Fantasy: DraftKings/DFS Week 3

by Andy Goddard – @Godsy1985 So heading into week three we are starting to get a better idea of the top players at each position and which teams may be struggling. The main problem right now is consistency and who can we rely on to pick up those points? And which QB can we pick […]

Fantasy Matchups: Ezekiel Elliott vs Saquon Barkley

by Andy Goddard @godsy1985 With Todd Gurley having an injury plagued end to the 2018 season, people are rightly reluctant to draft the LA Rams running back with the first pick. With the running back position being so vital to fantasy teams, is there a better option if you are lucky enough to get the […]

The cliff that Tom Brady has supposedly fallen off…Where is it Max Kellerman?

by Andy Goddard Another season has past and yet another Lombardi trophy has been taken back to New England. When the 2019 season starts Tom Brady will be 42 years old, with the Patriots quarterback stating that he wants to play until he is 45 leading to that all-time favourite question, will the infamous ‘fall […]