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NFL Deep Dive – A Win 13 Years In The Making

We often see people asking “Which NFL team should I support?” With no geographical reasoning to go by in the UK my answer is always the same, “Your team will find you”. I had happily been an NFL fan for a number of years. A Sunday evening lying on my bed watching Kevin Cadle and […]

Full 10 Festive Football Fun

With the Grinch-like Covid-19 still skulking around the world and stealing the joy from the festive period, especially if you are in a Tier 3 location like those in the Birmingham (UK) area, it’s time to bring a bit of Winter cheer to the proceedings. Let’s get the tree from the loft and decorate it […]

2020 Turkey Time Trivia

by Lawrence Vos (@F10YRetro) If you want to find out how much turkey that makes its way down through the digestive track of North Americans on a certain date in November then head to the search bar and type ‘gorging’ and Norris McWhirter. If you would like to carve open some NFL Thanksgiving Trivia that […]

NFL Deep Dive – Rookie WRs

2020 rookie receivers representing By Lawrence Vos (@F10YRetro)   There is a theory that it takes rookie wide receivers some time to develop, meaning their inaugural season in the NFL is a tad underwhelming. Opportunities may be sparse, and if that chemistry is not built up early between the starting QB and the new guy then […]

Celebrating all 104 starting Black signal callers

By Lawrence Vos (@F10YRetro) Morgan Freeman is right, he is vehemently opposed to Black History Month. In his opinion we should celebrate Black history every month, not just every October. For many of us this month is time to learn about the challenges faced by Black men, women and children, an opportunity to understand that […]

NFL Deep Dive – Retro

A quarter-century of claws by Lawrence Vos (@F10YRetro) As we come up to the quarter mark of a unique NFL season, two teams boast a 1-2 record, and hopes of the playoffs may hang on a mixture of luck, kicking accuracy, avoiding a Covid-19 outbreak, and the occasional last second moustache-twitching drama.  The two teams […]

Five decades of NFL Kickoff games

by Lawrence Vos (@F10YRetro) In the very early hours of September 11 2020 UK fans will witness the opening game of the 2020 NFL season, as the reigning champions, the Patrick Mahomes (left) led Kansas City Chiefs host the Deshaun Watson (right) led Houston Texans.  The game will see the Texans become the 23rd team to […]

Retro vault: Guess Who!?

by Lawrence Vos (@F10YRetro) He’s a lumberjack and he’s ok – he catches balls all night and day… Let’s start with a few facts about historic catchers of the pigskin. Only 34 players in NFL history have caught over 800 passes. Of those, unsurprisingly 30 are wide receivers (including the active Larry Fitzgerald ) and […]

Celebrating the life of Don Shula (1930 – 2020)

By Lawrence Vos (@F10YRetro and @NFLFANINENGLAND)  I happened to be flicking through a 2000 NFL Record and Fact Book the other day, and as the league looked forward to a new century of statistical achievements I stumbled upon a table that listed head coaches with over 100 career wins.  Atop the table was the former […]

Taking it all the way back to 1980 (Part 1)

by Lawrence Vos (@F10YRetro @NFLFANINENGLAND) When you are as old as I am (45) and you fell in love with the NFL in the mid-1980s then you will always have fond memories of a time that was dominated by Joe Montana, Da Bearz, and the likes of the outstanding Cleveland Browns secondary, consisting of Hanford […]


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