Britball Week 16 Roundup

By Tim Monk (@Tim_MonkF10Y)

This week saw division titles being won and trap doors being opened so let’s dive right into it and give you the results and the provisional playoff picture…

Prem North

Absolute scenes in this division with it going to the wire!

The Manchester Titans stormed out to a 17-0 lead against the Tamworth Phoenix, only for the Nix to come back with 3 second half TDs to take the game 21-17.

For Manchester, this was a game that had everything on the line for them. Win and in, lose and potentially be out of the playoffs.

With the loss, they were looking for the Sheffield Giants to do them a favour and avoid defeat.

Sheffield themselves were embroiled in a relegation dogfight, knowing that avoiding that defeat would mean Prem North Football next season.

There was a lot of hush on the interweb and social media, but once all the Titans’ fingernails were bitten off, it trickled out that it was a 22-22 tie!

The epitome of joy and despair shown after the final whistle sees the Giants safe but the Nighthawks missing out on the postseason.

So for the relegation spot, it came down to the game between the Edinburgh Wolves and the Leicester Falcons. Winner stays in, loser falls through that trap door.

Unfortunately, Leicester were unable to put up too much off a fight, battling hard all season with the deck stacked against them. It was a comfortable 47-6 win for the Wolves who secure top flight football again in 2020.


Manchester Titans 17-21 Tamworth Phoenix
Edinburgh Wolves 47-6 Leicester Falcons
Sheffield Giants 22-22 Merseyside Nighthawks

Prem South

Pretty much no implications at the top with the Warriors and the Blitz already confirmed for some August football (doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as January Football does it?).

The Warriors helped themselves to the 50 burger shutout combo vs the Bristol Aztecs where as the Blitz has a bit of a closer game, defeating the Olympians by a single point! Unfortunately the game had to be called inside the two minute warning due to a serious player injury so best wishes for a speedy recovery.

The Farnham Knights were unable to challenge the Kent Exiles, losing 19-0 and dropping down a division for 2020. Things may have turned out differently after a nervy opening half from both sides, but Kent put in the performance in the 2nd half to secure their places at the top table in the South.


London Blitz 15-14 London Olympians
Bristol Aztecs 0-55 London Warriors
Kent Exiles 19-0 Farnham Knights

NFC 1 North

Big game in the division saw the Northumberland Vikings take the spoils in a gritty game against the Aberdeen Roughnecks 16-6. The Vikings take the #2 seed into the playoffs at the expense of the EK Pirates. Don’t forget to check out our podcast with Coach O’Reagan of the Vikings last week!

The other dead rubber saw the Rams take a 15-12 victory over the Glasgow Tigers, who missed  a field goal with 6 seconds left to tie.


Northumberland Vikings 16-6 Aberdeen Roughnecks
Yorkshire Rams 15-12 Glasgow Tigers

NFC 1 South

2 wins for the teams participating in the post season;

The 10-0 undefeated Sandwell Steelers will host the EK Pirates in the post season after they had secured the #1 seed. They beat the Lancashire Wolverines 29-24 after a spirited comeback in the 2nd half by the Wolverines and win the NFC 1 North.

Shropshire will travel up to Northumberland in 2 weeks (start walking now!) and defeat of the Nottingham Caesars will at the very least put the confidence and morale high going in to the postseason game.


Nottingham Caesars 14-37 Shropshire Revolution
Sandwell Steelers 29-24 Lancashire Wolverines 

SFC 1 Central

Talking of undefeated teams, the Solent Thrashers did just that despite a 1 score game against the Hertfordshire Cheetahs. The result also meant that the Cheetahs miss out on the post season too as the Sussex Thunder win over the Berkshire Renegades by the score of 48-12 means that they snatch the playoff berth from under the noses of Hertfordshire. That result also meant the Renegades were relegated from the division. That was because in the 3rd game in the division saw the Oxford Saints defeat the Portsmouth Dreadnaughts 22-13. A lot of ramifications in all these games here!


Solent Thrashers 24-19 Hertfordshire Cheetahs
Sussex Thunder 48-12 Berkshire Renegades
Portsmouth Dreadnoughts 13-22 Oxford Saints 

SFC 1 East

The Cambridgeshire Cats took the division title after securing a 29-0 victory over the Colchester Gladiators, condemning the Gladiators’ bottom spot in the division.

