Legal Tampering Period – The Losers

By Adam Walford (@touchdowntips)

Following on from Rob Grimwood’s fantastic post on the winners yesterday I’ve been tasked, quite suitably, with the pessimism, the misery, the teams who did sweet FA, or in the case of the Texans. Worse.

Texans get their pants pulled down by the Cardinals.

In one of the weirder trades of recent times the Arizona Cardinals acquired one of the best three receivers in the game for essentially a bag of chips, and not a nice bag of chips, those “baked” one’s by walkers. It’s another moves by GM/Head coach/Supreme Leader Bill O’Brien which has stymied the masses. Oh, and they then went and signed Randall Cobb on a 3 year deal to try and placate the masses. Weird.

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Additionally they took on the FULL CONTRACT for David Johnson, the full $10.2m contract, for a back who has struggled with injury and form since breaking onto the scene a few years ago. That’s a lot of cash for a running back especially when you’ve got one of the better pass catching backs in the league on your roster already in the shape of Duke Johnson. For the record, I like DJ and I hope he can get back to form, but it’s still a lot of cash to spend on an RB.

David Njoku has some competition, and apparently he welcomes it.

After being drafted at 29 in the 2017 draft there were high hopes for the super-athletic tight end in Cleveland, but a series of niggling injuries and being unable to get together a decent run of games has hit his stock and led his team to bring in Austin Hooper on a big money deal from the Falcons. Neither of them are really blocking TEs, so it’s direct competition, and in those cases the more expensive man usually get the bulk of it all.

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Bengals fall even further behind in the North.

It’d be remiss of me to dampen the spirits of my team and their fans even more. After being quoted by reporters as “being active in free agency” they once again sat and watched as players who’d have improved their roster immediately were picked up for decent deals, the likes of Jack Conklin to the Browns on a 3 year, 42m deal. Nick Kwiatowski to the Raiders for 13m a year both positions of need for the Bengals, and both strengthen AFC teams.

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The Ravens have also made moves over the last week which further strengthen them, bringing in Calais Campbell and Michael Brockers to add even more to their defensive line, then getting a pick back for Hayden Hurst. They’re taking full advantage of having a rookie QB on a cheap deal.

And the Steelers will be welcoming back the 400lb man at QB which might make them better at that position for next year.

Josh Allen is digging it, but I’m not too sure.

The Bills paid a whole hell of a lot to Stefon Diggs, a 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th for Diggs and a 7th round pick… It’s a lot more than I thought the Vikings would get for someone who so clearly wanted out and bitched and cried about it publicly.

The Vikings get a ton of picks and him off their payroll. Diggs gets to join a team with an inaccurate QB and probably get further frustrated further down the road. Pairing the best route runner in the league with the least accurate QB is an interesting one, hopefully for them it’s a little chicken and egg and it bring Allen up.

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However, I do get the trade, there’s blood in the water with the Pats possibly losing Brady and their offensive issues on the whole. So while it’s a big payout it could work out well for them.

They gave Jimmy Graham HOW MUCH?!

Why on earth would anyone be money on Jimmy Graham? I wasn’t sure he’d get picked up at all, let alone on a 2 year, $16m deal. But Matt Nagy and the Bears seem determined to keep on paying up at tight end. One of the more perplexing moves done yesterday.

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They’re also still without a functional quarterback and supposedly interested in Andy Dalton and Nick Foles. The Bengals apparently want a 3rd for Dalton, the Jags reportedly want to keep Foles (They take a big dead cap hit if he leaves so may as well keep him) Both are upgrades on Trubisky, but still. It’s not an enviable situation.

Podcast 14 – My Team My Thoughts – Seahawks

#MyTeamMyThoughts returns before a mini break and we take a look at the Seattle Seahawks with Neill Elliot.

We talk about the overhaul in the offseason and whether Rashaad Penny was an eyebrow raising selection in the first round. We talk about what is considered success in 2018 and also the side projects Neill is involved with at the grassroots level!

Free Agency – Is my End Tight enough?


The tight end position is a dumpster fire of a position in Fantasy. So I shall not keep you long.

You either stream the position until 1 sticks, draft one too high if you want to draft it and forget it (Gronkowski, Kelce being the main ones in recent years after Jimmy Graham and Greg Olsen’s ascendancies in New Orleans and Carolina respectively). or you pick up a mid to late round one and maybe grab one off of waivers and “see how it goes”. Either way, GMs ideas of how to play the Tight end is probably one of the most varied on the spectrum of the skills positions (QB being the nearest comparative).

Couple with that, you aren’t able to get much of an edge from rookies as TEs don’t usually perform that great in the NFL (Evan Engram last year aside). Whether this is due to the TE always being scheme dependant, or it just takes a couple of years to get to grips with the TE position in the sport.

All in all, I can see why some leagues make the TE only position a flex, essentially treating the more elite TEs effectively a WR.

