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DFS Week 12: Turkey Day

Welcome to Week 12? Week 11.5? Turkey Week!

After a very successful DFS Week 11 (no thanks to your hamstring, Marcus Johnson!) I’m back mere days later to extoll the virtues of three games on our Thursday docket. Yes, the first one stinks, the second one is bland and the third is a complete mess but that’s basically a standard three-course meal at a Harvester (Google it, my American brethren). No forced-narrative-theme riffing on The Hunt For Red October or Band of Brothers this week. I know, I’m heartbroken as well.

QB – Andy Dalton

If Cam Newton’s appearance in this article was a Lazarus-style return to DFS relevance then the Red Rifle’s Rising is a phoenix from his flame-like bonnet as Justin Fields’ broken ribs won’t make the trip to Ford Field to beat up on a Lions team that continues to be all kinds of ugly. Whilst QBs don’t grade out as strong as you’d think against Detroit in DFS, at $5,500 he is a solid investment. I mean, Trevor Siemian is more expensive for crying out loud!

RBs – David Montgomery/Ezekiel Elliott

Thanksgiving Day Miracles do exist! I’m stacking Bears players! What a testament to how awful Detroit really are. Whilst he’s not done much since Week 4 (23/106/2), that October matchup was against none other than Detroit. I love this pick at $6,000 so let’s see if Montgomery burns the Lions again…

I try to steer away from the big money plays here and there’s an argument to be made that Tony Pollard is just as a good of a pick at a more reasonable $5,600 as opposed to the $8,000 Zeke will set you back. 2020 aside, Zeke is good for triple digit scrimmage yards on Thanksgiving and usually a score to boot. That kind of rock solid production is exactly what we’re looking for here.

WRs – CeeDee Lamb/Emmanuel Sanders/Marquise Goodwin

Lamb is expected to clear concussion protocol after being a full participant in practice on Wednesday and given the dearth of true WR1s not named Stefon Diggs this Thursday I think stacking Lamb with Elliott (and someone else later on) is a smart play at $6,900.

The Bills have been a boggling mess this month and they are very fortunate to be playing a Saints team that’s beyond banged up. I expect Diggs to be blanketed by Lattimore which leaves Sanders/Beasley as the next WR up for Allen to find and given it’s a ‘return game’ (rather than a true revenge game) for the recent Saint, I like Sanders to have a nice game. $4,800 feels like a price tag to take advantage of.

Another Bears player?! Go home, Dave, you’re drunk. Much like my Jaylen Waddle pick last week, this has a boom-or-bust feel to it and is also smothered in rich, delicious recency bias as Goodwin is coming off a 104 yard receiving game. Again, this is a low-floor, high-ceiling pick at $3,800 but this allows us to grab a couple of big names. Such as…

TE – Darren Waller

What were you expecting? Jimmy Graham? Cole Kmet? If only…The Cowboys aren’t particularly strong against TEs and Waller is basically the only reliable target outside of Hunter Renfrow right now. He’s at the top end of TE price-wise at $6,400 but I don’t see many other options to go to. Although there might be one guy who could help us out in the flex spot…

Flex – Dakton Schultz

The adopted child of F10Y after Blake Jarwin’s injury misfortune, #AlwaysSchultz is a possible steal for this set of games as the Raiders rank similarly poorly against TEs as the Cowboys do. It feels peculiar to be stacking Cowboys after their recent anaemic offensive performances but Thanksgiving feels like a get-right day for them. After our splurges on Waller and Zeke it does leave us on a bit of a tight budget but this is a solid pick at $5,300.

DST – Buffalo Bills

Trevor Siemian’s glass slipper has shattered and it seems like the remaining playmakers of the Saints offense have fallen on the shards. Even if the Saints somehow pull off a win against the Bills, it won’t be in a shootout and this Bills team is going to be playing angry after having their butts kicked by the Colts for sixty straight minutes last Sunday. They’re a bargian at $3,100.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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DFS Week 11: Replacements

Welcome to Week 11!

I’m your host @davieremixed but that’s not important right now. Let’s talk about this week’s theme: Replacements. I’m looking through this list of matchups and I see WR3s, RB2s in such a strong position due to the misfortune of the guys in front of them. This season has already proven to be absolutely bonkers so why not throw a bit more chaos into the mix with this gaggle of players who elicit such comments as “Really? That guy?”, “Who?” and “Oh yeah! I remember him…Oh wait, that was someone else…”. These may not be the heroes you expected but they are most certainly the heroes you will love come end of play Sunday night. Let’s get down to it…

Cam Newton Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

QB – Cam Newton

Back from the dead! Confirmed to be getting the start this Sunday against a Washington team whose defeat of the Bucs was rendered somewhat pyrrhic due to the loss of Chase Young for the season which is a dagger for what playoff hopes they had. WFT rank 30th on Draft Kings against QBs and I like some Cam Newton goal-line action again. At $5,100 he’s an absolute bargain.

James Conner Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

RBs – James Connor/Mark Ingram II

DeAndre Hopkins won’t go for the Cardinals, Kyler Murray is a game-day decision and that leaves the TD vulture known as James Connor in a great position to rack up some more points against a Seahawks team that is pretty poor against the run (ranked 31st on DK). Here’s a nugget of no real value but something I find interesting, Connor’s best two performances (fantasy-wise) this year have been against division opponents. $6,100 seems good value to me.

