#NFL100Memories – 8/100

Today’s guest memory is none other than Mr Nat Coombs as he recalls how he had to navigate the multitude of technologies in order to get his NFL fix. There is no doubt that things have changed a fair deal since then and he has a fabulous podcast “The Nat Coombs Show” which you should […]

#NFL100Memories – 6/100

The Night Santa Claus Came Early – By Shaun Blundell (@Shaun_F10Y) Being a fan of the Cleveland Browns doesn’t always lead itself to masses of happy memories in recent times. Fans of the team will tell you that you need an awfully thick skin and often a great sense of humour to be able to […]

Full10Lookahead – Week 2

Week 2 is already here folks. Time flies when you are having fun! Hope everyone enjoyed their stay at overreaction town, now it’s time to depart for context city, where hopefully you’ll be able to see some indicators as to what was the real deal and what were outliers from last week. Here are 10 […]

#NFL100Memories – 5/100

My first US NFL experience @ Miami Dolphins – by Andy Moore (@ajmoore21) I saw Jay Cutler’s last NFL throw live, in person. It was 3rd and 7 from the Miami 28-yard line. Cutler dropped back to pass, went through his progressions and threw towards Kenny Stills. E J Gaines almost picked it off. I’d […]


By Tim Monk, Shaun Blundell and Lawrence Vos Week 1 is in the books and there are a good % of you lovely people out there that had a nice takeaway whilst watching the game or Redzone. Talking of takeaways, this 2nd new weekly edition NFL article features our takeaways from the week’s games. So […]

#NFL100 memories – 1/100

Sailing into Super Bowl Sunday – By Lawrence Vos – (@NFLFanInEngland) I was 13 when I was transported into a magical world of razzmatazz and shoulder pads and helmets as it was the time I watched my first ever Super Bowl. I was not alone, my viewing friend was my gerbil ‘Bodkin’ who scratched and […]

Full10Lookahead – Week 1

In a new weekly feature, here are our 10 top things we are most looking forward to this week in the NFL. -Zeke and destroy- Ezekiel Elliot, the newly $90m, 6 year contracted running back. Will his offseason away from the team in Cabo turn in to rustiness and on field lack of rhythm and […]

£100 Challenge

By Tim Monk and Adam Walford It’s 1-1 in the £100 challenge stakes with Tim winning the NFL 2018 season but Adam winning the 2019 draft. Here is the third installment! we have included Rob Grimwood’s challenge to as we have a forfeit for the loser of clucking like a chicken for 1 minute! Scroll […]