Cambridgeshire will now host the Sussex Thunder whilst the London Hornets travel to the Solent Thrashers.

In the other game in the division, the Wembley Stallions defeated the Bury Saints 16-14 in essentially a dead rubber (is there such a thing in our game?!?!)


Wembley Stallions 16-14 Bury Saints
Cambridgeshire Cats 29-0 Colchester Gladiators

NFC 2 North

In the 2nd tie of the weekend, the Clyde Valley Blackhawks only needed that draw to confirm themselves as division champions. The Dumfries Hunters were unable to get the victory wo will have to settle for 2nd.

The newly crowned champions still have 1 piece of business to attend to and that’s to host the Inverclyde Goliaths next week.


Dumfries Hunters 6-6 Clyde Valley Blackhawks

NFC 2 Central

The Leeds Bobcats enjoyed a 40-20 win of the Knottingley Raiders but already have 2nd spot secured in the division. 1 set of fixtures left to play next week sees Halton Spartans go for the perfect record as they host Morecambe Bay Storm and Furness Phantoms face the Knottingley Raiders where the Phantoms look to try and lift themselves off the bottom of the division.


Knottingley Raiders 20-40 Leeds Bobcats

NFC 2 South

Unfortunately the game between Lincolnshire Bombers and Crewe Railroaders also had to be called early (3rd quarter) due to a player injury. Best wishes to the player involved and hope he is ok.

The result sees both teams confirmed in their current league table positions, with Lincolnshire confirmed 2nd and Crewe confirmed bottom of the pile.


Crewe Railroaders 0-26 Lincolnshire Bombers

SFC 2 West

No games played this week.

South Wales Warriors will be going for the undefeated season next week when they host the Cornish Sharks.

SFC 2 South

Hastings Conquerors were finally able to get on the scoreboard but were beaten 54-8 by the Jurassic Coast Raptors. The result confirms Hastings to the root of the division as the Raptors were the team immediately above them.

Elsewhere, Swindon Storm were shut out by the London Blitz B 47-0 which confirms their undefeated regular season.

The final set of fixtures next week sees Hastings take on the Bournemouth Bobcats and the Raptors hosting the Swindon Storm. Just pride on the line in these ones.


Hastings Conquerors 8-54 Jurassic Coast Raptors
Swindon Storm 0-47 London Blitz B 

SFC 2 East

Last up, in what Good ‘ol JR calls a slobberknocker, the Ipswich Cardinals defeat the East Kent Mavericks 40-35.

The final set of fixtures sees all 6 teams in action;

East Essex Sabres host the Mavericks, Essex Spartans host the Cardinals and the Norwich Devils take on the Maidstone Pumas. The Essex Spartans are the final team seeking an undefeated Regular Season.


Ipswich Cardinals 40-35 East Kent Mavericks

Some decent, competitive games across the board this week in Britball as the battle between the 50 Burgers vs the Shutouts, the Shutouts win 4-2 and we had 2 tied games in games that had consequences at both ends of the tables.

Below are the provisional post season fixtures:


London Warriors vs Manchester Titans

Tamworth Phoenix vs London Blitz


Northumberland Vikings vs Shropshire Revolution – (LIVE on YouTube)

Sandwell Steelers vs East Kilbride Pirates


Cambridgeshire Cats vs Sussex Thunder

Solent Thrashers vs London Hornets

Away from the leagues, we had 1 associate game where the Hereford Stampede defeated the Torbay Trojans 12-0!

Please give our Twitter handle a follow (F10YBritball) and out podcast a subscribe, rating and review where we will be looking to provide weekly interviews with all the teams in the mix.

This week we will feature the Dunfermline Kings and how they are getting on in the Associate Process. We will focus our attentions to the post season too.

Keep those EYES PEELED!

Where Do They Go From Here; LA Chargers

After our divisional season review podcasts, we are now looking to the future and asking where each franchise goes from here. We put ourselves in the chair of being GM or the owner and going over what moves we would make in order to win a Superbowl, make the playoffs or just regain some pride…

Today we take a look at the LA Chargers. Don’t forget to check out our AFC West podcast where we talked with a fan from every team in the division!

