With the Rams and Chargers both winning the star-studded matchups against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs respectively, there are wholesale changes across the board this week.

The table seems to now be starting to even out between records and talent, with some notable extremes for now.

Front Runners

1. Los Angeles Rams (UP 2)
2. Buffalo Bills (UP 4)
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (DOWN 2)

The Rams looked comfortable in their win against Tampa Bay at SoFi Stadium on Sunday, not too comfortable that the Bucs looked on a lower level, but comfortable enough that the win didn’t seem in doubt.

I think that the Week 1 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers can be treated as a mulligan for the Buffalo Bills. They look like an unstoppable force at the moment where they can win by three or four scores each week!

On The Bubble

4. Cleveland Browns (UP 1)
5. Los Angeles Chargers (UP 7)
6. Seattle Seahawks (UP 1)
7. Kansas City Chiefs (DOWN 5)
8. Baltimore Ravens (DOWN 4)
9. Green Bay Packers (DOWN 1)

The biggest contention here is that I have the Seattle Seahawks too high. I know it myself, but they look like too good a team not to be good – they just seem to not hang around long enough to get the results their first half performances seem to warrant. They’re on notice but I like them in this group for now.

Cleveland are playing dominant football right now, and the defense that was promised seemed to arrive last week in the beatdown of Chicago’s offensive line. The Chargers are deservedly way up after beating the Chiefs but their close results and narrow misses stop them from being touted much higher.

The Ravens would’ve lost to the Detroit Lions had it not been for a dramatic last-ditch throw, a calamity error in not awarding a delay of game penalty and then an insane 66-yard record field goal. For the sakes of this, I have to treat it as a bad sign. The Packers spot down was collateral damage. 

Playoff Calibre

10. Tennessee Titans (DOWN 1)
11. San Francisco 49ers (DOWN 1)
12. Dallas Cowboys (DOWN 1)
13. Arizona Cardinals (UP 1)
14. Las Vegas Raiders (UP 1)

The Titans in the second half of their game with the Seahawks seemed to rediscover the form that made the Titans playoff teams the last two years and if they can continue that against other teams this year they should be in the mix once more. The 49ers barely got by the Eagles, which could be seen as a worry.

The Cardinals and Raiders have been rather surprise teams to start the year and could continue their unbeaten streaks for a few weeks yet. Both teams have incredibly explosive offenses two weeks in. Something not to be taken for granted particularly for the Raiders after playing the Ravens and Steelers in concurrent weeks.

In The Hunt

15. Minnesota Vikings (UP 10)
16. Denver Broncos (UP 6)
17. Indianapolis Colts (DOWN 4)
18. Cincinnati Bengals (UP 6)
19. New Orleans Saints

I’m buying on the Minnesota Vikings at the moment. Kirk Cousins is having a great start to the season so far. Their win over Seattle was well deserved and I feel that they should’ve beaten Arizona too. The Broncos are up because of their record and that they are a competent side so far while the Colts are looking a little lost due to injuries right now.

The Bengals and the Saints are able to take on any team and threaten a result.

On The Sidelines

20. Miami Dolphins (DOWN 3)
21. New England Patriots (DOWN 3)
22. Carolina Panthers (UP 4)
23. Washington Football Team (DOWN 3)
24. Pittsburgh Steelers (DOWN 8)
25. Philadelphia Eagles (DOWN 2)
26. Chicago Bears (DOWN 5)

I’m selling on everyone in this list. Many will think that’s harsh on the Panthers, but their games have been against the bargain basement at the moment and will face much tougher opposition in Dallas this weekend.

The Steelers look like a completely different team to last year who even Mike Tomlin can’t save. The Dolphins and Patriots seem like middling sides so far while the Bears can’t keep their QBs upright!

Draft Watchers

27. Atlanta Falcons (UP 2)
28. New York Giants (DOWN 1)
29. Houston Texans (DOWN 1)
30. Detroit Lions (UP 1)
31. Jacksonville Jaguars (UP 1)
32. New York Jets (DOWN 2)

The Falcons beat the Giants, but both are still in the doghouse for me. The Lions have something about them but probably not enough to get more than a few wins this year, but something that I can say with some clarity is that the New York Jets are the worst team in the league right now. Poor Zach Wilson…

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