The craziest proposed NFL trades that never happened

By Kieran Patterson (@DCCYTFootball)

With the news coming out about the Cleveland Browns reportedly turning down the Seattle Seahawks offering up Russell Wilson for the first round pick they used to draft Baker Mayfield, I thought it would be a great idea to look back at other proposed trades that would’ve shaken up the NFL landscape.

How many of these do you remember? If there are any you think are missing, please hit us up over on Twitter @Full10Yards!

Aaron Rodgers to the Oakland Raiders

Back in 2007, Aaron Rodgers was still backing up Brett Farve in Green Bay when the Raiders put Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss on the trade block. Aaron Rodgers for Randy Moss would’ve been a hell of a trade. The reason this trade didn’t go through?

NFL rumors: Packers trading away Aaron Rodgers to Raiders? -
Matt York / AP

Green Bay wanted a first round pick and Moss for Aaron Rodgers. Moss ended up landing in New England and not only setting multiple records with Tom Brady but going 16-0 in THAT regular season.

Rumours surfacing once again about Aaron Rodgers and whether or not he will start and finish his career at Lambeau Field. Are the Raiders FINALLY gonna get to see A Rod?

Ben Roethlisberger to the Oakland Raiders/St. Louis Rams.

Now this one might be surprising to anyone who doesn’t keep up with the off field stories of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger is far from the perfect teammate; he consistently airs team dirty laundry on his radio show, he thinks he’s the GM and not just a player and struggles to get on with most of his star players.

This isn’t just hearsay though, it’s well documented and this is why I think there’s weight behind this trade. In 2010 it was reported that the Steelers organization was fed up with Big Ben and his behavior that was causing trouble inside the organization and were looking at offers.

The Steelers approached Oakland and offered them Ben and the number 18 pick for the number 8 pick. Oakland said no. They also approached the St. Louis Rams and offered to trade Ben for Sam Bradford who had just completed his rookie year…the Rams said no, and that was that. Big Ben stayed in Pittsburgh and continued to annoy and alienate teammates.

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Dan Marino to the Oakland Raiders

(I mean seriously? I promise this is the last Oakland one…or is it?)

In 1989, the Miami Dolphins had a very average 8-8 season leading them to another year of missing the playoffs. This wasn’t something Don Shula was happy with so they he thought the best course of action would be to change the signal caller, who was legendary quarterback…Dan Marino.

From Dan Marino to Dion Jordan – the Best and Worst of Miami ...
Andy Lyons / Getty

Shula managed to secure a verbal agreement with Raiders Al Davis but last minute the deal fell through, why? Shula got cold feet and upped the asking price for Marino. Twice. The price was too steep, even for Davis. Miami and Marino still never managed to win a Super Bowl.

It’s one of the one things Marino would be remembered for the one of the best quarterbacks to never win a Lombardi.

Eli Manning to the Jacksonville Jaguars

Going into the 2017/2018 season the Jags were really not happy with their Quarterback situation Blake Bortles wasn’t really cutting it.

Eli Manning retirement: Former Giants coach Tom Coughlin, GM Ernie ...
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars needed a solution so they looked north to New York and set their sights on Eli Manning. The 2 time Super Bowl champion had been playing to put it lightly…terrible, but the Jags liked Manning for his Super Bowl experience and his former coach Tom Coughlin was running the Jacksonville front office.

Why didn’t this happen? Blake had a decent season which killed the interest in the trade from the Jags end. Shame Bortles went back to his usual self next season and the “Sacksonville” era was over before it even got started.

Odell Beckham Jr. to The Los Angeles Rams.

A couple of years before he got shipped out to Cleveland for a 1st round pick and Jabrill Peppers the Rams showed serious interest in Odell Beckham Jr.

What did the New York Football Giants want for the spectacular wide receiver? They asked the Rams for two 1st round picks and the Rams only wanted to give them one.

That’s a high price but the Browns eventually paid a similar price giving the Giants a 1st round pick and a 1st round player in Peppers. OBJ has yet to shine in Cleveland would the same thing have happened in LA?  

