Draft Recap

Tim, Lee and Rob take a look back at the draft and give their thought on who had a good draft and those not so good.
We recap picks 1-16 in the first round and for every team that picked, how their drafts as a whole went.
We catch up on the latest news away from the NFL and Rich King joins us for the quiz and we redraw the winner again for the April competition.

Draft Week – Take or Trade part 1

On the first of 2 episodes this week, we break down picks 1-16 looking at every team’s needs and players they could target or if they may perhaps trade back or even trade up!
1st down covers a few interesting snippets from the schedule release including a team playing alternate home and away games for all 16 games this year!
On 2nd down, Charlie from IceTheKickerPodcast joins us and tries to beat Adam Walford’s score of 7 in the Full10Questions.
3rd down is the 1st part of Take or Trade.
Slight delay from intro to my voice. Apologies for that!

NFC Storytelling with a Guru of NFL

Anthony Cervino aka the REAL NFL Guru joins us to talk about one storyline for every NFC team to dominate the headlines over the offseason including what does the Dallas D line look like come September? And what about Cam Newton’s Shoulder?

Before we start telling tales of the summer in the NFL, we talk about what the Antonio Brown trade and the Antiques roadshow has in common as well as a quick take on some Free Agency deals.

Plus Paul Brown takes time out from his vlog to tackle the Full10Questions and our “Put the mockers on it” involves Crisps…

A crisp podcast, you might say.

Exit Interviews – NFC North

Time to go North once more for the NFC side.
Bears leapfrogged the Vikings and the Packers to take the throne, but can they stay there?
And what do the Vikings and Packers fans have to say about that?
And then there are the Lions who haven’t had much to roar about recently.
Many thanks to Martin, Paul, Charlie and Rob for their help putting this podcast together.
Tomorrow sees the last in the series with the NFC West.

Podcast 60 – Week 12 preview

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

It’s the Friday podcast, but no Lee! Don’t sweat because Adam steps in for the full podcast this week to recap the 3 Thanksgiving games as well as looking ahead to the Sunday games.

We give you all the stats and opinions you could need as well as our best bets!

9 Disappointing Fantasy players in 2019

Hey everyone, it’s my newest blog from the fantasy world!

Week 9 is in the books and today we are looking at the top 9 (with 9 weeks completed, get it?!) disappointing Fantasy Players so far. You have probably got in your own minds some players that haven’t performed on your team and you are thinking you will never ever play those players again dropping them in disgust. We all have those cursed players but you know in a year or so you may just be tempted and cast your eye over them. It happens every year!

Imagine this, you get the first overall pick this year and opt for Le’Veon Bell and then follow that pick up with LeSean McCoy and then you hit Gronk… Yep, I’d be pretty mad too… That happened to my pal and he has been playing catch up ever since… sad times *evil laugh*.

Anyway, let’s get a bit more cheerful and continue on in our quest of mediocrity or just down right stinkers, in no particular order my top nine players that have been disappointing in 2018 season* in the standard scoring format.

  1. Matt Stafford in at number one currently ranked at 20 of QBs – he has scored over 20 points on two occasions and despite quite a porous defence, the Lions are still attempting to get a run game going. Fumbling and being sacked (10 TIMES this past week against the Vikings) are creeping in the game repertoire and it’s not a good look fantasy wise.
  2. Running Back Lamar Miller (RB22) has only posted up 3 weeks of over 10 points and being the only real running threat, this should be more. With Deshaun Watson slinging the ball like he does though we can’t really blame poor Lamar for this lack of production, the Texans just have better options out wide.
  3. Mr Consistent, consistently bad, Keenan Allen is next with just 3 games over 10 points and one touchdown this year. Woof. And he is not worth trying to pick up for the run ‘just in case’ he has a tough run of fixtures to round off the year.   
  4. Kyle Rudolph makes the list despite the TE friendly QB in Kirk Cousins. Rudolph is not getting the looks even with a weakened Vikings Running game, although admittedly the return of Cook will strengthen that. But this means that Kirk might not be throwing as much and Rudolph will lose the shine on his red nose even more.
  5. Gronk gets on the list, a great first outing and then disappointment. Niggling injuries admittedly have hampered production but what I don’t get is why he says ‘he is good to go’ when clearly he is not and the stats show that. 1 touchdown this season and in a weakened TE field, Gronk is ranked 11th. Just awful.
  6. Larry Fitzgerald (apart from the last two weeks) hasn’t produced averaging around 3.5 points per game to week 7. This is just isn’t very fantasy friendly.
  7. Mark Ingram, probably a harsh inclusion being suspended for 4 games but his 5th game offered so much promise with 2 TDs and we all thought he was back… but after that, the following three games have shown us that Kamara is the number 1 in the backfield and that is hugely disappointing to those that stashed him in rounds 4/5 of the draft.
  8. Russell Wilson has been another I think could be considered a little disappointment this year. He just doesn’t seem to have that impact that he used to and is not rushing as much. Maybe I am being a little harsh, but his biggest week has been 23 points and only topped 20 points two other times and these were marginally. Think the magic has been lost.
  9. I am a Skins fan but I’m putting the whole Skins offense on this list. All apart from Peterson who has shown flashes of brilliance. There is not one offensive weapon that you can rely on to produce. Personally, I can’t wait to see Derrius Guice there, we need him and could be a great fantasy player next year… That concludes the list! This also is not to say that the above players won’t have a great last few games but to this point they may have burnt you, I apologise on their behalf. 