How Did Last Season Go?

If you offered the Chargers a divisional round game loss to the Patriots, they’d probably accept that this is kind of where they should be. That said, I (Tim) was particularly high on them going in to the season that I had some of my hard earned on them. The Chargers were one of the more balanced and complete teams in the AFC if not the NFL last season and just succumbed to a typical Patriots January performance in a game that just got away from them early.

Hunter Henry going down before the season started was never going to be ideal and continued their flirting with Antonio Gates. Hopefully, that will not be repeated in 2019 (sorry Antonio, we love you, but you’re like 50 years old and slower than Jason Witten was taking to commentary).

The Chargers’s loss to KC in week 1 turned out to be pivotal in the end, but actually uncharacteristically started quite hot going 7-2 in the first 9 weeks with their only losses coming in Los Angeles (@Rams).

The Chargers ended up 12-4, tied with KC but lost the tiebreaker which may or may not have been crucial. We’ll never know.

They ended having both a top 12 offence and defence in terms of yardage and points allowed which confirms their status as one of the more well rounded teams.

In terms of personnel, on offence Mike Williams finally repaid the Chargers with being healthy and producing on the field after being a 1st round pick. Williams was able to chip in with 11 touchdowns (1 rushing) on 43 targets, a ratio that is probably unsustainable to repeat in 2019. Keenan Allen pretty much had a replica season from 2017; over 1000 yards on around 100 receptions and 6 TDs. More importantly, his previous injury issues seem to be well and truly behind him. Finally Tyrell Williams had a nice complimentary role in the offence, but seemingly not enough to warrant a bigger contract and will not be returning.

In the backfield, Melvin Gordon was the teams top TD scorer (no surprises there) but did miss 4 games due to injury. Austin Ekeler had himself a nice season, stepping in when required but also forcing his way to earn more snaps in this offence.

Overall, I think the Chargers 2018 can be seen as a success but 2019 will be the year where they will be expected to make an even deeper push in January and play a February game.

Quick word on the defence – Derwin James had a fantastic rookie season and was in the conversation for DRO. 3.5 sacks, 75 solo tackles and 3 interceptions confirming his status as one of the steals of the 2018 1st round. Joey Bosa came back for the 2nd half of the season and picked up where he left off. One of the top defences in the league and have age on their side so look for this to continue in 2019.


LA Chargers own the 28th pick in the first round along with pick 60 (2nd round), 91 (3rd), 130 (4th), 166 (5th), 200 (6th) and 242 (7th)

Chargers have about $10m in cap space at this moment.


Tyrell Williams was expendable for the money that was available on the open market. Right place right time for him. Jason Verrett’s injury history came back to bite him and was let go. Defensive Tackles Philon and Liuget along with safety Addae were the other names looking for a new home.


Not many glaring needs for the Chargers but Tyrod Taylor is the new backup to Rivers and Thomas Davis was a surprising addition to the defence though he will bring masses of linebacker experience.

Outlook for Next Year

Going to be looking at going 1 or 2 better than 2018 with this squad and anything less could perhaps see Anthony Lynn under fire.

It will be a case of hoping one or 2 things fall their way luck wise to be able to get there. Both sides of the ball are young enough but experienced and talented enough to say that this team should be contending for the next few years and anything less is a failure.


I think the Chargers have to be considered as one of the top 3 teams in the AFC and I fancy them to make the AFC Championship game this year. Whether they win or not is not for me to say as I have a soft spot for them so will be slightly biased. They have the talent, they have the pieces on both sides of the ball, it’s just about going out there and doing it.

I had my money on them last year, they will again in 2019.

Fantasy Football

Rivers – perennially underdrafted – double digit rounds – QB 1

Melvin Gordon – mid 1st round pick – RB1

Austin Ekeler – double digits rounds -RB3/4 – PPR sleeper

Keenan Allen – late 2nd/3rd round pick – low WR1/high WR2

Mike Williams – 6th round area – WR2 ceiling

Hunter Henry – 5th/6th Round – TE1


Where Do They Go From Here; Redskins

After our divisional season review podcasts, we are now looking to the future and asking where each franchise goes from here. We put ourselves in the chair of being GM or the owner and going over what moves we would make in order to win a Superbowl, make the playoffs or just regain some pride…

Today we take a look at the Washington Redskins.