Antonio Brown to the Buffalo Bills

Okay, so this did/didn’t happen but everyone (kinda) remembers where they were when this went down. It was reported that the Steelers had agreed to send AB to the Bills

Twitter did it’s thing once it turned out that this wasn’t going to go through. Antonio Brown ended up being traded to the Oakland Raiders (why always Oakland?) but even then, he didn’t see the field in a Raiders Jersey, being “set free” to eventually wind up in New England for a game before unceremoniously leaving the league and trying to return ever since.

Where Do They Go From Here; NY Giants

After our divisional season review podcasts, we are now looking to the future and asking where each franchise goes from here. We put ourselves in the chair of being GM or the owner and going over what moves we would make in order to win a Superbowl, make the playoffs or just regain some pride…

Today we take a look at the New York Football Giants.

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How Did Last Season Go?

Overall, not great from a neutral’s point of views but I guess it depends on whether your ask the pro Eli fans or those against.

The Saquon Barkley pick will be debated until the cows come home. The attempts to beef up the offensive line didn’t work out how they would have liked in terms of being able to run the ball and I don’t think you can say the defence gave it their all 100% of the time. 1-7 before the bye looks awful on paper but a few games (especially the Carolina game) in another year would’ve gone the way of the G Men. An Overtime win vs the Bears was the eyebrow raiser of the schedule and actually went 4-4 after the bye to finish with a 5-11 record, 4th in the East. Saquon Barkley, The offence was actually 11th in terms of yardage gained on offence, but that was mainly due to their bottom 10 ranked defence and the Giants generally chasing games. Not a great start for the tenure of new GM Dave Gettleman and HC Pat Shurmur who were under scrutiny from the draft.


The Giants own the 6th pick in the first round along with picks 17, 37, 95, 108, 133, 142, 143, 171, 180, 232 and 245. A lot of picks there as some are compensatory picks and some are from the Odell Beckham trade.

Cap wise, they are spending over $20m in to the black hole pocket of Eli Manning and are eating a lot more cap paying for Beckham to be on the Browns. In terms of free cap space, at this moment they have just under $12m.


Odell Beckham, Olivier Vernon both leave New York in trades. Landon Collins was too rich for the blood of New York and is the other notable name out of the door.


Jabrill Peppers and Kevin Zeitler (trades) along with Golden Tate, Markus Golden, Antone Bethea also in through the door.

Outlook for Next Year

Their dealings in Tennessee could make or break their offseason and will determine their outlook for 2019 in terms of how successful it was but there will be many giants out there who will feel it is already unsalvageable. There are a wide range of outcomes in the 2019 draft for the Giants so get your popcorn ready if you are a fan of the G Men. There is no doubt that every move they make in the next year or two will be under a big microscope which will always circle back to their stud running back taken at #2 last year. Almost feels like the wait to find out whether that was the right move will take longer than the waiting between season 7 and 8 for Game of Thrones (cant wait by the way…).

On the field, having just re-signed Sterling Shepard to a 4 year, $41m deal (the Patriots were having a sniff), the extra picks gained in their trades has helped to work some big contracts off the books have many Giants protractors of Gettleman quietening down just a smidgen so you could call this a remodelling of the team which will take a few years for it to manifest. This team isn’t built to make a playoff push and could quite easily have a 3rd top 10 pick in a row come the 2020 draft, where they may strike for their successor to Eli Manning.

That said, it isn’t a particularly strong NFC East with question marks everywhere. Saquon Barkley should continue his early dominance in the league but passing wise, they are not going to pull up any trees and could be quite limited, just like this season. Evan Engram should return to a bit more production as seen in his rookie year unless the Giants are busy adding to their offence in the Draft.


Battle for the wooden spoon between them and the Redskins in the East I feel. I think the Giants max out at 6 or 7 wins if everything goes their way. Matchups vs the AFC East and NFC North isn’t the worst combination in the world and also face the Bucs and Cardinals due to their 4th place finish last season.

Fantasy Football

Eli Manning – is not a fantasy football QB

Saquon Barkley – pretty much the consensus #1 overall pick. PPR monster again this season

Sterling Shepard –  7th-8th Round – Low WR2 ceiling

Golden Tate – not too far after Sterling Shepard – WR3 ceiling

Evan Engram – 6-7th Round – mid TE1 with upside.


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