    Which player has disappointed you most this season? Let us know! 

    *This list doesn’t include Le’Veon Bell, that would be too obvious. I hope he find it in his heart to apologise to the millions who spent their first pick on him.

Let me know of any players I have missed by getting in touch on Twitter @ScottfMackay or maybe get in touch with the podcast @full10yards where there is currently a free Larry Fitzgerald jersey to be won!

Real Life Trades with Fantasy Implications

Written by Scott Mackay (@ScottfMackay)

Hey Football Fans, thanks for joining me for our latest look at the Fantasy world!

Have you had a look at the waiver wire over the last two weeks and just thought there is slim pickings out there? I have too and really think it’s a good time to look at bolstering your lineups through trading. Trading can of course be hit or miss if you’ve been placed in a league where half of the teams have been abandoned by their owners but I’m hoping that all of your leagues are still fairly active, in which case there is some movement and wheeling and dealing to be done.

I’m sitting down to write this article a day after the actual NFL trade deadline which has helped shaped some of the trade targets that should be on your list and included players that have risen in stock due to the moves that have been made.

So, let’s get moving, let’s take a look at the QB Position.

Cam Newton is my pick for number one target. To me, he is not firing on all cylinders at the moment, but I sense if the Panthers are going to get back in the groove it will be because of this man. Both a throwing and rushing threat (it’s a deadly fantasy combo) acquiring Cam could be the difference in the Fantasy Championship race. His bye week has passed so go get him! 99.1% owned on NFL.com (I need to know who the .9% are!) expect to pay a little premium but expect a deep playoff run with him as your QB.

Deshaun Watson is a number two target, the Texans made a smart move bringing in Demayrius Thomas as a WR2 after Fuller’s season ended against the Dolphins on Thursday Night Football. Watson gets another weapon in the impressive receiving corps that also includes Hopkins and Coutee. You may be lucky to grab him off waivers but expect to see his ownership rise over the next week or so as he looks to establish a consistent scoring base.

Running Backs is where the money is at, especially if you’ve got Gurley or indeed an under the radar star in Marlon Mack or Phillip Lindsay but I believe there are two currently injured players that are nearing returns that could have an impact for you. (Have you guessed them yet?)

Dalvin Cook and Leonard Fournette are risky plays but if you sitting pretty in the standings, why not make a push for one of these stars at a low price? They are due back soon and could make the difference on the run in so it makes sense to stash them for when you feel comfortable that they are going to produce more than your current RB2.

Don’t worry, I won’t just cop out and pick those two, I’ll throw in Aaron Jones as a potential trade target. Relatively low cost (could even pick him up on Waivers as 55% owned) he will look to benefit from Ty Montgomery being traded. He could be a good flex option in the weeks ahead especially if an Aaron Rodgers Packers team is still in the hunt for the playoffs with three weeks to go in the season.

In at WR I’d put the feelers out for Kenny Golladay. Golden Tate has left the Lions which means Golladay and Marvin Jones get an instant uptick in Fantasy Value. They are going to be targeted by the at times fantastic Matt Stafford more and with that, increased Red Zone chances. Golladay is ¾ owned in NFL.com and could help you grind out a couple of victories.

DeSean Jackson is my pick if you can get him, still putting up modest numbers and capable of a huge game. Winston and FITZMAGIC (he’s back, baby!) are fighting over the QB1 spot in Tampa and the only beneficiaries are the receivers. Both QBs will look to have a bigger impact than the other so expect D-Jax to get those big numbers over the coming weeks!

TE’s are a disaster at the moment but if you are desperate enough to want to trade to upgrade that spot. Look to Gronk to up his game over the coming weeks… that’s my wildcard for ya.

You’ve only got a few more weeks to get those trades moving before the fantasy deadline so go for your targets sooner rather than later.

How is your team shaping up and who are you going for? Let us know on our social channels, @full10yards & @scottfmackay.

Have a great fantasy week!


Podcast 29 – Britball Week Part 6 – Sheffield Giants & GB Lions

Toby Chesters, the HC of the Sheffield Giants joins us to wrap up Britball week.

We go through a typical week with the Giants and Toby also fills us in on the international game where he is the GB Lions running back coach.

How was the selection process done? What was the experience like and what did they learn from the trip? Find out here!

We hope you enjoyed Britball week and we will revisit once the Britbowl champions have been crowned!

@tjchesters/@sheffieldgiants are the social media handles for the coach and team.