NFL: Colts season in jeopardy after Wentz; Nelson foot injuries

The Indianapolis Colts organisation has been left reeling as both Carson Wentz and Quenton Nelson were both sent off for foot surgeries this, meaning they’ll both miss time in the upcoming NFL season. Both Wentz and Nelson have been given timelines of 5-12 weeks for their return, which means that the Colts could be without […]

NFL Deep Dive: Watson (and watsoff) the table with Deshaun

By Tim Monk (@Tim_MonkF10Y) It’s a news story that won’t go away. But is this another case of the media exacerbating the situation? Or is there no smoke without fire? How did we get here? Deshaun Watson sent social media into meltdown with a (kind of) cryptic tweet, indicating in a passive-aggressive way that he […]

NFL Week 17 Preview

So here we are folks, Week 17. Happy New Year to all our listeners, readers, followers, lovers and haters. To adjust a phrase coined by RedZone’s Scott Hanson, “WE ARE IN THE WITCHING WEEK!” “When play-offs become going home and going home becomes the play-offs.” No Thursday Night Football. No Monday Night Football. Sh*t is […]

Deep Dive Week 14: Deshaun Watson and the pursuit of excellence

While watching The Herd with Colin Cowherd yesterday (what can I say, I must have been really, really bored), I heard a discussion worthy of a second listen when former Cardinals QB Carson Palmer was guesting on the show. The rather hyperbolic phrase I’m referring to is Palmer saying that Deshaun Watson “is the most […]

From Worst to First?

By Shaun Blundell (@Shaun_F10Y) April 2019, the team picking 2nd in the NFL draft? The San Francisco 49ers. February 2020, the team competing in the Superbowl? The San Francisco 49ers. That’s the beauty of the NFL, a league designed with parity in mind allows a struggling franchise the opportunity to quickly turn things around. It […]

Season In Review – Indianapolis Colts

By Euan de Ste Croix Back again for more season reviews, today it’s time to look at the Colts, a team who perhaps were the most under-prepared going into the season, but what’s the outlook for them? the season The 2019 season was always going to be remembered, regardless of any ensuing on-field results, as […]

Season in Review – Tennessee Titans

By James Fotheringham (@nflhypetrain) Next up in our review series is the Tennessee Titans. Before the season the Tennessee Titans were one of those teams that nobody really thought much about. They were “just a team” who were too good to be bottom of the pile in the AFC South, but behind the Texans and […]

Season In Review – Houston Texans

By Euan De Ste Croix (@podcastTexans) The NFL season is over which means 2 things, 1 – it’s time to be sad for a few months until the NFL Draft and 2 – You now have a lot of time on your hands. In this series of articles, we try and take care of number […]