Britball: Week 14 results

As the curtain draws on the 2021 for pretty much everyone but Scotland, I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to every single one of you that have read 1,2 or all 14 of my weekly previews and recaps. It’s been a scramble to try and provide anything more than the […]

Britball: Week 14 Preview

Here are, pretty much the final week (Scotland apart) of Britball action and i suppose it should be commended that we have 17 fixtures to play. If you are heading to the Rushmoor game, I will be heading down too to get my taste of Britball action. Come say hello! If not, i’ll try and […]

Britball: Week 13 results

With the season winding down, we have some teams that have played their last fixture this weekend and we have a division or two which has crowned their champion. Cant quite decide if the state of Britball is/was to be expected taking in to account the state of some divisions and teams, I guess it […]

Britball: Week 13 Preview

A whole host of fixtures even without the plenty of postponed fixtures this week. Thankfully, some of the Somerset faithful won’t be on my back due to lack of information about their games and there is only one Bristol team playing so i wont have to talk about them too much. Oxford Saints are trying […]

Britball: Week 12 review

As we make our way through the “back 9” of the Britball season in the Mens contact game, an interesting set of results to get our teeth into. Before we do though, bit of news to tell you about on the international scene. If you are wanting to try and get involved with the GB […]

Britball: GB Lions Trials

For those of you playing in the Britball game, you may have caught wind of the announcement(s) regarding the Great britain Men’s team Open Trials! Anyone thinking of trying to reach the pinnacle of the sport her ein this country and play for the GB Lions, GO AND HAVE A GO! HC Jason Scott joined […]

Britball: Week 12 Preview

Move aside NFL, you imposters! Britball is still going! Well….yeah is depending on who you ask. If the NFL opening kickoff whetted your appetite, then get yourself down to your local Britball team on Sunday afternoon, support our game before you come back for your Sunday Roast and the main week 1 games in the […]

Britball: Week 11 Results

Unfortuantely, not the most competitive of weeks as could we be seeing a trend as the later weeks of the season are being played out? Or was it just a coincidence of matchups? We’ll have to wait and see. Let’s start north of the border where some hammerings handed out in the Caledonia division. The […]