Betting: Early NFL 2021 MVP outlook

Yes, the season is the best part of 4 and a half months away. yes, the NFL draft is in a couple of weeks. But hey, if you aren’t fishing first thing in the morning, you aren’t gonna get the good fish! Even with the NFL draft happening in a few weeks time, you are […]

Super Bowl Takeaways

GIVING YOU A “PEACE” OF MY MIND If your rookie safety costs you 15 yards for an unnecessary personal foul late on in a Super Bowl for taunting, you could be forgiven for being a little irked. But when Antoine Winfield Jr. drew a penalty for flashing the peace sign right in Tyreek Hill’s face, […]

Super Bowl LV Preview: Kansas City Chiefs v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

By Sean Tyler (@SeanTylerUK) We’re 268 games into this most unorthodox of NFL seasons and it has all come down to this. Welcome, everybody, to Super Bowl LV! If you want team breakdowns, we have dedicated articles to each team you can find the Tampa Bay Buccaneers breakdown here, and the Kansas City Chiefs breakdown […]

Who are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

By Alex Lewis (@alexlewis226) This article breaks down the Buccaneers, for a full match preview, click here. As we approach Super Bowl 55 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, the media fanfare and score speculation is well and truly underway as we prepare ourselves for the first (and potentially not last) Super Bowl match-up […]

NFL Week 16 Takeaways

Just 1 week left of the regular season. First season in NFL history where a game was played on everyday of the week. How 2020 is that? Lots of talking points and storylines as we head in to the final week and the business end of it all, but what were the takeaways from last […]

5 Reasons to be excited for the return of Football

By Ste Tough (@SteTough) Back in April, just before the 2020 NFL Draft, I was adamant the regular season would be impacted in some way. It has been in every possible way, aside from any sort of delay. The season will start as normal on Thursday night in Arrowhead as Kansas City looks to kick […]

Season in Review – New England Patriots

By Andy Goddard (@godsy1985) The next instalment of our season review articles takes a look at last years world champions, the New England Patriots. Is a 12-4 regular season record really the end of the dynasty? Entering the season Going into the 2019 season, the Patriots were once again one of the favourites to lift […]

The cliff that Tom Brady has supposedly fallen off…Where is it Max Kellerman?

by Andy Goddard Another season has past and yet another Lombardi trophy has been taken back to New England. When the 2019 season starts Tom Brady will be 42 years old, with the Patriots quarterback stating that he wants to play until he is 45 leading to that all-time favourite question, will the infamous ‘fall […]