MI2 as nobody is calling him is in a real spot to lead the Saints’ offense this Sunday purely by default. Taysom Hill and Alvin Kamara are in real danger of not playing, the Saints pass catchers are as disappointing as their playoff divisional-round performances and he’s also $5,400 which leaves open more options further down the lineup.

Davante Adams Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

WRs – Davante Adams/Jaylen Waddle/Marcus Johnson

Remember five seconds ago when you read that part about ‘more options’? Davante Adams in a divisional game against the Vikings who are beyond baffling? Again, the ranking against this position group is favourable and even though he’s costing us $8,400…It’s Davante frigging Adams!

Waddle is a boom/bust player so far this year and he’s arguably lived on the bust side of the border more often than I’d like but he’s had to deal with QB issues as well as two games against the Bills and only $5,600. Furthermore, they are going up against the J-E-T-S this week. The Jets, famous for being atrocious this year when it comes to stopping…anything. Here’s a fun sequence of numbers: 19-25-26-24-27-54-31-45-45. Any ideas? Why yes, you’re correct. It’s the points the Jets have given up in each game so far this year.

The Titans are playing the Texans. Marcus Johnson showed himself to be an impressive asset against New Orleans who are a superb defensive team. That, Houston ain’t. Johnson is a cool $3,500 and therefore an absolute steal if this game goes as expected, which admittedly is no sure thing in this season of seasons.

George Kittle Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

TE – George Kittle

Do I trust the 49ers offense even after the beatdown they put on the Rams? I do not. I am a sucker for nostalgia though and there’s nothing I’d like more than to see the $6,300-priced Kittle have one of those 2019 seasons against a Jags team who are showing signs of life defensively but are otherwise irrelevant save for the intrigue around Trevor Lawrence’s development.

DJ Moore Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

Flex – DJ Moore

I like this Moore pick for two reasons. One: The Cam Factor. Two: We share the same surname. The former is obviously more relevant than the latter but it just feels like this Carolina team is primed to stick north of 40 on Washington and Moore is so close to being the guy in Carolina. He’s worth the $5,900 risk.

DST – Cleveland Browns

Tim Boyle threw 26 INTs in 21 college games. He’s likely starting against a sore Browns team who want to take the beatdown they suffered against the Patriots out on somebody. Say for example, A GUY WHO THREW 26 INTS IN 21 COLLEGE GAMES!

Enjoy your Sunday

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DFS: The Hunt For a Green October

Welcome to Week 4! I’m your host @davieremixed but for now you can call me the fella who was clearly watching the 1990 Sean Connery classic whilst writing this article. A peculiar set of games for DFS players this week, the Titans /should/ do bad things to the Jets and their (healthy) receivers are dirt cheap. Additionally, the Browns and the Vikings are in line to put up some big offensive numbers in Minnesota. The real question is, how in your wildest dreams do you make all this work with a $50,000 salary cap? Well to quote Marko Ramius – “the sea will grant each man new hope, as sleep brings dreams of home”. With that, let’s get on with this…

QB – Josh Allen – Let’s not overthink this. Yes, he’s the second most expensive QB on the board at $8,000 but I love this matchup against a Texans team that gave up two scores on the ground to Sam Darnold in Week 3. Allen has a bevy of receivers at his disposal if he doesn’t fancy using his legs.

RBs – Derrick Henry/Chase Edmonds – No Julio Jones or AJ Brown = cheap Titans WRs but more pertinently, the most expensive RB in the game this week ($8,800) just got a whole lot more valuable. The Jets will certainly stack the box but there just seems a grim inevitability that Henry is going to rip off a couple of huge runs and pick up a pair of Tuddies in East Rutherford.

With Henry costing us so much we need to look for some mid-tier value and a name that jumped off the page to me was Chase Edmonds ($5,500). With that nightmarish defensive line the Rams hold in their possession I think Edmonds will see a tonne of targets as a safety valve for Kyler Murray.

WRs – Odell Beckham Jr/Deonte Harris/Chester Rodgers

One of my favourite parts of The Hunt For Red October is Dr Petrov’s wide-eyed naivety as he swallows every lie Ramius feeds him. On the face of it, this is arguably what I am doing with these wide-out selections but OBJ at $5,800 against a weak Vikings secondary seems like very good value to me.

Deonte Harris at $3,500 is very much a ‘you wanted Josh Allen and Derrick Henry, this is the price you pay’. He’s a boom-or-bust player but I have a hunch that he might have a big game against a Giants team that is all kinds of bleurgh.

Then we come to Chester Rodgers at $3,300. If one of AJ Brown or Julio Jones were making Sunday’s game I’d be swerving off picking Rodgers but Tannehill HAS to throw the ball to somebody other than Derrick Henry in the flat, right? Right?! Either way, it’s the Jets who are in a deep tailspin. I don’t see them shutting the Titans down here, Rodgers could be in line for a big day.

TE – Logan Thomas

/Checks schedule to see who the Falcons are playing…/ Ah yes, Logan Thomas. You’ll do! Washington are every bit as iffy as Atlanta right now but Logan Thomas is a legit stud and the Falcons stink on the defensive side of the ball. $4,900 seems a decent price to pay for a guy who should see his fair share of targets this Sunday.

