NFL Week 9 Takeaways

Week 9 served up some tasty treats, so let’s see what made it to our takeaway menu this week… QB or not to continue with the QB, that is the question Two quarterbacks made their first NFL starts in Week 9 and while both were on the wrong end of the result, they were at […]

Season in Review – LA Chargers

By Lee Wakefield (@wakefield90) Welcome to the Chargers season review, by me, a fan. It’s January and unlike January last year, there has been no playoff football for the Chargers. Yes, 2019 didn’t end in a Superbowl either, so it was a failure – Just as this season has been but at least the book […]

Half-Term Report: AFC/NFC West

It’s just about the half way point in the NFL regular season. Depending on your outlook on such things, that’s good or bad. In this series of articles, we take a look back over those 8 glorious weeks of pigskin action and also project how the 2nd half of the season will play out. AFC […]

#NFL100 Memories – 13/100

Part 2 – My Weekend with The Chargers – Sunday, Gameday – By Lee Wakefield Welcome back to the second part of my weekend with the Chargers. At this point it’s Sunday, it’s gameday, it’s a few mere hours until Chargers football. The only issue is that I’m back on the train up to London, […]

#NFL 100 Memories 12/100

Part 1 – My Weekend with The Chargers – Saturday – By Lee Wakefield Quite possibly my NFL favourite memory to date, when it comes to the NFL and the Chargers – Last year I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in London which revolved almost completely around the Los Angeles Chargers. When the […]

#NFL100 Memories – 7/100

Why I am a Chargers Fan – By Lee Wakefield (@Wakefield90) I started watching football in around 2006 or 2007, I was at college and I was starting to experience the phenomenon known as the Sunday Fear for the first time in my life. I was no longer in the comfort zone of going to […]