College Football Future Conference Realignment

Conference realignment is a fun topic and we are sure to see some changes in the way the sport is formatted at some point, since college football and American sports as a whole is an ever-shifting landscape. The realignments mentioned are purely speculation, but I do think they’d make sense and make for more equality, […]

All Change On The Alabama Offense – What To Expect

One of the biggest storylines heading into the 2021 CFB season is the changing of the guard regarding the Alabama offense, and how this could look for this upcoming season. Looking back at the last couple years, Alabama has been fortunate to have had a plethora of talent at all positions on the offense, coupled […]

Garcha’s Pre Draft Takes part 3: Kyle Pitts Is No Ordinary Tight End

A common argument amongst football enthusiasts’ band is the tight end position is not as valuable as other positions, and therefore taking one with a high draft pick may not represent ultimate value for the team acquiring the player. And yes, there is flesh to this argument when looking at the first-round tight ends drafted […]

NFL Draft Profile – Jamin Davis

Welcome to part two of my mini series on defensive players who we missed in the draft guide! On Sunday I put out my profile on Houston edge defender Payton Turner (if you’ve not read that one, you can here). Today I am focusing on another late riser in this year’s draft class, Jamin Davis […]

Eye (and Arm) of the Tiger

Now stick with me here, this won’t all be LSU bias. We need to talk about their quarterback room because there’s a big problem. Not for lack of talent though, there might actually be a little too much.  Let’s start with the man who was always going to have to fill some massive shoes in […]

College Football Conference Championships

By Liam Lodge (@Liam66NFL) We have reached the business end in one of the strangest college football seasons ever. Fans all over the world should give themselves a (socially distanced) pat on the back.  It’s been tough.  The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire year and made for a very difficult sporting ride this season; […]

College Football Winners & Losers Week 9

Apologies if you’ve missed this column for the last week or two – whilst we may have been otherwise distracted, College Football certainly hasn’t been. The SEC is going largely to plan, but the opening two weeks of the Big 10 has thrown up some shocks and anticipation has been building for the PAC-12 next […]

CFB Winners & Losers – Week 5

Things are getting interesting in the College Football world after week five. After a big win last week Mike Leach and co were humbled by Arkansas, UCF fell to Tulsa and FSU got a win(!!). Last week’s winner Kyle Pitts continued where he left off and frankly looks like a mismatch, no matter who is […]