Flex – Kareem Hunt

The hard part about playing chicken is knowing when to flinch. I’ve been all over Kareem Hunt in the Flex spot since the season began and with him showing no signs of letting up and playing a Vikings team who are liable to give up points I think Hunt is a steal at $6,000.

DST – New Orleans Saints

“I am become death, the destroyer of worlds…” In this case, death is the aura around the New York Giants. The worlds that are destroyed are the G-Men’s fan’s hopes for a better 2021 season. No Sterling Shepard or Darius Slayton. Saquon Barkley hobbled. Evan Engram both injured and on the wrong side of the fans. Oh, and they’re turning up to the Superdome to play a Saints team whose DST has arguably carried them through September in front of tens of thousands of rabid New Orleans natives who will be so emotionally supercharged that the game has a Steve Gleason-vibe to it like no other game since that infamous moment 15 years ago. You’re damned right I’m taking the DST at $3,800.

“You’re afraid of our fleet? Well you should be…”

Enjoy your Sunday!

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DFS: Bucs & Broncos Lead The Way in Week 2

Welcome to Week 2! I am @davieremixed and bring you my picks for Sunday’s mainslate. There’s definitely scope here to stack from a couple of teams, namely Tampa and Denver whilst Arizona and Cincinnati are dark horses to give you some high-scoring players. As usual, all picks and suggestions are just that and should be used at your own discretion.

Here we go!

QB – Tom Brady – I recall someone saying over the summer of 2020 that the Tom Brady-Tampa Bay experience had been severely overhyped and would probably end in a bit of a disaster. That same person (who also happens to be a fan of the Saints) was feeling pretty, pretty, pretty smug come Week 9. That person was me. That person had – and continues to have – egg on their face. This week Brady & the Bucs face the dire Falcons. You could go with Kyler Murray against the Vikings but Brady is a cheaper option ($6,900) and could end up with a 350 yard game with a bunch of TD passes.

RBs – Melvin Gordon III/Kareem Hunt – These two will be facing off against Jacksonville and Houston respectively. The Jags gave up 160 yards on the ground to a team we all assumed would be a 2-15 team this year. Maybe the Texans are better than we thought but MGIII ($5,900) and Javonte Williams is a better backfield than Ingram/Lindsay so I fully expect Denver to run the ball all over Jacksonville again.

Meanwhile it’s back-to-back weeks where Kareem Hunt ($5,800) makes the cut. His score against the Chiefs was heavily bolstered by the rushing TD he got but facing Houston I expect Cleveland to play angry after blowing that game in Kansas. This could get ugly and I expect Hunt to be right at the front of it.

WRs – Ja’Marr Chase/Mike Evans/DeAndre Hopkins – It turns out that the Bengals rookie can catch. With a score of 23.9, his price has increased to $5,000 and with the Bears D looking a bit bedraggled against the Rams I kinda like Chase to continue the good start to his NFL career and have a big game.

Mike Evans crushes the Falcons at home. Go look through his game log against them. It’s disgusting. At $6,100 I think this is an absolute steal.

DeAndre Hopkins is the most expensive WR this week ($8,000) but with good reason. Minnesota’s D was poor last week and has taken further hits in the leadup to this game. I like Hopkins to have another monster game. This is a pick that won’t necessarily win you a contest but will keep pace with everyone else. Sometimes there’s a need to cute with these picks, this isn’t that occasion.

TE – David Njoku – Another Browns play here, there’s a justification to go for Gronkowski but with a saving of $1,100 for Njoku ($3,600) I see him as a better value pick. There is an argument to say that the Browns Tight End room is crowded with Hooper and Bryant vying for targets but Njoku’s impressive game against the Chiefs in Week 1 should give him enough credit in the bank to be the TE1 this week against a Jags team who gave him a score to Chris Manhertz (who?!) last week.

Flex – Tim Patrick – Ooh it’s open season on the Jags isn’t it? With Jerry Jeudy out of the picture this bumps Patrick up to WR2 status for Denver in my book. At $4,600 he’s an absolute bargain and if Denver can just be as efficient as they were against the Giants they’ll have no problem moving the ball up and down the field against Jacksonville.

D/ST – Denver Broncos – Trevor Lawrence threw a hattrick of picks to the Houston D. The. Houston. D. This Broncos D is a top-5 group in my opinion and at $3,800 I like them to rough the Jags up. I fully expect them to run an interception back for six and would not be surprised if they held the Jags to under 10 points. That’s how much I like this Broncos D/ST.

If you are reading this and thinking I can easily beat that lineup, check out our Twitter @Full10Yards to join our DFS Draft Kings League and weekly $5 contest!

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DFS: Ridley/Falcons DST stack spearheads week 1 attack?

Are you ready for DFS?! It’s Sunday’s mainslate brought to you by @loganbrown0805. I am going with this line up if I am going into a 50/50 or cash line up as the floor for this team is there with the high upside. Any of the details provided below are mine and should be used at your own risk. 

Let’s take a deeper dive:

QB Jalen Hurts: Keep it simple, Atlanta’s defense isn’t anything special. In DFS you are looking for a QB that can provide a safe floor and high ceiling. Hurt’s at $6,400 is just above Trevor Lawerence  and just below Justin Herbert at $6,700, Hurts coming in at $6,400 with his rushing upside (compared to the others just listed).  Right now the over/under for this game is 48 points.