Don’t forget to check out the NFC East podcast where we talked to Scott Mackay and got their thoughts on them!

How Did Last Season Go?

The season was going swimmingly well but as was the case the season before, injuries decimated their playoff chances.

Even before the season started, their new shiny toy in the backfield Derrius Guice went down for the season with a torn ACL. This led to the signing of Adrian Peterson who, at the ripe old age of 33, stepped in with another 1000 yard season when many thought that he didn’t have the legs anymore.

The most important nail in the coffin for Washington though was week 11; The Redskins were 6-3 before a horrific injury to Alex Smith against the Texans at home changed the whole landscape of the Redskins aspirations.

More injuries to the offensive line which is commonplace for the Redskins (again had one of the highest adjusted wins for injuries for a 2nd year in a row) meant that the defence just had to cover over too many cracks to keep the team up and winning games.

It is a testament to the defence that they still had an outside shot at even winning the division or a wildcard berth in week 16 when they lost to the Titans.

Redskins fans got to see the whole depth chart at QB with Colt McCoy and Josh Johnson – the guy with the most American name ever, getting some playing time at FedEx field.

As mentioned, no January football for the Redskins which seems very harsh considering they were the pacemakers for the majority of the way but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these injuries keep happening. The training regime or the way these players recuperate must be looked at.


Washington have the 15th pick of the 1st round along with picks 46 (2), 76 (3), 96 (3), 153 (5), 173 (5) inside the top 200. Washington were awarded 4 compensatory picks for this year’s draft.

The Redskins have $12m in cap space at this precise moment.


A couple of key players have exited for pastures new.

They include tackle Ty Nsekhe and WR Jamison Crowder on offence, with safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and linebacker Preston Smith on defence.


The Redskins went la la with Ha Ha’s replacement, signing division rival’s safety Landon Collins from the Giants to a huge deal. 6 years, $84m contract is quite the investment.

Desperation around the Alex Smith quandary saw them go get Quarterback Case Keenum, who is surely a 1 year bridge gap to either a 2020 draft QB.

Washington have re-signed Adrian Peterson to a deal, which intimates that Derrius Guice may not be ready to go full blast in week 1.

They’ve also signed the flag collector Ereck Flowers from the Giants and oldie Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to 1 year deals.

Outlook for Next Year

The bucket load of draft picks are a godsend for the franchise due to Alex Smith’s cap investment and the Redskins could be teetering on purgatory for a while.

It’s fortunate that the Giants are a god-awful team too (we’ll get to them tomorrow) because otherwise, this franchise would be rooted to the bottom of this division. Case Keenum isn’t a quarterback that is going to lead this team to January football.

Look for the redskins to add primarily on offence in the draft, needing some WR help and possibly a Tight End at 15 should TJ Hockenson fall there.


When September comes around, I’m not sure there will be many excited Redskins fans about the season. I can’t see any scenario where the Redskins make the playoffs and will probably be challenging for the top 5 or top 10 in the 2020 1st round picks.

I think the backfield will be interesting and you’ll probably find that as the weeks progress, Adrian Peterson’s role will diminish and Derrius Guice’s will increase as they ease him back in.

Defence will need to keep playing to it’s high level and if Case Keenum is able to find any of his 2017 form with the Vikings and Jordan Reed is able to play at least 3 quarters of the team’s games, then they may get to 8-8.

But like other teams always lingering in the 8-8 nightclub, you need to get chucked out and visit the top 5 draft pick pub before you can get access into the double digit win club (please drink responsibly).

Fantasy Football

Case Keenum – undrafted – low QB2/QB3

Adrian Peterson – Later rounds – RB3

Derrius Guice – mid to late round – RB3

Josh Doctson – just….no

Jordan Reed – later rounds – TE1 upside



Where Do They Go From Here; Falcons

After our divisional season review podcasts, we are now looking to the future and asking where each franchise goes from here. We put ourselves in the chair of being GM or the owner and going over what moves we would make in order to win a Superbowl, make the playoffs or just regain some pride…

Today we take a look at the Atlanta Falcons.

Don’t forget to check out the NFC South podcast where we talked to Ben Rolfe and got his thoughts on them!

How Did Last Season Go?

