dilemmas, get in contact with us here at Full10Yards on Social Media and we’ll help you out!

Until then, good luck with your trades and your matchups!

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Full10Fantasy – Trade Targets

by Dave Moore (@davieremixed)

Not one to toot my own horn but racking up 186 fantasy points this week felt damned good (full disclosure, it’s an IDP league) but it only brought my record to 2-3 so the joy is somewhat undermined by my losing record.

The most amusing story from Week 5 was someone in my league who turned down a trade that included Aaron Jones as part of the deal. Needless to say, they lost their matchup to the person they faced that week. You hate to see it happen…Sometimes.

Anyway, onto this week’s targets to trade for and who might be worth shipping off.

Bring on Board

Josh Allen

“But he’s on a bye week, you fool!” This is a very fair point but coming off the bye he has Miami, Eagles and Washington all at home followed by trips to Cleveland and the Miami Tankers.

Whilst Buffalo’s surprising 4-1 record is largely down to their incredible D, Allen has put up over 15 points in every start except for the 16-10 defeat to New England. Nothing exceptional, admittedly but for a QB2 with only more bye weeks to come, this is a narrow window to get a decent QB for a low price. If he can cut the INTs out then his value will only increase.

Tyler Lockett

Lockett’s fantasy record this year is a bit peculiar. Topping 15 points just twice this year but on one of those occasions going off in a big way against a New Orleans D that is starting to establish itself as perhaps a top five outfit.

The next three weeks for Lockett & his Seahawks involve a trip to the beleaguered Browns, a home game against Ravens outfit that I’m not sure if they’re actually any good or not and a trip to Atlanta who may be hiring a new head coach by the end of the month because they just cannot defend.

Lockett’s ranked ninth overall for Fantasy WRs, ahead of luminaries such as DeAndre Hopkins and Mike Evans. He may not come cheap but this Seahawks outfit looks the real deal offensively after a couple of rusty weeks (blame the run game for that).

Oh, I can’t let this passage go by without mentioning how amazing that TD against the Rams was. 6.4% completion chance? Incredible.

Mark Ingram

He’s slowed down a bit after his crazy start to the season but this week’s matchup with Cincinnati is very favourable as they’ve given up the second most yards per game to running backs this season.

Looking ahead it’s somewhat more difficult with trips to the Seahawks, a bye then a visit from the Patriots before a rematch with Cincinnati. However, I expect Ingram to see plenty of the ball in those three subsequent matchups, especially given how good the New England secondary has been.

Put on the Block

Carson Wentz

Philadelphia gets time off in Week 10. The four games prior to that they’ve got three consecutive roads games against Minnesota, Dallas and Buffalo followed up with a game against a Bears team whose D I still believe in despite making Derek Carr look like an NFL-level QB in London this past week.

This is an ugly four weeks and Wentz’s points record isn’t strong enough to be a QB1 for me, surpassing 20 points only twice (one of which was against Washington so comes with a huge asterisk) this season. If you are in need of a spark at this position I honestly believe you could ship Wentz off for someone like Josh Allen (see above) and receive an extra player in return too. Wentz’s price won’t be high for long. Move now.

Julio Jones

That’s right. I said it. If you fancy making a huge splash in your league and have a few gaps that need filling elsewhere, trade him.

Can anyone say right now they trust Atlanta? A trip to Arizona beckons in what could be a Fantasy-tastic shootout but Jones went without a TD in a game where his team scored 32 points. After the trip to the Cardinals? Just a small matter of the Rams and Seahawks at home. After that grueling West Coast visit a bye week falls before divisional road games against the Saints and Panthers.

If you’re deeply lacking in other areas of your team (maybe you drafted Saquon and Big Ben early on) then I’d really consider moving on from Julio. Despite his top ten WR ranking there’s so much about the Falcons that concerns me that it makes a deal viable.

Joe Mixon

Less of a crazy shout here, I think it’s time to move on from Mixon. Great things were expected of him this year but with no rushing TDs to his name I think you have to wave bye-bye if he was drafted as your RB1. Before the Week 9 bye the Bengals travel to the Ravens and the Rams with a home game against the Jags sandwiched between them. Those road games are clearly tricky and I believe the Jags D matches up well against the Bengals offensive unit.

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