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Sean Tyler, NFL Writer

How did you get into football?

I’m the old man of the group, and first encountered American football as a teenager way back in the early 1980s, via the weekly highlights show on Channel 4. Those Sunday teatime slots introduced me to a new, exciting sport and while it didn’t top my love of ‘soccer’, it was a close second – I’d say that I enjoy both forms of football equally now. Back in those (pre-internet) days, I also read the odd edition of Touchdown and Gridiron UK magazine when the local newsagents actually had them in stock. How times have changed.

What teams do you support?

In about 1983, I think, I saw the highlights from a Packers/Bengals game and that was me sorted: I loved tigers as a kid so Cincinnati had to be my team. I’ve supported them ever since, through thin and even thinner, and the few highs – like watching them in the 1988 Super Bowl while at university – seem a very long time ago now.

I have seen Cincy play twice at Wembley in recent years as part of the International Series but, with a tie against Washington and a defeat to the Rams, I’ve yet to enjoy a win on UK soil. However, my first live game did end with a W: I went on a work trip to Cincinnati in 2000 and, amid snow and temperatures of -33°C, I saw my team beat the Buccaneers 17-14 with the final kick of the game.

I also support my local ‘other football’ team, Cambridge United. They too have brought more disappointment than joy over the years but in my book, the team you support is the team you support, come what may.

What do you do at Full10Yards?

I am one of F10Y’s NFL writers, joining my fellow scribes in providing weekly game reviews and previews, regular ‘deep dive’ articles during the season and other pieces over the rest of the year. I also contribute to our annual Season Guides and have acted as an editor and proofreader on a range of other F10Y content. 


I’m a copywriter by trade and have always written for magazines and fanzines in my spare time, so writing for F10Y is perfect for me. I had contributed to another UK-based channel but that fizzled out so I started looking for another site. I came across the Bengals’ 2019 season round-up on F10Y and saw that it had been written by a Browns fan (Shaun), so I asked if they needed a Bengals writer. A few emails later and I was on board.    

The great thing about F10Y is that it’s got all the bases covered. NFL, the college and Britball scenes, betting, fantasy… you name it, we’re on it, either online or through our fantastic podcasts. And as well as interacting with a fine bunch of like-minded people (none of my friends or family are into football), it’s also great to be #FlyingTheFlag for the game in this country. If only they’d invented the internet a bit sooner, I could have enjoyed this kind of content myself when I was new to the game!

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