NFL Week 15 Takeaways

Week 15 will go down in history as the week the Jets won their first game in 2020, the once 11-0 Steelers have the second longest current losing streak in the NFL and the #1 seeds in both conferences look to have been decided, barring a Christmas miracle. But what else went down this past […]

NFL Deep Dive – Mid-Season Special / NFC

By Ste Tough (@SteTough) As we reach the halfway point in the NFL season, let’s have a look at the state of play of all 32 franchises. Who is getting top marks and who has the dreaded “Must try harder” remarks? We’ve already been through the AFC, so let’s turn our attention to the NFC… […]

5 Reasons to be excited for the return of Football

By Ste Tough (@SteTough) Back in April, just before the 2020 NFL Draft, I was adamant the regular season would be impacted in some way. It has been in every possible way, aside from any sort of delay. The season will start as normal on Thursday night in Arrowhead as Kansas City looks to kick […]

From Worst to First?

By Shaun Blundell (@Shaun_F10Y) April 2019, the team picking 2nd in the NFL draft? The San Francisco 49ers. February 2020, the team competing in the Superbowl? The San Francisco 49ers. That’s the beauty of the NFL, a league designed with parity in mind allows a struggling franchise the opportunity to quickly turn things around. It […]

Season In Review – San Francisco 49ers

By Lee wakefield (@Wakefield90) Time to look at this year’s bridesmaids, the San Francisco 49ers. How did Jimmy G and Kyle Shanahan turn it all round? Are they here to stay? Let’s find out… Entering the season Coming off a 4-12 season when your starting QB tears his ACL is tough, especially when we’re talking […]

Season In Review – LA Rams

By Chris Todd (@ctdk1980) Time for another installment of the Season In Review Series. This time, we turn our attention to last year’s Super Bowl participants, the LA Rams. The Super Bowl hangover is still as bad as the Madden curse! ENTERING THE SEASON Coming into the 2019 season the Rams were looking to bounce […]

Season In Review – Seattle Seahawks

By Tim Monk (@Tim_MonkF10Y) Today in our Season Review, we take a look at losing divisional rounders, the Seattle Seahawks. In a tough division where even whipping boys Arizona spiced up their offence, the Seahawks are a staple of the NFL playoffs over recent years, but let’s find out why they couldn’t make it past […]

Season in Review – Arizona Cardinals

By Tim Monk (@Tim_MonkF10Y) The NFL season is over which means 2 things, 1 – it’s time to be sad for a few months until the NFL Draft and 2 – You now have a lot of time on your hands. In this series of articles, we try and take care of number 2. Today, […]