TNF Preview: Stunted Rams Looking To Get Back On Track At Unsettled Seahawks

Having been made to watch the battle between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Jacksonville Jaguars last Thursday, this week’s meeting poses far more Super Bowl challenging potential, as the LA Rams visit the Seattle Seahawks.  The Rams had started off the season in stunning style, combining the passing ability of Matt Stafford with the offensive […]

Start/Sits Week 2

Week 1 is overreaction week. Every year some wild results (looking at you, Green Bay) combine with out-of-the-blue performances (Elijah Mitchell, anyone?) and send the fantasy world into a spin. For Start/Sit’s Week 2, we’re going to try and stay as semi-rational as we can.  The below are ranked on PPR scoring and remember, no […]

Power Rankings: Week 1 – Looking For Calm After Shocking Sunday

There were some serious shocks to kick off the season and with that, I’m in a somewhat perilous position in that the role of the power rankings author is to try and balance what you’ve seen in front of you alongside the fact that it is only Week 1 and weird stuff always happens in […]

Power Rankings: Week 1 to Kick Off with some minor tweaks

It’s finally here. Football is back! I cannot wait, and to celebrate I have the distinct honour of providing an update on the Power Rankings for Week 1. Slightly different format but one I hope you all enjoy! Front Runners 1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers2. Kansas City Chiefs Tampa Bay and Kansas City remain the creme […]

Power Rankings: far too early, presumptuous pre-season rankings

Power Rankings are back as teams start dressing again and playing some quasi-competitive football, mainly as a means of thinning their rosters.  To some this might come way too early, and while it’s important not to give too much weight to performances in preseason and reports you hear in training camp, negative performances for potentially […]

Britball: Week 6 Results

No hiccups, no withdrawals, no abandonments….WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?!?! Glad to report that Britball week 6 went off without a hitch (for the games that were scheduled starting the week, anyway) and restores a little bit of faith in the race to the end of the season. Before we proceed, I MUST point you […]

Best Bets – NFL Divisional Round

Tim and Adam take a look at the betting markets for the best weekend in football!

It’s the Divisional round!

A few bets on each game from each of us to make it all even more interesting