Introducing: Evan Prater, QB, Cincinnati

In the modern era of College Football it’s rare for a highly rated Quarterback to sit and wait for their chance for more than a year. It’s even more rare that they sit patiently and wait when they’re only given a tiny number of opportunities to step foot on the field. Evan Prater is the […]

The Pro Bowl is broken, how can we fix it?

The Pro Bowl has been a hot topic around the league this week, as the NFL and its owners are discussing the future of the game at this week’s owners meeting in Atlanta. Those around the league are finally starting to notice that the current format of the Pro Bowl is dying. The actual game […]

2022 NFL International Series Matchups Announced – Reaction

This afternoon we saw the NFL announce the 2022 NFL International Series Matchups, having previously announced the home teams in February. It was revealed at the time that the New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers will host games at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in the Autumn, whilst the Jacksonville Jaguars will return to their UK […]

NFL: Priorities for each AFC team in Free Agency

With the Super Bowl done and dusted, the thirsty NFL fans’ eye will now turn to the offseason and Free Agency and then the NFL Draft. Team cap space importance and manipulation is a topic people can argue until the cows come home as there are many teams that always produce Houdini tricks to come […]

Superbowl LVI – Request-A-Bets

By Thomas (@bettingGSW) Super Bowl Request-A-Bets are all about picking the outcome and game script you think is most likely and then going from there. You also have to avoid conflicting outcomes, for example if Burrow throws anything like 250+ yards and a couple of TD he will win the MVP if the Bengals win. […]

F10Y Staff’s NFL Season Awards

10 of the team at Full10yards cast their votes among various awards for the season. Did we agree with the NFL voters? Let’s take a look. MVP – A.Rodgers & Cooper Kupp (Shared) Controversy to start with in the biggest award! Both Rodgers, who was crowned the NFL MVP a few days ago by the […]

Five keys to Super Bowl LVI

The one game in the NFL calendar where EVERYTHING is put under the microscope: every throw, every rush, every kick and every call. We analyse five major factors that will decide where this game will be won and lost. Can the Bengals’ offensive line hold the barrage of the Rams’ pass rush? In my opinion, […]