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Bill Walsh

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F10Y Retro Feature – Tom Rathman – The original #44

by Lawrence Vos (@F10YRetro and @NFLFANINENGLAND) When the San Francisco 49ers scored their first touchdown in Super Bowl 54, it wasn’t mega-stud TE George Kittle, red-hot RB Raheem Mostert or…

F10Y Retro – The 1981 49ers – The season that launched a dynasty

by Lawrence Vos (@F10YRetro and @NFLFANINENGLAND) Sometimes legacies begin with a big bang, sometimes however they start without even a fizzle.  Back in the Spring of 1977 Eddie De Bartolo…

F10Y Retro – Coach Vault (#1) – Sam Wyche

by Lawrence Vos (@F10YRetro & @NFLFANINENGLAND)  With the very sad passing of former Cincinnati Bengals head coach Sam Wyche this month (January 2020) I thought it would be highly appropriate…