Where Do They Go From Here; SF 49ers

After our divisional season review podcasts, we are now looking to the future and asking where each franchise goes from here. We put ourselves in the chair of being GM or the owner and going over what moves we would make in order to win a Superbowl, make the playoffs or just regain some pride…

Today we take a look at the San Francisco 49ers.

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How Did Last Season Go?

All eyes were on Jimmy G and Jerick McKinnon coming in to the season. Seemingly the weight from those collective eyes caused them to both buckle. McKinnon went down with ACL tear prior to the season starting. Furthermore, the winning streak was lost in week 1 at Minnesota (played well though). Things just got worse from there; A close fought win vs the Lions followed by a season ending injury on an innocuous play made by the QB at Kansas killed the 49ers season.

From then on, it was QBs CJ Beathard, Nick Mullens who collectively had about as much presence as Stephen Mulhern in the green room of Britain’s Got Talent. To be fair, Mullens did his future aspirations no harms with some of the performances he put including a beatdown bestoweth on the Oakland Raiders on the tellybox.

Matt Breida was questionable to play more times than Darren Anderton was in his career and you can understand why the 49ers were sniffing around AB and OBJ this offseason with George Kittle, the Tight end almost having half of the teams receiving yards of the teams pass catchers (not including RBs here, wanted to make it sound amazing…). WR with the most receiving yards was Kendrick Bourne, a guy no one has on their fantasy rosters with 487. Dante Pettis had himself a few highlight reel games and catches though.

On the defence, Buckner had a 12 sack season, but this was a pass defence ranked top 5 worst in the league in terms of points allowed and worst in turnovers created.

All in all, too many holes on both sides of the ball meant a 4-12 record and an early draft pick in a few days time.


49ers pick from the 2 spot and have a decent amount of cap space with around $34m at this precise moment.


Not too many casulaties due to the lack in depth of this squad. Pierre Garcon will not be bringing his zimmer frame back to the Bay Area. Some are surprised they hold all of these Rbs but I would expect 1 to get cut at least.


Whole lotta shake up here! Some splash signings makes you wonder how they still have cap space left but Linebacker Kwon Alexander comes over from the Bucs, Defensive Lineman Dee Ford comes over from the Chiefs, Jason Verrett will hope for a better bill of health coming over from LA which could be a nice compliment to Sherman on the back end and Tevin Coleman is 2019’s Jerick McKinnon signing in the backfield, albeit for a lot less.

Outlook for Next Year

With it looking likely Nick Bosa or a stud defensive lineman will be joining them, there is plenty of optimism in San Francisco, but I think there could be a lot of pressure on this team despite not getting the rub of the green with injuries.

Kyle Shanahan will be expected to submit a decent return this year so it will be interesting to see if all things are as rosy as they seem on the west coast. The NFC West will be as tough as it usually is (except the Cardinals, obviously) and the 49ers face the AFC North and NFC South, not the easiest of divisions to negotiate.

They need to sort out their backfield depth chart and acquire someone to add to the WR core because Kittle can’t (well he probably can) do it all on his own again.

The defence shouldn’t be too far away with the addition of a stud from pick 2 in the draft and should be competitive in most games.


Kyle Shanahan will have his work cut out trying to muster a winning season but will probably end up with about 7 or 8 wins.

Jimmy G will be an above average quarterback and I can’t see the 49ers losing many games by more than a score. Whether that will be good enough for Shanahan to keep the job it remains to be seen. 4 of their first 6 games away from home and a week 4 is not the easiest of starts either. Neither is the run in of Packers, Ravens, Saints, Falcons, Rams and Seahawks. Yikes.

Fantasy Football

Jimmy Garoppolo – later round QB – low QB 1

Tevin Coleman/Matt Breida/Jerick McKinnon/Jeff Wilson/Colonel Mostert – Yeah, good luck with that. Get a pin, close your eyes and pick one.

Marquise Goodwin – many burnt hands here from last year – double digit rounds, if that. WR4 at best

Dante Pettis – will be a hipster pick this year and probably overdrafted in redraft leagues- mid rounds WR 2 upside perhaps?

Richie James – No

Kendrick Bourne – Close, but still no

George Kittle – back of 2nd round – TE1 if not THE TE1

Draft Week – Take or Trade part 1

On the first of 2 episodes this week, we break down picks 1-16 looking at every team’s needs and players they could target or if they may perhaps trade back or even trade up!
1st down covers a few interesting snippets from the schedule release including a team playing alternate home and away games for all 16 games this year!
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Slight delay from intro to my voice. Apologies for that!

Deadline Day – Fantasy Style

Written by Scott Mackay (@scottfmackay) – 20th Nov 2018

Sound the klaxon!

We are approaching deadline day, the last opportunity to secure your favourite stars that will help lift you to the championship game by way of trades! Waivers still are applicable right up until the final day of the season, but we all know the major players are stashed away in other teams in your league.

Now, we get that trading can be quite difficult, especially if you are in a league where some participants have merely given up but don’t let that put you off. In the words of Del Boy, ‘He who dares Wins’, so grab your Del Boy flat cap and get wheeling and dealing.

“But who should I pick up” I hear you cry. Don’t panic, I’ve taken a look at the teams who have the more favourable games in the final weeks of the season which could see their players be the different maker in the weeks ahead.

In position one I’m choosing the Broncos, with 6 games remaining, the middle 4 games comprise of Bengals, 49ers, Browns and Raiders. That is a big chunk of winnable games and Phillip Lindsay, Emmanuel Sanders will be rubbing their hands together with glee. They are the focal point of offense for Denver and are primed to post up big numbers. Go hunt them down and add them to your team.

The Ravens go number two on the list, hear me out here. Favourable last 6 games with Raiders, Falcons, Buccs and Browns ahead, all very winnable, John Brown could well be a boom situation and be the one to earn you those vital Ws. Psssttt… if you can grab Lamar Jackson on Waivers, go do that, a dynamic running threat that if Flacco is still side-lined, could be an absolute steal.

The Giants are starting to find some kind of rhythm and you could find some value in trading for OBJ, yes he is a star but some owners could be frustrated with the lack of consistency but with a nice set of games coming up he looks ready to bounce back and some owners could be looking to let go for other options, especially if packaged with other players. I doubt anyone will give up Barkley but the right offer may trigger the accept button, if you are looking for a RB1 he’s your man.

The Steelers aren’t playing their best but they are finding the results, I would look to trade for Big Ben, Ju-Ju or Conner if you need an upgrade in these areas. These players have a lot of value but deals could be made especially if you offer up value in return.

Of course I could advise you to go for Mahomes, Gurley or Brees but you all already know these are on your list and you’d love to have them. If you can manufacture deals for them then why not, but I got a feeling these players will already be sitting in playoff teams and no fantasy owner in their right minds would trade them. Would they?

Who do you think are trade targets ahead of the thanksgiving games? get in touch with my @scottfmackay or the podcast @full10yards and let us know!

Thanks for reading and we’ll be back next week.

Podcast 26 – Britball Week Part 3 – Behind the scenes

Roger Goodgroves joins us to take a peek behind the curtain in the British American Football game.

Having perhaps the smoothest voice I have ever heard , we talk about his experiences as an official and what it takes to become an official here. What groups try and support the game and how we can support them.

He also gives us an insight into the Britball scene over the past few decades and the major changes it has seen. He can be found on social media @rogergoodgroves. We will be getting Roger on over the course of the season to break down some big officiating calls too!

Next stop, Manchester!