That said, the Free Agency has thrown up some interesting storylines heading in to the 2018 season;

Trey Burton was the guy who is probably the biggest winner in the TE Free Agency. He heads over to the Bears for a whopping 4 year, $32m deal. The coaching staff there have already come out and said they intend to use Trey Burton as a pass catcher, working from the slot on occasions (All aboard the hype train!) and with the name exposure he gained from the SuperBowl, expect Mr UK Men’s Clothes Retailer to go overdrafted in your league.

That said, he is only 26 and has his best years ahead and now will get the volume, so who’s to say he cant break into the top 5 this year at the Tight End position? The offence needs to take a step forward under Trubisky but a TE is always a QBs (especially newer QBs) best friend and security blanket. I think he’ll have a big year.

Jimmy Graham not signing back to the Saints was a big surprise once it was confirmed he was leaving Seattle. Instead Green Bay, who aren’t particularly great with TEs in recent memory, came calling and have acquired Jimmy Graham to a $30m, 3 year deal. On the face of it, considering how much Graham has slowed down and become more of a Redzone target (and injury prone), the Packers probably overpaid here. However, With Jordy gone, they needed to replace that Redzone/Endzone body who can just catch the ball and Graham certainly is that. Saints ended up signing former Baltimore Raven veteran Benjamin Watson, who is literally one of the oldest players I know (not personally) and have no idea how he is still getting work.

Ed Dickson, who showed as a competent replacement when Greg Olsen went down last year, has broken free from the shackles of Carolina and has replaced Jimmy Graham at Seattle. But before you get excited, Dickson is primarily a blocking tight end so don’t go rushing to pick him up for your fantasy rosters. Instead keep an eye on Nick Vannett. The 3rd year tight end looks certain to be the pass catcher here in Seattle so there is also a chance that both Dickson and Vannett share targets. In which case, temper expectations for both.

Another surprising move to me saw former New York Jets Tight End Austin Seferian-Jenkins move to Jacksonville. Surprising in the sense that why didn’t NYJ at least match that offer? They had the cap space for it, he produced effectively last year for the team and is still only 25 years young (if Ben Watson is the barometer for age). He has proved he is over his former demons so maybe there was something else the Jets weren’t liking and decided to cut ties. Either way, seems like a silly move as he was a good fit in that offence. I don’t see him being as good a fit in this offence, though Tom Coughlin knows how to get production out of TEs and often did with lesser names in New York. Jacksonville are going to be a run first heavy offence, but the signing of ASJ gives Bortles a security blanket to make easier, high percentage throws. They got him at a steal, too- $10m over 2 years.


Fantasy Impact: Most of the guys above will be drafted by GMs in 2018 (with the exception of maybe 1 in Seattle, but both of those will have streaming value once we have more info on depth and usage type). As stated above, expect Trey Burton to go way earlier than perhaps he should (perhaps 7th or 8th round in 10 team leagues, around the Delanie Walker/Jack Doyle/Jimmy Graham area?) so unless he falls to you in the 9th or 10th round, I’ll probably pass on Ertz in standard leagues. As he is likely to see a fair share of targets, I don’t mind so much in PPR seeing as though TE is a wasteland.

Jimmy Graham could be anything but if you want a QB throwing to you, it’s Aaron Rodgers (though Brock Osweiler to TE is the utopia for receptions lets not forget). However, note of caution on that; everyone thought Martellus Bennett was a good thing last year and he bombed out. I do think Graham will perform better than most recent tight ends in Green Bay due to the Jordy Nelson exit, vacating redzone targets narrative, but i wouldn’t touch him any earlier than the 9th or 10th round, and a lot of people will get him before then.

In other Tight End news:

Tyler Eifert re-signed with the Bengals and has sleeper credentials if he can stay healthy. A lot of people will have given up on him and this also kills Tyler Kroft’s value unless Eifert injures himself again in 2018 (more than likely). Eifert likely to be a double digit round guy because of this so has low risk and potentially high reward and is a perfect draft pick for those that stream the position anyway.

Luke Willson has signed with the Lions from Seattle, with the exiting Eric Ebron signing for the Colts in is what must be the worst Free Agency move in my opinion. Jack Doyle owners will not like the signing of Ebron as there is potentially a 2 TE setup onslaught coming from the colts to try and protect Andrew Luck and Ebron could quite easily eat in to the wealth of targets Jack Doyle saw last year (2nd in targets to Travis Kelce at the TE position with 80). Indianapolis have a history of employing 2 TEs in their lineups going back to the Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen days (doesn’t time go fast). Luke WIllson could see a bit of usage as the lions look to get answers at the TE position so may be a name worth keeping tabs on.

Virgil Green has signed with the Chargers, which was a slightly strange one and it’ll leave more puzzling questions as to what Hunter Henry does next season in terms of usage and receptions.

As previously stated, Ben Watson has signed with New Orleans on a 1 year deal and I fully expect the Saints to draft a TE early in this year’s draft (you can view my mock drafts here).

And finally, Cameron Brate signed a massive deal to re-sign with the Buccaneers so the tandem of he and OJ Howard will continue to leave GMs scratching their heads at which one to utilise in their fantasy teams next season.