RBs: Kareem Hunt/Raheem Mostert: Brown/Chiefs has a 54.5 over/under will make DFS players want to target this game anywhere you can. What do we know about the Cleveland Browns? They utilize both running backs in every game. I took the cheaper of the two and was able to free up some space (Chubb-$7,200, hunt $5,500) to bring back Tyreek Hill in this juicy match up. Brown’s are expected to be behind in this game and will have to find a way to score to keep up with the Chiefs. As for Raheem Mostert, one of the fastest running backs in the NFL against a rebuilding Detroit Lions. You are getting the starting running back for the best running team in the NFL for $1,000 cheaper than Aaron Jones ($6,800). With the 49’s expect to win this, look for Mostert to get a couple of touchdowns in the first half.

WRs: Calvin Ridley, Tyreek Hill, DeVonta Smith: Why lie, find a way to get the studs in your line up. We get to see Calvin Ridley in his first season without Julio Jones in an indoor stadium with a pass friendly QB (Matt Ryan) against a lower than average defense in the Philadelphia Eagles. Ridley has the chance to finish as the WR 1, and to pair him with Tyreek Hill is just crazy. We all know what Tyreek Hill can do in any given week, however this is a divisional game for the start of the 2021 season. Mahomes will look for Hill any chance he can get. Our 3rd option to finish out the WR core is DeVonta Smith. The main reason I went with him over guys like Tee Higgins, Jerry Jeudy or Nelson Agholor is for the stack with Hurts. I believe you are getting the WR 1 for this team at a great price to allow you to get the big guys (Hill/Ridley). 

TE: Logan Thomas- How can TE’s get a top finish for the week? A gunslinger QB (Ryan Fitzpatrick) check, a WR missing time (Curtis Samuel injury) check and a proven talent (TE 3 on the year last year) check. Logan Thomas is our winner for the perfect TE. Not too much and not too little but the perfect price coming in at $4,600. For what it is worth mentioning, Kyle Pitts is another fantastic option however with the lower over/under for the Falcons/Eagles I didn’t want to limit our exposure. The Chargers defense is getting stronger with an alpha player returning back this year healthy (Derwin James). I believe Thomas has the ability to have the safe floor with big upside should Terry struggle starting off the year. 

Flex: Corey Davis- WR 1 for the Jets at $4,900 is exciting. While we don’t know how the Jets will use the running game, we do know how they targeted Corey Davis on every drive he played in the preseason. Davis provides enough upside to get this lineup the extra boost to fit with our other studs. Looking at some of the other options around him (Ja’Marr Chase $4,800, Tevin Colmean $4,900 or JD Mckissic $5,100) I think you could do worse. Other options I would be targeting around that range (Cortland Sutton, $5,200, Damien Harris $5,200 or Tee Higgins $4,700). 

Defense Atlanta Falcons: Yeah I know, not the best but let’s see why.While we do have Hurts going against us, I think the Falcons defense has the ability to capitalize on Hurts inaccuracy. When looking at what other defense’s we could have instead (Bengals, Texans, Cardinals Saints), I’ll take my chances against Hurts.

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Draftkings Sunday Evening Slate – Week 14

A pretty decent day last Sunday with many of the players that I tipped up providing some nice returns on the day. Still kicking myself for going with both Chubb and Henry in the same game but even as a Browns fan that first half was beyond my wildest dreams. No such mistakes this week with a split backfield but I have stacked a couple of players this week…..

QB – Andy Dalton, $5,500 – The ginger prince returns to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals who have seemingly found reverse gear since losing Joe Burrow. Dalton has done enough against better defences for me to like the match here against a Bengals team conceding over 275 passing yards over the past 7 games stretch. They also give up plenty of big plays (more on that later) so the selection is confirmed. He will look to add to his 6 touchdowns over the past 3 contests in a game the Cowboys simply have to win to retain any small post season aspirations they may have.

Other QB’s to target – Expensive = Aaron Rodgers $7,500 / Cheap = Mike Glennon $5,100

RB – Aaron Jones, $7,600- Jones has been seemingly stuck in a timeshare with Jamal Williams for the past month but the signs are pointing towards that coming to an end. He had 75% of the carries last week including the highlight reel 77 yarder to put the game to bed. Go back to this match-up in week 2 and Jones scored 48.6 pts on the day. It may be asking a bit too much for a repeat of those dizzy numbers but the Lions rush defence is non existent so fingers crossed.

RB – J.D. McKissic, $4,900 – McKissic will see the majority of the backfield work as Antonio Gibson has unfortunately been ruled out for Washington. Against a stellar front I’m expecting plenty of dinks and dunks from Alex Smith and that is where McKissic should shine. He caught 10 balls against the Steelers and I’d imagine the plan will be rinse and repeat. He isn’t much of a threat as a pure runner and will lose carries to Peyton Barber but its hard to envisage a scenario where Washington is that far ahead that they can essentially just run clock. Expect double digit targets for J.D.