With the Super Bowl in their own back yard in 2018, the owners and GM were hoping that Atlanta were in a prime position squad wise to make a deep run. But injuries on both sides of the ball ultimately cost them any chance of January football.

Decimated on defence and without star running back Devonta Freeman, the Falcons simply couldn’t cover the holes in order to make it to the postseason, despite the heroic efforts of the Matty Ice and the offence.

Talking of Matt Ryan, the Falcons QB once again ascended to the dizzy heights of his MVP year; 35 TDs to just 7 INTs, only 76 yards short of a 5000 yard passing season (and only 20 yards short from his MVP year) and just short of a 70% completion on 608 passing attempts.

Not bad for those that took him late in fantasy drafts last year when you include 3 rushing and 1 receiving touchdowns to boot.

However, he could not overcome the liability that the Falcons D were, as they ended up 25th in points allowed and ultimately proved too much for the 10th best scoring offence to overcome meaning they ended up with a 7-9 record.

Julio Jones had himself a season again, ended atop of the receiving yards mountain with a cool 1677 yards and 8TDs which saw Julio go to his 5th straight Pro Bowl. Calvin Ridley showed in flashes what he can do and will be a key piece for years to come. One player that wont be is the departing Tevin Coleman, who struggled to carry his and Devonta Freeman’s workload and has already walked out of the exit door.

Back to the season, their 5 game losing streak at being 4-4 after week 9 ultimately killed the Falcons and some may say that it was foolish to win their last 3 games in terms of their draft position.


The Falcons have picks 14, 45 and 79 in the top 3 rounds and have a couple of compensatory picks in rounds 4 and 5 too.

Unfortunately at the time of the article, the Falcons have <$5m in cap, which is in the bottom 5.


As mentioned, Tevin Coleman exits Atlanta for pastures new in San Francisco. Steve Sarkisian also bites the bullet as OC.


Grady Jarrett has had the franchise tag placed upon him so he will return at DT, which essentially limits the Falcons along with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones’s big contracts. However, a few offensive guards have been brought in; James Carpenter (Jets) and Jamon Brown. Other depth pieces include the re-signing of Justin Hardy and the acquisition of Kenyon Barner.

At a coaching level, former Tampa Bay HC Dirk Koetter comes in to take the OC job. If things dont go to plan, you could say he is Koet candidate (boo-ya!).

Outlook for Next Year

Despite the poor season by last season, the outlook is good for the Falcons. The division will still be like a helter-skelter and it’ll depend on when they catch their divisional rivals. New Orleans will still be the favourites for the division but if Atlanta can get a bit luckier with the amount of injuries they have, this could easily be a dark horse for a Super Bowl run. You heard it here first. Devonta Freeman will need to prove his health too if the Falcons want to play football in January. Unfortunately it won’t take much for him to miss time with his concussion history and his knees being as stable as a house of cards in a hurricane.


I think Atlanta make a playoff appearance in 2019 and will be a dangerous wildcard team. There are enough wins to come from the NFC West and AFC South (the NFC South opponents for this year) to combine with their other opponents to get to 10 wins.

Hot take – Atlanta are a top 5 offence and a top 10 defence in 2019.

Fantasy Football

Matt Ryan – later round QB (higher than last year however) – QB1

Devonta Freeman – 3rd/4th Round pick – RB1 potential *SLEEPER ALERT*

Julio Jones – back end 1st round/ early 2nd round pick- WR1

Calvin Ridley – 6th/7th Round pick – WR 3

Austin Hooper – late round pick / undrafted – Low TE1/TE2




Where Do They Go From Here; Titans

After our divisional season review podcasts, we are now looking to the future and asking where each franchise goes from here. We put ourselves in the chair of being GM or the owner and going over what moves we would make in order to win a Superbowl, make the playoffs or just regain some pride…

Today we take a look at the Tennessee Titans.

Don’t forget to check out the AFC South podcast where we talked to Adam Foxcroft from the Long Snappers Pod and get their thoughts on them!

How Did Last Season Go?

