British American Football History – Part 3

Ahead of the new season kicking off this weekend, get up to speed on the last decade of the game here on these shores. If you want to go back a bit further, be sure to check out Part I and Part II of this series going all the way back to the 1980s, courtesy […]

NFL Draft 2021: Rough Diamonds Series: Defensive Tackles

This is part seven of the series where I take a quick look, position by position, at my favourite Day 3/Undrafted guys from the 2021 NFL Draft. Next up we have the Defensive Tackles. The 2021 Draft crop of Interior Defensive Linemen was considered one of the weaker groups heading into the draft, and that […]

British American Football History – Part Two

Ahead of the upcoming regionalised divisions for 2021, with the help of Jason Bowdler from the UK American Football Scene Facebook group, we are taking a look back over the history of Britball. You can find part 1 here **The 1990’s** After the Manchester Spartans became the first UK team to take the European title […]

Full10Yards adding to the Steeler Familia

The Full10Yards recently had Stuart Andrew and Paul Kent on the podcast to talk about the upcoming season. In that podcast, we announced a partnership with the team for the upcoming year. We are proud to be able to help the team in a small way and we discussed with Stuart the trials and tribulations […]

Full10Yards start Sponsorship of Crewe Railroaders rookie WR

The Full10Yards are delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring rookie WR Hus Roberts of the Crewe Railroaders. We spoke to him to give him the good news, unbeknownst to him prior to recording. We spoke to him and Crewe HC Jason Smith to discuss the team’s navigation of Covid and their aspirations for […]

British American Football History – Part 1

Courtesy of the UK American Football Scene Facebook Group page **The Start – 1982-84 ** American Football in the UK didn’t take off until Channel 4 began its weekly coverage of the NFL on Sunday evenings in 1982. Suddenly readily viewable, interest in the colourful and vibrant game took off. Up until this point, the […]

Dissecting the Schedules

Come on, admit it. You’ve seen your teams’ schedule and you’ve totted up how many wins you’ll get along the way. Nothing to be ashamed of! Hopefully you’ve been doing the totting up on the schedules that you have viewed on our amazing 2021 NFL Schedule Release Wallpapers. Desktop, tablet and Mobile versions all there […]

TJ Finley enters transfer portal

Where should TJ Finley go? After my recent article talking about the strength of the LSU quarterback room one of the prospects I mentioned, TJ Finley has decided to enter the transfer portal. After the spring game I think it became clear to him that if he wants to play he needs to transfer to […]