J.D. McKissic 'no slouch at all' — and just a third-down RB – The Athletic
Scott Taesch – Getty Images

Other RB’s to target – Expensive = Derrick Henry $8,700 / Cheap = Todd Gurley $4,800

WR – Davante Adams, $9,300 – I mentioned the match-up when I talked about Aaron Jones so lets just focus on the sheer brilliance of Adams. He has found the endzone every week since week 7, registering 11 scores in that time. From a fantasy perspective he has averaged 30.8 draftkings points over that span. Just incredible numbers and he will be licking his lips about adding to those totals this week. I do like Allen Lazard here also for a cheaper price but I have the cash with this combo so why not?

WR – DK Metcalf, $8,400 – Metcalf paced the Seahawks in their disappointing showing against the Giants last week. Its a game that Seattle simply has to get back to winning ways and against a Jets team surrendering the 2nd most passing yards per game I’m betting on DK. He only has 1 touchdown over the past month but that has coincided with a downturn in Seattle’s play more so than DK dropping off. Expect a statement from the NFC West team on Sunday to quieten the critics.

WR – Michael Gallup, $3,800 – Almost the forgotten man in the Cowboys receiving room is Michael Gallup. He however registered his best weekly output since week 3 with a nice performance against the Ravens. As I mentioned earlier the Bengals give up chunk plays and Gallup could be the man to benefit. I like the price here compared to Amari Cooper ($6,500) and see him continuing his trend of progression since the return of Andy Dalton to the lineup.

Davante Adams Injury Update: Will ankle injury keep him out in Week 11?
Dylan Buell – Getty Images

Other WR’s to target – Expensive = AJ Brown $7,300 / Cheap = Tim Patrick $4,200

TE – Jordan Akins, $2,900 – We need a cheap flyer to afford all that wider receiver power. Akins didn’t really get the expected uptick in workload despite the turnover at the receiver position that the Texans saw last week. The matchup though is a nice one against a Chicago side that has given up 9 touchdowns to tight ends across the season. He is certainly out playing Darren Fells from a snaps and targets perspective so he is definitely the tight end to be on in Houston.

Other TE to target – Expensive = Travis Kelce $7,400. Cheap = Dalton Schultz $3,500

FLEX – Melvin Gordon, $5,200 – Gordon had his most effective day as a Broncos rusher last week. His performance alone essentially kept Sunday Night Football close. He draws a favourable contest here against a Panthers side that have conceded an average of 25.6 fantasy points to opposing running backs during the course of the season.

DST – Dallas Cowboys, $2,400 – The Cowboys defence has been steadily improving as the season has progressed and against a pedestrian Bengals attack I will take my chances.

Other D/ST to target – Its a crapshoot!

Fantasy Football Week 10: Tight end stream candidates
Simon Cooper – PA Images

Good luck if you are playing in week number 14. Catch me tomorrow on the Full10 Yards NFL podcast where we will be reviewing all of the action.

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Draftkings Sunday Evening Slate – Week 13

It’s been a little while since I found a winning combination. Probably guilty of looking for too much value instead of getting the studs into the lineup. As ever though the beauty of DFS is a clean slate to work from each and every week so lets get into week 13.

QB – Derek Carr, $5,800 – I was burned by this selection last week but I take my chances with the Vegas signal caller again this weekend. He draws the winless Jets in a game that the Raiders simply can not afford to lose. The already poor Jets are depleted in the secondary to further enhance this matchup proposition. A return to the reliable, steady Carr is just what the doctor ordered here and the salary allows for a loaded running back room to come.

Other QB’s to target – Expensive = Kirk Cousins $6,400. Cheap =Jared Goff $5,800

RB – Derrick Henry $9,200- He still remains cheaper than Dalvin Cook in DFS but in real life the NFL rushing leader of a year ago is on pace for a repeat. The Browns struggled to slow down James Robinson last weekend so I would imagine plenty of people will be picking up Henry. He now has 7 games with at least 100 yards rushing and has multiple touchdowns in 4 games. Another big day in prospect.

RB – Nick Chubb, $7,700 – If there is a better running back in the league than Derrick Henry, he will be lining up opposite him this weekend. The Browns own ace in the pack has completed only 6 games this season thanks to injury but has rushed for over 100 yards in 5 of those. He also has 6 touchdowns on the year and would be on pace for a back and forth battle with King Henry for the rushing title. Expect a big dose of Chubb if the Browns want to keep this one close.

Other RB’s to target – Expensive = Chris Carson $6,300. Cheap = Damien Harris $5,200

Henry vs Chubb A Must-Watch Matchup Inside Must-Watch Game | The Draft  Network
USA Today Sports

WR – Mike Williams $4,800 – Williams has been a little boom or bust from a fantasy perspective this season. I like the match here though as Bill Belichick has proven down the years that he can take away a teams top threat. Of course for the Chargers that would be Keenan Allen so I look for Williams to be the beneficiary of the smaller amount of attention thrown in his direction. He always carries big play ability and with Justin Herbert seemingly tossing 300 yard passing days at will, it could be a week to have Williams on your side.

WR – Justin Jefferson, $6,900 – Jefferson continues to stake his own claim on rookie of the year accolades. Another 2 touchdowns last week bring him up to 6 on the campaign and he is knocking on the door of 1,000 yards with a quarter of the season remaining. He draws a good contest against a Jags team that surrender points to whomever they play. With a number of their defensive backfield out for the game it should be another solid showing from JJ.

