Super Bowl Betting Preview – Half Time Show

By Tim Monk (@Tim_MonkF10Y)

Here we are, the last hurrah in Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida.

One of the few matches in the NFL where the bookmakers go all out to secure your wagers ahead of a 7 month hiatus.

Your regular markets of Money Line, Spread and Total Points at the forefront of course and you can see the latest odds here at Sports Betting Dime and you’ll see that Kansas City as favourites by around a Field Goal margin, with an over/under line a shade over the mid 50s.

But I decided to take a closer look at some of the more novelty markets and try and find a bit of value. First up, the Halftime show….

The Weeknd Half-time show

One thing we’ll find out during the Half Time performance from the Canadian artist is “Does he have more than one song?”. The answer is yes, yes he does.

How about this for dedication: The Weeknd, according to his manager has invested $7m of his own money into the performance, on top of the $20m Pepsi have given him “to achieve his vision”. That’s quite something. Go to Specsavers for an eye test will cost you $26,999,000 less.

I am not claiming to be a Weeknd fan, nor an R&B one, but usually is a bit of value to be had in the market before the rumours come out and leaked setlist surface on Social Media. Probably not as much hype with this year’s performance as there will be crowds at a heavily percentage rate, but none the less, we’ll get a show due to the money pumped into the show as mentioned above.

The front runners for first song are his more well known tracks “Blinding Lights” (2/1 – prices taken Tuesday morning) and more recent release “Save Your Tears” (11/4). However, I feel that considering most casual music fans will only know of Blinding Lights, I think this is a false favourite and trying to give you the trap of spending your money. I cannot foresee the planning to blare out his money spinning track straight off of the bat. There is a small chance that as Save Your Tears is his most recent release, that this is the opener, but happy to take my chances at the prices.

There are a couple of alternatives not too much further down the pecking order worthy of consideration:

In your eyes (10/1) is a track that ticks a decent amount of boxes as an opener. It’s a song that has been heavily used by the artist when making appearances on the US screens. In the recent performance on the American Music Awards, he performed a 2 song mashup with In your eyes being the first and Save Your Tears as the other. If there is a market for anytime song, if In your eyes is anywhere near evens, lump on. It’s also worth a mention that In Your Eyes was the opening favourite when the markets went up initially in the US.

Other songs to consider are Pray for me (9/2) as this was the opener in his 2018 tours (featuring Kendrick Lamar), where all 20 setlists started with this opener) whereas Starboy (7/2) was his opener in two thirds of his 2017 tours (66/101 setlists).

Why was The Weeknd covered in bandages at the AMAs? - BBC News

What colour jacket?” market is the one we are all here for. We have joint favourites with Red and Black both at 5/4 and the winner will come from those two. Recent performances at the AMA’s (red), iHeartRadios Jingle Bell Live (Black) have seen him fluctuate between the two, but the Canadian singer has recently been wearing red in a striking costume/appearance to highlight the importance of drink driving, so my money here would be on red, if he wishes to continue to make that statement, possibly right out of the gate.

Some other markets include Will he wear glasses?/Will he wear gloves? – In the performances I have watched and including music videos, the 1/2 looks about right for him wearing gloves from the start of the performance and I have no lean on the glasses market (8/11 Yes, 11/10 No). It’s outside, and it wont be cold but you’ve seen footballers in this country wear gloves at the first sight of clouds and the gloves as you can see in the picture above, complete his “look”.

Check back later on the site for some more novelty markets.

**If you are betting on any of these novelty markets, treat them as such. Do not go beyond your means for any market on any bet EVER. Only gamble what you can afford to lose and if it stops becoming fun, stop altogether. bet responsibly and ensure that it’s safe and fun. it’s not a way to make money.**

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