Week 8 Best Bets

Week 8 time and as it’s the first Wembley game, Adam and Tim have once again gone for a £100 challenge between the Rams and Bengals.

Don’t forget to check out the podcast where we go through all our reasoning for this and our best bets below!

Some of the handicap lines may have changed since Saturday’s recording due to injury information, but there’s not a lot i can do about that.

Send us your best bets for week 8 over @full10yards on Twitter!! Check out Adam’s fine work over at tdtips.com

Good luck with all your bets, make sure you are gambling responsibly and have a great time if you are at Wembley today!!

Week 7 Best Bets

Before we give you our best bets for week 7, let’s take a look at the year so far, because it’s good to be transparent!

Our Year To Date profit to a £1 level stake is +£0.43, which isn’t the most prolific, but hey, profit none the less. Tim is up £0.95, Adam is down £0.52.

That being said, collectively we are 14/24 (Tim 8/12, Adam 6/12) on our NB and NAPs so not too bad a strike rate there.

That’s the past, time for the present though, and here our the best bets for week 7. Don’t forget to check out the podcast for more detail!

As we do every week, we put a 6fold accumulator together and give YOU the chance to win it. Simply follow the link below, give it a RT and follow @full10yards! Closes at 6pm Sunday.

Best Bets – Week 6

Week 6 betting time folks!

Ups and downs last week. we had a shocker of a £100 challenge so we hope you fared better. With the raiders winning, I doubt it.

On our bets, we were 3/4 on our NAPs and NBs, whilst Tim hit the HCP treble and Adam hit the Total points Treble. All in all we were +£5.97 to a £1 level stake in week 5 so pretty decent indeed.

Please below for Tim and Adam’s week 6 attempt

Below is our weekly giveaway bet! Head over to our Twitter page (@full10yards) and see the pinned tweet. SImply follow us and RT the tweet and if the bet wins, we’ll give it away!

Good luck with all your bets. Please gamble responsibly and check out tdtips.com for more great analysis and insight for NFL betting!

Best Bets – Week 5

Bets bet Tim (@Tim_MonkF10Y) and Adam (@touchdowntips)

Not only are we going to give you the best bets for week 5 ladies and gents.

We have an impromptu £100 challenge!!!

Seeing as though lots of you will be filling White Hart Lane, no doubt with betting slips in your hand, below are Adam and Tim’s bets if we had a mythical £100.

Chicago @ Oakland – £100 Challenge

Send us your £100 challenges and we’ll RT the best ones! See how you compare!

Week 5

Moving on to Week 5. Hopefully we’ll do better than our Week 4 where only our NB came in (Dissly anytime and Dallas Unders).

Best bet giveaway

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Week 4 Best Bets

Week 4 is here!

Tim and Adam’s best bets are below. Go check out our podcast as to why we have plumped for those selections and make sure you check out tdtips.com for Adam’s in depth analysis from a betting standpoint!

Best bet giveaway away below too. Head over to @full10yards on twitter and RT the pinned tweet for your chance to win the bet if it wins!

Week 1 Best Bets

Here are Tim and Adam’s favourite Week 1 NFL Bets. Check out today’s podcast to see why we fancy the bets below!

You’ll also see the acca in picture 3. We have placed this bet and giving you the chance to win it.

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Best of luck with your gambling, make sure you only gamble what you can afford to lose and gamble responsibly!

Podcast 60 – Week 12 preview

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

It’s the Friday podcast, but no Lee! Don’t sweat because Adam steps in for the full podcast this week to recap the 3 Thanksgiving games as well as looking ahead to the Sunday games.

We give you all the stats and opinions you could need as well as our best bets!

Podcast 54 – Week 9 Preview/Best Bets. F10Y family grows, prize draw winner!

An action packed show see Tim and Lee go through all the week 9 games including your fantasy sits and starts.

Before that, our new fantasy writer Scott Mackay joins us as we welcome him in to the Full10Yards family and we put him through his paces with a tough set of questions on the Full10Questions quiz and talk about his first article.

Adam and Tim give you their best bets in week 9 looking to keep the momentum going and of course we announce the winner of the FREE NFL Jersey competition.