WR – TY Hilton, $4,300 – TY put together his best performance of the season last week and found pay dirt for the first time. This is again a match for TY to exploit against a Texans defence who rank in the bottom half in terms of passing yardage allowed per game. This is the first time we will see this matchup this year but over the course of his career TY has dominated Houston. Assuming DeShaun Watson keeps the Texans offence in the game then TY should see his fair share of targets to combat them.

Other WR’s to target – Expensive = Tyler Lockett $7,400. Cheap = Quintez Cephus $3,000

Vikings rookie WR Justin Jefferson continues to impress Randy Moss – Twin  Cities
Nam Y. Huh – AP

TE – Anthony Firkser, $2,500 – Firkser will serve as the top tight end for the Titans with the news that Jonnu Smith is out for this one. The last time we saw Firkser without Smith on the field was back in week 6 when he went off for 8 catches, 113 yards and a touchdown. The price represents huge value, especially when you facto in Cleveland ranks 30th in terms of points allowed to fantasy tight ends. A great bargain bin play which allows cash to go elsewhere.

Other TE to target – Expensive = Darren Waller $6,100. Cheap = Kyle Rudolph $3,400

FLEX – Devontae Booker $5,500 – Josh Jacobs has already been ruled out for this one leaving Booker as the man to carry the load in the Raiders backfield. He had been carving himself out a nice little role in the offence before last weeks meltdown against the Falcons, but as I mentioned earlier with Carr, the Raiders are now in must win territory. I would fully expect Booker to add to the 3 touchdowns that he has already compiled so far on the campaign.

DST – Seattle Seahawks $3,300 – The Seahawks defence was once a play I never thought I would make this season. Recent improvement however, coupled with playing Colt McCoy lead me to pick Pete Carroll’s crew.

Other D/ST to target – Its a crapshoot!

Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs (28) runs with the football against the Denver Bronc ...
Heidi Fang – Las Vegas Review Journal

Good luck if you are playing in week number 13. Catch me tomorrow on the Full10 Yards NFL podcast where we will be reviewing all of the action.

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Draftkings Sunday Evening Slate – Week 10

It’s the final weekend with bye weeks to contend with and with a lot of the big guns involved in primetime match ups this week will test the ability to find some value. A starting QB for less than $5,000 will certainly help so lets see who makes this weeks cut.

QB – Taysom Hill, $4,800 – A starting quarterback on a high powered offence for less than $5,000. Its obviously a boom or bust type play but after a few years of the odd gadget play here and there, Hill actually gets the start at QB for the Saints this weekend. His ability with his legs will likely see a few extra points on top and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him receiving balls from Jameis Winston also. Lets be honest he also could be benched by halftime. Like I say, boom or bust but the value could be huge.

Other QB’s to target – Expensive = Justin Herbert $6,800. Cheap =Alex Smith $5,300, PJ Walker $4,800 (If Teddy B doesn’t go)

RB – James Conner $6,600- It feels as though a concerted effort to give Conner a big game is on the horizon. He draws the lowly Jags defence in a game which in theory the Steelers should dominate so all of the ingredients are there for Conner to strike gold. His last 3 weeks have produced a low fantasy output but I’m more than comfortable with the selection of a man who is still unquestionably the lead back. Look for the 2 week touchdown drought to be brought to a close.

RB – Adrian Peterson, $4,000 – All day will once again lead the Lions backfield against the Panthers with D’Andre Swift ruled out through injury. Again the sheer value of a bell cow back, in the starting spot for just $4,000 makes this too appealing of a play for me. Peterson produced at a reasonable level when given starting action earlier in the season so there is no reason to expect any great decline in production after surrendering his starting role to Swift over the past month.

James Conner Fantasy Outlook: Can you trust him in Week 11? | PFN
Justin K Aller – Getty Images

Other RB’s to target – Expensive = Mike Davis $6,800. Cheap = Salvon Ahmed $4,800, Rex Burkhead $4,600

WR – Keenan Allen $7,400 – Allen made my team last week and disappointed along with the rest of the Chargers offence. His fantasy day was somewhat saved by his touchdown and that is now 3 straight ganmes with a score. I am fully expecting a Chargers win today against the hapless Jets and thats hould see the return to volume and yardage for Allen, along with potentially a visit or 2 to pay dirt for the 4th week in a row.

WR – Justin Jefferson, $6,000 – Jefferson has been a revelation in the Vikings passing game. Whilst Adam Thielen annoyingly seems to find the end zone with more consistency, Jefferson is the volume guy. The Vikings are an improving side and despite some signs of life from the Cowboys defence in recent weeks I can’t trust them anywhere near enough to not select Jefferson. He already has 4 100 yard games on the season and I would be surprised if this isn’t number 5.

WR – Rashard Higgins, $4,500 – The Browns passing game has all but disappeared with the wind ruining the aerial attack in Cleveland over the past 2 games. A fairer weather day and an Eagles team that will be committed to stopping the run could lead to more opportunities in the passing game for Rashard Higgins. He has become the security blanket for Baker Mayfield so look for that connection to thrive in this one.