Last season has to go down as a disappointment considering a new OC in Matt LeFleur was brought in to steer the ship with Mike Vrabel to a new exciting offence, separate from the “exotic smash-mouth” stuff that was rammed down our throats. That said, another winning record and the third straight season of 9 wins (which was good enough for a playoff birth in 2017). The signing of Dion Lewis probably didn’t work out how Tennessee wanted it to and neither did the progression of Marcus Mariota. Mr Wet Wet Wet as we call him on the podcast, had multiple injuries lingering throughout the season, leading to Blaine Gabbert getting some playing time.

It’s fair to say that the defence carried the Titans this season in most games and have the rare accolade of being a team to post a shut out (vs Giants) but also be shut out too (vs Ravens). 3rd best in terms of defensive points allowed and 6th worst in terms of points scored tells it’s own story about the Titans season (shoutout to Kevin Byard for the 66yard special teams trick play touchdown!).


At the time of the article, the Titans have a healthy $23m in cap space and own the 19th overall pick in the first round of the 2019 Draft (coupled with pick 51 in round 2 and pick 83 in the 3rd).


Some of the time I wonder if Titans HQ is like the film get out where once you’re in, you can’t escape (suitable film title when you think about it).

That’s the short way of putting that nothing is troubling the exit door.


The saviour is here! Ryan Tannehill is going to fix all of the problems at QB.

No, but seriously, Tannehill as a backup is not bad insurance for when Mariota struggle with injury again this season. May actually be a smart move if they wish to dump Mariota who is on his final leg of his Rookie contract.

A few signings on both sides of the ball include slot receiver Adam Humphries coming over from Tampa who apparently preferred them to New England despite them offering more money. Rodger Saffold agreed to a 4year, $44m deal to help with the offensive line, one of the best graded units coming in to the 2018 season.

Cameron Wake joins on the defensive side of the ball from Miami with a 3yr $23m deal and a player they’ve managed to keep in free agency saw Kenny Vaccaro re-sign too to the tune of 4yrs $26m (also want to shout out that they have a player called Dee Liner on the defensive line, I kid you not).

Outlook for Next Year

This year hinges all on Marcus Mariota.

Yes he has another new OC to listen to, but this year it’s Arthur Smith. He has already been at the Titans previously as the Tight End’s coach so hopefully the transition will not be as painful as Mariota’s arm injuries suffered in 2018. It’s going to be interesting to hear the vibes coming out of camp about him because whilst he could easily be extended in terms of contract, it’s not too farfetched to imagine a world where Mariota is a free agent in 2020.

The defence is here to stay and should be the main reason why Titans win the games they do in 2019, I am not sure the offence will be able to put them in a position to eke out 1 or 2 more wins that would put them in serious consideration for a division title.

That said, don;’t be surprised if the Titans tinker with the prospect of drafting a WR or even a Tight End to go along with Davis and Humphries to try and ensure opposing defences respect balance on their offence.


As said above, whilst the Titans D will put them in consideration as a wildcard team, I’m not sure the offence is going to hold up their end of the bargain.

Henry is in a contract year so it will be interesting to see how much they use him (haven’t we been here before?) and whether they can finally get some consistency going on offence in terms of production and stability at the HC position. Arthur Smith shouldn’t have too many problems implementing what he wants and knows the personnel well so bedding in period shouldn’t cause too much concern for Titans fans.

Surely we couldn’t have another 9-7 season could we?

I reckon we will.

Fantasy Football

Marcus Mariota – No, thank you.

Derrick Henry – RB2 ceiling – 4th rnd pick

Dion Lewis – RB3 – 6th rnd pick

Corey Davis – WR 3 – 5th rnd pick *Potential BUST alert*

Adam Humphries – WR 3 – 7th rnd pick

Delanie Walker – TE1 (aren’t they all!?) – double digit rounds


Podcast 52 – Week 8 Preview

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A whole host of guests to get you geared up for week 2.
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Some injury updates, some week 2 storylines and of course our kickers corner.

Buckle up!

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Podcast 37 – Week 1 Review

Thanks for joining us! Week 1 is in the books and we have our first round table for the review of the week 1 games.

Ben Rolfe and David Davenport join us to discuss the main takeaways from every game last week. We all give a waiver wire guy to pick up in fantasy, and we get podcast-bombed by a feline.

Ben’s work can be found through his social media handle @benrolfe15 and David is a founder and writer of Tidy NFL and can be seen through his social media handle of @Dav_TidyNFL

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