NFL Draft 2021: Rough Diamonds Series: Defensive Backs

This is the last part in the series where I take a quick look, position by position, at my favourite Day 3/Undrafted guys from the 2021 NFL Draft. We’ll finish up this look back at the 2021 rough diamonds, with the Defensive Backs. I’ve lumped the Cornerbacks and Safeties in together, as these days there’s […]

College Football Future Conference Realignment

Conference realignment is a fun topic and we are sure to see some changes in the way the sport is formatted at some point, since college football and American sports as a whole is an ever-shifting landscape. The realignments mentioned are purely speculation, but I do think they’d make sense and make for more equality, […]

2021 CFB – Storylines to follow in the ACC

Last year was an interesting year for the ACC. A division that has been dominated by Clemson since 2015 acted quickly to bring Notre Dame after the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic led to massive changes in safety regulations.  The Fighting Irish provided a new dynamic and a challenger for Dabo Swinney’s men, and did […]

NFL Draft 2021: Rough Diamonds Series: Running Backs

This is part two of the series where I take a quick look, position by position, at my favourite Day 3 and undrafted guys from the 2021 NFL Draft. Today is the turn of the Running Backs, a position that can cause a lot of disagreements amongst draft fans. The belief these days is that […]

College Football Conference Championships

By Liam Lodge (@Liam66NFL) We have reached the business end in one of the strangest college football seasons ever. Fans all over the world should give themselves a (socially distanced) pat on the back.  It’s been tough.  The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire year and made for a very difficult sporting ride this season; […]

CFB Winners & Losers – Week 2

Each week we’re going to look at the winners and losers from the weekend’s college football action. It could be a whole team, an individual, a coach or anyone else who has a big week or an absolute shocker. With the first full slate of games this past weekend, there’s already plenty of opportunity for […]

ACC Conference Preview

This year our conference previews are taking on a slightly different timetable since the conferences are starting in a staggered fashion. They are going to release right before the conferences start. Today we open up with the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and on Saturday you’ll get the Big XII preview right before they get going. […]

CFB: College Football Breakdown Pt 2

By Lee Wakefield (@wakefield90) Welcome back to the second part of the series. If you are here, either you enjoyed the first one and are REALLY keen to learn more, or you want to know more about the topics we’ll be covering in this piece. In the this second part of the series, we’ll be […]