Vikings rookie WR Justin Jefferson continues to impress Randy Moss – Twin  Cities
Nam Y. Huh – AP

Other WR’s to target – Expensive = Terry McLaurin $6,900. Cheap = Willie Snead $4,500, Marvin Hall $3,800

TE – TJ Hockenson, $4,200 – Hockenson has finally shedded the injury designation he has carried around for the past month and is full go for the Lions against Carolina. With Kenny Golladay and Danny Amendola both out it should lead to more looks for TJ. He has logged consistant usage in thge passing game all season long with at least 4 targets in each game. I’m looking for an uptick here in a friendly match up. The tight end market is sparse this weekend.

Other TE to target – Expensive = Mark Andrews $4,900. Cheap = Logan Thomas $3,300

FLEX – Dalvin Cook $9,000 – Over the past 2 eligible draftkings contests Cook has scored 93.8 points. The Vikings have used him early and often and the results of both Cook and the team have blossomed over the past 6 weeks. Winners of 4 out 5 the Vikings draw the Dallas defence which has surrendered yards in the running game to everyone they have faced. Cook could be the game changer yet again this week.

DST – Miami Dolphins $3,400 – Miami have been excellent defensively. Denver have been sloppy and turnover prone offensively. Queue a 3 touchdown clean display from Drew Lock! In all seriousness as I say every week, D/ST is a little pot luck but on paper at least this looks a wise choice.

Other D/ST to target – Its a crapshoot!

Lions-Falcons 2020 Week 7
Danny Karnik – AP

Good luck if you are playing in week number 11. Catch me tomorrow on the Full10 Yards NFL podcast where we will be reviewing all of the action.

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Draftkings Sunday Evening Slate – Week 10

A good week last week that fell just short of some cash paying places. An extra yard each for James Robinson and John Brown would have earned some bonuses and if Chase Claypool hadn’t dropped his early touchdown opportunity it would have been a win in my league. Lets try and find a lineup to hit top spot, instead of top 5.

QB – Tom Brady $6,300 – Anyone fancy a bounce back performance from TB12? He along with the whole Bucs offence will have spent the week licking their wounds after a Sunday Night Football embarrassment. Maybe less targeting of Antonio Brown and more Evans and Godwin would be a good plan? Look for Brady to return to more like his normal self against a Panthers side riding a 4 game skid and minus CMC yet again. The Panthers pass defence is ranked in the bottom 12 against the pass so presents a nice opportunity to right that wrong.

Other QB’s to target – Expensive = Josh Allen $7,500. Cheap =Drew Lock $5,500

RB – Aaron Jones, $7,100- The Packers were happy to get their lead back against the 49ers. Now with a mini bye behind him he should be all systems go against the Jags. Its the game on the schedule that screams blow out so you would expect plenty of carries for Jones as the Packers look set to hold a comfortable lead throughout. Jones is used more than ever as a duel threat out of the backfield so a nice sprinkling of targets in the passing game should also be expected.

RB – Nick Chubb, $6,800 – He’s back! The Browns best offensive weapon returns to the field for the first time since quarter 1 of week 4. The run game has slowed to a more pedestrian pace in his absence but with Wyatt Teller also returning to the O-line, look for Cleveland to put that right today. The match up of course will obviously help as they face a Houston Texans team ranked 31st when giving up points to opposing running backs. Bad weather is also forecast in Cleveland so the Browns may well lean on the running game more than usual in this one.

David Richard – AP

Other RB’s to target – Expensive = Miles Sanders $6,400. Cheap = J.D. Mckissic $4,900, Mike Davis $4,000, Devontae Booker $4,000

WR – Keenan Allen $7,100 – Justin Herbet has a best friend, his name is Keenan Allen. The veteran wide receiver is on pace for career highs in the first season paired with the young signal caller. In the past 3 weeks Allen has seen double digit target numbers and has returned 28 catches for 295 yards and 2 touchdowns during that span. The Miami defence may not have given up a lot of points (outside of last week) but they have still conceded draft kings points to opposition wide outs at a league 8th worst pace, so I have no match up concerns here.

WR – Robert Woods $6,600 – The weekly selection of a receiver facing Seattle sees the selection of Robert Woods. He had his best season output from a fantasy perspective last time out. We know how bad the Seahawks are defensively ranked unsurprisingly dead last against opposing receivers. I like the fact that Woods gets involved in end arounds and miss direction plays as that is always easy money against a defence that doesn’t play with eyes discipline. Woods should hopefully have a monster day, along with a number of other Rams players.

WR – Travis Fulgham, $6,400 – The Eagles continue to get healthier overall which should hopefully mean more sustained drives offensively and more opportunities for Fulgham. He has really stepped up for Philly in the 1st half of the campaign and despite Alshon Jeffery set to return, he is surely the number 1 option in the passing game. He registered 5 catches for 73 yards in the reverse match just 3 weeks ago but as I have said, this looks a better Eagles team. That game was his only 1 without a touchdown on the campaign, and I’m confident he puts that right today.

Gimme Him: One player New York Giants would steal from Eagles
Bill Striecher – USA Today Sports

Other WR’s to target – Expensive = Davante Adams $9,000, Will Fuller 6,700. Cheap = Josh Reynolds $3,500, Gabriel Davis $3,400

TE – Jace Sternberger, $2,500 – This selection was due to be Robert Tonyan until he was added late to the injury report late in the week. Rather than looking elsewhere for an alternative I simply slot in the player likely to see the biggest up tick in workload from his likely inactive status. Sternberger is likely a touchdown or bust type selection but the sheer value here has also allowed me to draft a ton of superstars at other positions. With Mercedes Lewis as the blocking tight end, Sternberger figures to be the receiving threat against a porous Jags defence who routinely give up 30 points plus.

