Britball: Week 11 preview

Week 11 is fast approaching, Teams in England are starting to see the finish line. Teams are in different states, conditions and confidence. Couple of games that wont be going ahead this week are Bournemouth Bobcats/Sussex Thunder, Knottingley Raiders/Leeds Bobcats, Crewe Railroaders/Sandwell Steelers and Lincolnshire Bombers/Nottingham Caesers. Loving the Batman signals coming from the Caesers’ […]

Britball: Week 10 Review

A week which saw only two one-score games, an early kickoff on Saturday which was streamed and perhaps one of the widest margins of victory i have ever seen, Britball continues to give us something to talk about. Live Game Rewind: Tamworth Phoenix @ Leicester Falcons Week 10 got off to an early start on […]

Britball: Week 10

First and foremost, this article is dedicated to the memory of Josh Meldrum, a player who sadly passed away this week. Best wishes go to the players, freinds and family who knew Josh. If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with mental health issues please make use of the amazing resources available. Please do […]

Britball: Week 9 Review

Another week down in the Britball world and similar themes to most other weeks. The odd game cancelled here or there, an added fixture, shutouts, 50 burgers. Before we get in to the results, just wanted to shout out that we had an interview this week with Coach Woolley from the South lincs Lightning, one […]

Britball: Week 9 Preview

Welcome in to your weekly preview piece. Hope you are getting out there and supporting your local team. Before we get in to it, it would be remiss of me to not put our 2021 NFL Season guide in front of your noses. It’s our may fundraiser to help put back into the game by […]

Britball: Week 8 Results

Week 8 saw an interesting bunch of results didn’t it? Let’s get the bad out of the way first: Couple of canned fixtures saw Scunthorpe (Covid) take the walkover victory over the the South Lincs Lightning. Hearing from the grapevine that it was a bit of a surprise considering not much had changed from the […]

Britball : Week 8 Preview

Hey all, welcome in. Another week in Britball world and we’ve managed to get to week number 8. If you haven’t done so already, check out our interview with the East Kilbride Pirates HC Jamie McLaughlin as he reacts to their teams’ win over Edinburgh Wolves in week 7. As at the current time of […]

Britball: Week 7 Results

Well well well. That was an interesting week of Britball action. More Goose eggs than laying season at the farm and some upsets, certainly on paper. However, with the season and setup how it is, i guess upsets can’t really be called upset considering how upset the season has been thus far. Predictions wise, i […]