Other TE to target – Expensive = Darren Waller $5,900. Cheap = Dallas Goedert $4,200

FLEX – KJ Hamler, $3,800- The 2nd round rookie is beginning to find his feet after a slow start to the campaign. A week after finding his first touchdown of the season, Hamler saw a season high in terms of targets, receptions and yardage against the Falcons last week. I expect the Raiders game to be equally high scoring with both sides better on the offensive side of the ball. Hamler has also been used creatively in the run game which is always useful for fantasy points.

DST – Detroit Lions $2,600 – I was burned by spending too much money on defence last weekend so I’m back shopping in the bargain bin. The Lions have not ben great on defence but they draw the Football Team who aren’t exactly prolific offensively. I like the selection as Alex Smith threw 3 picks in limited action last weekend, hopefully the Lions can return 1 of those to the house for a brucie bonus this week.

Other D/ST to target – Its a crapshoot!

Good luck if you are playing in week number 10. Catch me tomorrow on the Full10 Yards NFL podcast where we will be reviewing all of the action.

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Draftkings Sunday Evening Slate – Week 9

I will not try and sugar coat it; week 8 was a disaster. The beauty of Draftkings however is mistakes only have to last for a week. A fresh slate means fresh opportunities and a reset scoreboard. With that being said lets see if I can find a winning lineup this weekend.

QB – Russell Wilson, $7,600 – With no obvious run game to speak of I turn to the man with more touchdown passes than anyone else on the season to spearhead my team. The Bills have given up the 29th most points to Draftkings quarterbacks this season and in a game that has “shootout” written all over it, I’ll back Russ to continue on his MVP pace. His lowest output in a single week so far has been 24.9 points.

RB – James Robinson, $7,000- Rookie quarterback? Check. Porous run defence of opponent? Check. James Robinson, should, be in for a huge day. His bets performance of the season came last time out so he is a man in form. No other Jaguar has logged more than 6 carries on the campaign, so Robinson is the guy to ride in Jacksonville. That said porous run defence of the Texans has yielded the 3rd most draftkings points to opposition runners this season.

RB – Dalvin Cook, $8,200 – He returned with a bang last weekend, racking up a huge 51.6 draftkings points. A repeat of that magnitude is obviously unlikely but I would still expect a good return. The Lions have given up more fantasy points to runners than any other team. With question marks surrounding Matt Stafford, this could become a one sided affair, giving the Vikings the opportunity to pound the ball with Cook.

Minnesota Vikings: Dalvin Cook a bright spot despite a bad record
Stacey Revere – Getty Images

WR – John Brown, $4,600 – Brown has finally ditched the injury designation and should see his workload increase now back healthy. The Seattle defence is as bad as the offence is good so all of the Bills wide receivers could well find success. I’ll take a chance on Brown with double coverage more likely to head the way of his running mate Stefon Diggs on the other side of the field.

WR – Chase Claypool, $5,700 – It’s difficult to gauge which Steelers wide out will see the bulk of any targets week to week but against the Cowboys, there should be plenty to go around. The 7-0 Steelers have had all of the talk focussed on the defence, this is a chance for the offence to shine. The 2nd worst pass defence behind Seattle is the opposition and the last time Claypool played against the NFC East he went off for a 4 touchdown day. A high risk, high reward type selection.

WR – Demarcus Robinson, $3,200 – I can’t pick a side and not select a Chief. I love the value of Robinson, who has seen his playing time massively increase since Sammy Watkins went down. With no Watkins again this week I expect more of the same. Somewhere in the region of 6-8 targets and hopefully 1 or 2 big plays mixed in. He scored his first touchdown of the season last week as Mahomes tossed the ball all around the park.

TE – Noah Fant, $4,600 – The big tight end was slightly overshadowed by the rookies in the Broncos side last week. Look behind the highlight reel however and you will see Fant had a career day with 7 receptions. He hasn’t found the end zone since week 2 but gets a good opportunity here against a Falcons team ranked 6th worst in giving up points to opposing tight ends. Fant will look to establish himself ahead of Albert O as the premier man at his position in Denver.

Fantasy football Week 2 players to start and sit: Noah Fant, Emmanuel  Sanders – The Denver Post
Andy Cross – Denver Post

FLEX – Darnell Mooney, $3,900- Mooney is quickly developing into a nice option in the bears passing game. He has seen at least 5 targets in 6 straight games and is the deep threat in the receiving core. He turned in a 5 reception, 69 yard, 1 touchdown day last weekend. He draws the Tennessee defence that has played poorly this year and ranks 3rd worst in terms of fantasy points given up to opposing receivers.

DST – Pittsburgh Steelers, $4,900 – I normally never purchase the most expensive D/ST. The most expensive D/ST is never normally this amount of cap room. However this is the NFL number 1 ranked D going against a banged up Cowboys offensive line and an offence that hasn’t registered more than 10 points in a month. I haven’t even mentioned they will be starting their 4th quarterback of the season! Good Luck

Good luck if you are playing in week number 9. Catch me tomorrow on the Full10 Yards NFL podcast where we will be reviewing all of the action.